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    Is it a human failure or Science failure in curing some of the incurable diseases?

    First of First Is there any medicine for a cough that actually works? The answer is No. There is no good evidence from research studies that cough medicines work. It is thought that they have a little benefit on the cough and cold systems. Like that there are many incurable diseases in which Science has no answer for this. Why does Science fail to invent medicine to cure some of the diseases? Is it a human failure or Science failure in curing some of the incurable diseases. Please share your thoughts on this.
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    I think this is a very interesting and thought provoking query in these tough times. To understand the subtleties of this problem let us go in the earlier times when scientific progress started and got some shape and then slowly started advancing in its own pace. Many inventions were made in science as well as in medical science. Many techniques were developed especially in surgery and rehabilitation. On the other hand the developments in engineering and technology were manifold and tremendous progress was made in that arena. While this progress took place we thought that we have progressed much but that is a wrong concept. We are still in our infancy as regards to many problems in the nature and science and technology at present juncture has no solution for it. People are doing research and experimentations on those issues some of which are highlighted by the author of this post but there is no solution yet and no one can predict when we would be able to decipher that. There are thousands of research projects still in their initial phases struggling to find answers. It does not mean that scientists are not capable to find them. The fact is that these are the tough terrains and it would take time to unravel those mysteries. A small virus having a simple RNA structure inside it has taken the whole world at ransom. Does it mean the scientists are not capable. I personally believe that science is still at its initial stages and there is a lot of work to be done to solve the problems scattered in the nature and to find the medicine for so many ailments which we think ordinary but in reality they are not so.
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    It is neither a science failure or human failure, what I feel that human being started forgetting the existence of God and this challenging period everyone is chanting all kinds of mantras and japams to get rid of the disease, So time and again the nature would create troubles for the people to remember the God and seek divine intervention. Scientists are superior to us and they know the impending danger before end by taking cue from the previous diseases. But what preventing them to make a advance arrangement is missing and that thought not being allowed by the God. Though we may be research wizard or scientific advance country, when the absence of God intervention is felt, it must be invoked quickly so that the forgotten thoughts would be regained and soon good things happen to combat the disease.
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    I don't no much about this. But I can say that it is failure of the advocates of science who always calls the spirituality blind faith. They always says that there is nothing which is greater than science. Now I want to ask why the nature is defeating the science use your rules and win the activities of nature. We shouldn't give up our roots. Now we have forgotten the natural medicines invented by our forebears otherwise these diseases will nothing in the comparison of our medicines. I am agree that science has given us the upgraded life style but science has also given us this epidemic. It was just haughtiness of human.

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    Science cannot be attributed qualities of God- Omnipotent,Omnipresent and Omniscient.
    Science is human attribute of understaning and anlysing cause-effect relationship. Science is just the thinking power of Man. It is a quest and answers for that quest shoud be comprehensible as per human logic and ration and can apply to all under same parameters.

    Science tries to solve some problems faced by humans and tries to make living comfortable and convenient. This works through discoveries, inventions and adaptations.Definitely not all problems get solved.Some remain to be solved. But Human effort continues. It searchs for alternatives.

    So if a solution is not achieved immediately, we cannot say it is failure. It tries to iimit or reduce the losses, defects or damages. In the case of many diseases, where a sure cure or remedy is not immediately found, this is what science does.

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    When you have ten problems on hand and you will prioritise the works and do them in a sequence. Serious problems will be addressed first and then minor problems. Same is the case in science or medical research. The scientists will be working on the serious problems which require immediate attention. When Coronavirus is causing heavy damage they have to concentrate on finding a treatment for it. Like this, every time some serious disease is coming and the people are working on that and hence they are not able to do for small problems.
    Coughs are of different types and if a physician can find out the exact cause for the cough, excellent medicines are available in Ayurveda. But many think that there should be a common drug for cough. But that is not possible. What type of cough you have, let the doctor find it out. Then there is medicine for that. Now you can attribute the failure is of human or science.

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    #696788 Is Cough and cold a new disease? There is no medicine for Cough and Cold so we have a drug for only to get Drowsy or slumber when taking cough and cold medicines.
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    I want to add one interesting thing here which might help us in understanding the undercurrent of this particular forum discussion. Let us take one of our senses say our ability to smell a particular material. Even with closed eyes we can differentiate a vanilla essence from that of orange or say mango. So scientifically speaking there are some flavours in those materials in form of some chemicals and compounds which enter our nostrils and through the recognition mechanism in our nasal cavity and its nerve connection to the brain we can tell that this is that and that is this smell. There are many science researchers who are engaged in doing research to decipher the exact mechanism of these recognitions in our body and this is being pursued at the genetic level as what is the role of the genes in our body in these biological measurements. So far so good but many of these complex mechanisms are not understood fully. Science is still inching towards unravelling the mysteries and it has not completed its journey. If someone says that the journey of science starts from Delhi and is as long as Delhi to Mumbai then today we are in the outskirts of Delhi only directing ourselves to the highway going towards Mumbai.
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    Whatever scientific development is available today from that only the doctors would prescribe and try to treat a person suffering from some ailment. So definitely limitations are there and I would not say that it is a failure.
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