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    Inviting members for writing humorous posts

    During the lockdown period many people have increased their online writing activities and we are seeing it happening at places. In this post I am now suggesting a fun cum creative activity and request the editors and members to participate in it. If the concerned editors feel it proper and have time to spare then they can edit and formalise this post also to evoke more interest. They can also consider replacing this post with the one from their side where I can also contribute.

    There are various types of writing and humour is one of them. Writing a hilarious piece of prose is sometimes difficult as it requires some understanding of those subtle human feelings which trigger laughter. I invite creative humorous posts from all as a response in this post only and request that please submit your writing up to a maximum of 100 words only choosing a subject, theme or topic of your choice. Also refrain from citing jokes and such things. Please write it in your own wordings and style to give it a touch of originality.

    So why to delay. Test your creative humour writing capabilities and post it here.
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    Creating humorous post is not possible for everyone and those who have the niche to create it are away from this site for the reasons better known to them.

    Once in fortnight we are battered with extended rules
    The life is the same and nothing new to happen over simple doles
    Children want outside food
    But parents say home food good
    Talents are plenty and revealed on line
    But who care whether we are safe or fine

    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is an amazingly quick response. You say that it is not everyone's cup of tea but you have done it in a crisp and precise manner.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Humourous post from ISCian ! Wah Wah.
    What is humour?
    It is the quality of being amusing.
    What is amusing?
    Make someone smile or laugh,
    Can Corona make us laugh?
    Corona will make us cough..cough..cough
    Don't worry
    Native medicine is ready.
    Take a bit Ginger
    Take a bit lemon juice
    Take a bit black pepper powder
    Mix them together
    Eat them thrice a day
    With half a cup of water
    To keep corona far away

    These three are available at home
    Else easily purchasable from a local shop
    These three are like a Trishul with three points
    To kill Corona the devil and not to disappoint

    This is a humourless response from SuN
    Note: Don't ignore this native medicine. It has the stuff to cure Corona. Why not try? It might help. What else can we think while we are at lockdown and breakdowns and economically down? Should we think of humour at this juncture?

    I have some humorous things to post,
    But I am afraid of suspension like in the past.
    Sorry, No humour from Sun
    People here don't like Fun

    No life without Sun

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    You have written it so spontaneously and I find that your write up has a hidden laughter albeit there is a sad tone.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Covid-19 started it's second innings and now it has entered the year 2020. Will it hit a six in our capital or a four in our states. Two runs in our districts and singles in talks yet hitting century after century to break the world record. We are only able to bowl but no fielder has strengthened us with a vaccine yet we all are in the field a few players rest of all are spectators. Substitutes are unable to get their wicket as well. Our hope to get the world cup is still a dream but struggle persists with various game strategies where every nation is in this filed. Pray God, only he can save us to enjoy a gathering one day.
    Lead the leader

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    I could enjoy subtle humour in many situations. Covid and lockdown situationa lso has prompted some humorous reactions from me. It comes spontaneously on certain situations and when interacting with peoplewhom I amcomfortable.
    Recently I went to th bank. There were only skeleton staff. Just a couple of customers too.I was wearing mask and everyone there were also wearing mask. It ju came to me and I remarked to a familiar staff: " When angry we sometimes say 'You have not seen my real face'. Now no one will see the real face at all we all wear masks."
    king will come down. It is not esy to smoke wearing a mask".

    My little niece was remarking now she need not bother about her crooked tooth.The mask will hide it when she laughs or speaks".

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    Interesting posts by the members. I am also pondering over my contribution which I have to submit.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Sunday was always proud of being a funday because it was a holiday for all the office goers and students, this is why it was always given great importance and abundant love by the people. This is the very importance and this is the very love of the people made Sunday haughty.

    Moreover, it's irrefutable fact that everybody, whole the week, would keep on waiting for the arrival of Sunday and this squirming of people filled its mind with madness, even it forgot to respect its colleagues, the other days and for Saturday- it always showed contempt as if poor Saturday were a valueless pygmi.

    But now Sunday is in inertia, sitting dejected and broken heart, keeps on counting the moments and prays day and night let this lockdown go. I've left him sitting on the tower with the telescope on his eyes and he is peeping through the lenses when the old good days will come.

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    Well presented Arafatuzzafar, the agony of lonely and sad Sundays.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The present situation has brought a big change in the lives of people but those who are jolly and happy natured are still going on with their activities in novel and innovative ways. In our society in one of the ladies club they called all the ladies for a video antakshari in which many ladies took part using a video conferencing App in their mobile phone and they all enjoyed much for one hour time. So fun loving people would find some way even in extreme conditions.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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