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    What is the net worth of the chicken

    I was going to market today and saw a board that stated the following:
    1. Live chicken--170 rs
    2. Dressed chicken- 244 rs
    3. Skinless chicken- 277 rs.
    What is the net worth of the chicken? If the same chicken is cooked by some chef the value will sour upto 300-350 rs too maybe. So what is the net worth of the chicken? One is say hundreds or thousands of chicken, stays with teeth inside its beak for life. What will be the worth of the chicken if it had those teeth? Zero or much greater than 170 rs?
    Sounds very unreasonable and farfetched. Then why place net worth on humans? The only difference here is.. A chicken is more useful dead and a human is more useful alive.
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    I am pure vegetarian yesterday as the same question raised by one of the colleagues in the office and somebody answered I think 270 or 170 I don't remember the exact figure.
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    This price hike is due to prolonged lockdown. In the beginning of coronavirus a rumour was spread that coronavirus could spread by chicken, then all of sudden rate of chicken were fallen down and it was sold at Rs 40 per k.g.

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    Aditya, let us not get confused. Live chicken costs less because after dressing and removing all the wastes within, the weight of the chicken would be reduced. That means if you buy a chicken that weighs around two Kg, you might get only about 1600 gms of chicken meat. But if you are buying dressed chicken, the weight calculated is of the actual meat that you get and hence the price would be more. Again, when it comes to skinless chicken, the price would wary due to the difference in the weight and the labour involved in peeling it. So, actually, there is nothing we need to be worried about.

    If we are to look at the net worth of so many things which we buy, I am sure the confusion would still be there. Take coconut oil for example. You would be paying more for virgin coconut oil, you would be paying more for branded items and the price would also depend upon the different taxes that are imposed etc. You will get it cheaper if you buy from a local oil mill. Let me say that if are buying coconut oil for say Rs 150/-, the actual manufacturing price would be nothing more than say 60 to 70 rupees. Same is the case with almost anything we buy, including the vegetables.

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    I was travelling in a car and my driver has nor seen a hen coming to that side. The hen died. It happened in the outskirts of Hyderabad. The owners surrounded the car and started arguing for heavy compensation. Then I told them that I will bring the live one which is bigger than theirs and give them. Then I told I pay Rs.100/- and the dead animal will be given to the driver. Finally, they accepted that Rs.50/- and their dead animal. They might have sold that dead animal for Rs.100/- and the total amount they got is Rs.150/-. The net worth of the animal is Rs.150/-. The net worth of each will be different and depends on the weight of the animal. In case of a human being probably usefulness of the person may decide the net worth. A young man who is getting married and taking a dowry of Rs, one lakh means the net worth of that person is Rs. one lakh. I don't know.
    How to calculate the net worth of a human being can be known from a tax consultant or a chartered accountant. They may be doing this regularly,

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    Who ever wants to sell the chicken to the shop they will get rupees 40 per piece. That is the cost price of chicken and after adding the margin of profit and maintenance the chicken is sold at above prices.
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    Hey everyone, I know very well how processing works and I know the mechanics behind price hike and skinning of chicken. I know how operation cost comes in between as there is work involved in processing the live chicken.
    The thread wanted to explore psychological and metaphysical things and not something as minimal as flesh. That is what I wanted to reinstate. I wanted to say that there is no need to fret over one's net worth and spending lives in making it big, as who knows, fate might polish your net worth lesser or greater. The point isn't chicken but the net worth and why net worth means so much to us humans.

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    The sale price of chicken might change depending upon the work done on it. Dressing, cleaning etc. Basic price or net worth is same and only thing is more and more people take their cut in passing it on to the actual customer. This is happening with all sort of commodities in the market. Anything which is refined, cleaned and sorted and then kept in an attractive container gets the attention of the customer who is ready to buy it for a premium price. The market is full of such products which are originated from the same basic level but have different price tags.
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    Do you think you could convey the purpose of your thread as conceived by you and has been elaborated at #696791?
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