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    Curiosity is necessary for alertness

    One of the common attribute in human life is curiosity. But everyone is not curious and does not try means to satisfy one's curiosity.Curious people are sometimes considered as clever also as they would ask hundreds of questions and queries to find out the truth or the hidden things. The receiver of those questions would not be knowing the purpose of the person and he would go on giving the answers in a simple and gullible ways. Curious people have to be very alert as others should not find out their real motives.

    Do you also feel that curious people have to be alert in their communications and accordingly talk with people from whom they want to extract all sort of information.?
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    When we are not curious enough to know a thing or want to experience a product, nothing can be known to us whether it is useful or not. Curiosity begins from our childhood to know the unknown things. And if proper answers were not given by the parents and elders during the childhood, the curiosity to known more would subsidize slowly. Our curiosity will also alert others. Because with our initiation they would also know the reality. For example there was a sermon for Arjun through Bhagawatgita in the midst of Kurushetra. And with the help of curiosity of Arjun to know more about the war and why to kill those who were instrumental for his growth, the lesson is the knowledge builder for every one there and for the mankind. So our curiosity to know something also helps others.
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    Most of the people are curious in their lives but only thing is some are more curious while some are less. This is the former types who have to be much alert and careful in the dealing as they have an information collection purpose behind this curiosity. There is nothing wrong in collecting information but the problem comes when it is misused in creating misunderstanding and conflict in the society by telling these things to unwanted and mischievous people. Personal information is to be kept within close circles and if it used for spreading such information about a person unnecessarily to create bad reputation then it becomes a serious issue.
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    People who are curious will be always trying to know the issues clearly in full. The more they understand the more curious they will become. Satisfying a curious person with our normal answers to his questions is very difficult. We should give them very precise answers. Otherwise, their curiosity will increase and ask more and more question. All people can't answer the questions of these people. So that is why these people should be very alert in selecting the people who are capable fo clearing their doubts. If they ask these questions casually to anybody whom they come across, the doubts of the person will further increase but never come down.
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    @Neeru Bhatt
    I am agree with you. Psychology tells us that curiosity creates creativity. Mr. Chandra Mohan Bhatia tells that the meaning of curiosity to know anything is to win the half of the war. If we don't have curiosity then we were unable to think abstractly. That's why curiosity is not only important but it is necessary also for divergent thinking. You should have knowledge that a infant will never learn it he or she looses curiosity.

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    Curiosity is 'Jijnaasa". Our scriptures say that it is the 'Brahma Jijnaasa" that prompts us to now the Ultimate 'Brahmam". One can know the truth only by jijnaasa or curiosity.
    But I am not able to grasp the title statement ' Curiosity is necessary for alertness'.
    In fact while having curiosity to now and explore many people land in troble. So my view is that curious people should bealet and cautious to avoid entering into trouble by exploring the unknown. In personal communications one should be prudent and careful so that one does not touch and provoke sensitivity and breach confidentiality.

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    Curiosity is the innate instinct of human being. It makes the people intrigued to explore the unknown, the mysterious and the hidden secrets of the world and the universe. How much curious one is to exploring the world/universe is subject to intensity of his curiosity. In children this intensity is quite visible, they ask -why is this, why is that and blah blah blah, sometimes this intensity in curiosity which urges the children to posing queries persistently irritate the inconsiderate elderly people, great scientist Thomas Alva Edison as a child is the best example of this level of curiosity.
    Teachers, parents and other elders should keep their patience intact while facing their chain of questions and should try to satisfy them by drilling correct information and knowledge into their mind.

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