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    People get benefited or not if center takes over electricity tarrif affairs?

    There is a news looming over the news papers from long time onwards. The center is going to take over the elecricity affairs of the whole country. At present each state government has its own discretion to decide the cost of each unit of supply of electricity to the consumers. Many state governments providing electricity free of cost to the farmers to encourage farmers. They are supplying at low cost to household consumers fearing that otherwise revolt against the government during elections. The Discoms and electricity boards facing severe financial deficits to generate electricity. So the central government will decide the cost of each unit of electricity and should be followed by all states nation and one electricity policy. Because of this there is no possibility for state government to give benefits to farmers or common man. This may give a shock to all sorts of consumers and especially farmers and middle class people suffer a lot. Similarly one nation and one liquor policy where the cost of every brand of liquor will be decided by the center. Members, please share your opinions.
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    I don't see any problem. The central government can consider the concessions that are being given by different states and work out a scheme to benefit them. They can have a uniform policy and implement the same whole nation. The rates can be decided in such a way that the poor people who consume fewer units can be charged very less cost and that will definitely benefit them. Even now also the central government is giving help to farmers of the whole country based on their income level and also they are helping the poor people during the Corona problem. So I am thinking that there will bot be any issue in this,
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    Only in the recent past the electricity generation and distributions were divided through Discom services and it is present in all states. And the center only created this and given sweeping powers to decide on the tariff and increasing the rates of the power. But the changed situation in India seems to see a change in the power sector also. There has been complaint that even during the lock down situation, the power charges are made to pay and in some states the cascading effect was implemented to club two months bill in to one and thus the meter reading goes beyond the slabs and naturally new rates are implemented much to the annoy of the consumers. There has been demand for one nation one power tariff and now is the time to get rid of states control over the power system and let the state gets cut over the tariff collected by center.
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    Here the problem is State governments show some concerned to the people of their state as they gave power to them. But central government always tries to implement things in a rigid way and may not be kind towards the people like state government. So ultimately the consumers of the state suffer a lot.

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