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    Who does these miscellaneous jobs in your house?

    Being a housewife I am involved and aware about many small jobs that come across and are to be taken care. Some people consider those as menial jobs and require servant to do it. My question is if servant is not available then who is supposed to attend to them. In many families it is thought to be the work and responsibility of housewife to attend to all such jobs though in some other houses the family members are cooperating and sharing these jobs so that all the load does not come on the housewife. What is the practice in your houses? Members please share. I am giving some of such miscellaneous jobs as -

    1. Cleaning of kitchen or washroom sink and declogging of kitchen sink hose.
    2. Keeping shoes and sandals in shoe rack.
    3. Attending milkman, postman, courier etc.
    4. Check the doors, windows, gallery or room lights and fans etc in the night before going to sleep.
    5. Keep tea cups, water glasses back in the kitchen.
    6. Charge and remove mobiles from the charger.
    7. Operating the washing machine.
    8. Change gas cylinder.
    9. Petty purchases from nearby shops.
    10. Making beds and arranging books and other scattered items in the house.
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    In our home the inside house chores are done by my wife and the daughter whereas the out door activities are done by me and my son. It does not mean that we do not do the house hold works. Sometimes me and my son also wash the utensils gathered in kitchen sink and arranging the dried clothes in respective cupboards are also done. Even mopping the home with wet water is done once in a while. But I like to do the slicing of the vegetables to the same size and that would save the time for my wife to cook. And children also do some help at the kitchen and therefore it is a inclusive help from all.
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    Even Servantmaid comes also she will not do the works mentioned by the author.
    In our house, we share these jobs among ourselves.
    I or my sons will go to the nearby shop and get vegetables and other requirements. Sometimes we may go two times a day also.
    I or my sons only will attend the courier or postman every day.
    My wife or my daughters in law will be attending the Milk vendor and Dhobi
    Gas Cylinder changing will be done by my wife but we will help her in getting the gas cylinder from stores tp kitchen
    Teacups and other glasses used will be collected by anyone of us and keep it in the cleaning area where the servant maid comes and cleans it.
    I will be ensuring all the doors and windows are closed before going to bed. At the same time putting off all; the lights will also be done by me.
    The remaining works mentioned by the author will be carried out by my wife or one of the two daughters in law.

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    Since we were in joint family system earlier, the in-plant training was in our practice that to do our odd jobs by ourselves without expecting outside people. The same practice has come in present house also as we do our house odd jobs then and there. During the festival or ceremony times when people more my wife took the help of outside person for only cleaning the vessels. That too she keep all the vessels soaked in water so as the cleaning by others would be easy and perfect. While cooking itself my wife used to clean the vessels then and there to minimise the utensils at the time of washing.

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    The points raised by the author are very pertinent and doing the same from the side of my wife would be to put her in strained condition. So whenever, I find time, I take up some jobs such as cleaning utensils, mopping up the floors with wet water is taken up. Cleaning up the kitchen sinks to restore its original look is my urgent priority.
    There are numerous tasks for which I don't hint my wife to take up the same such as Newspapers remaining in the scattered condition after going through the same are my priorities to keep them in the area alloted for the same. I ensure that the shoes are to be placed in the rake once I returned from walking. Sharing such assignments always lessen household work and we can see the smiling face of our partners.

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    1. Cleaning of kitchen or washroom sink and declogging of kitchen sink hose. my wife.
    2. Keeping shoes and sandals in the shoe rack. each individual in the house
    3. Attending milkman, postman, courier, etc. I will bring Milk, postman and courier rarest of the rare. (whoever there in the house will attend)
    4. Check the doors, windows, gallery or room lights and fans, etc in the night before going to sleep. (My wife and sometimes myself)
    5. Keep teacups, water glasses back in the kitchen. (Again individual If I forgot my wife will do)
    6. Charge and remove mobiles from the charger. (Individuals)
    7. Operating the washing machine. (Not yet bought because we have housemaid) when clothes get dried outside as to bring inside the house, my wife will do and arrange in proper order in racks.
    8. Change the gas cylinder. Myself
    9. Petty purchases from nearby shops. Myself
    10. Making beds and arranging books and other scattered items in the house. Beds I will arrange sometimes my wife and arranging books my wife and sometimes me too and other scattered items my wife sometimes me too

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    In my house generally the outside jobs like small shopping etc I alone do. But if it is a large shopping like one month's grocery etc, myself and my wife both go. togther.
    I have a habit of keeping back the coffee cup after drinking coffee or plates after eating breakfast, snacks etc. Sometimes I clean them also. I also clean washroom, washbasin etc. Most other chores we both do as per the context and convenience'. Whenevre I feel my wife is not well or is having more work I take up the work or share the work- whatever it be.
    The one work I generally don't do is attending the mikman. I usually do not get up up by then.

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    Men go out for purchases of vegetables and provisions. Milk men will be attended by myself. Since it is lock down no couriers or post to our place. Kitchen work like cooking, dish washing and cleaning the sink is divided by family members in tits and bits so that it's not loaded on one person.
    We hardly use the slippers and shoes rack hence it is managed by the users themselves. Sweeping and swabing floors is taken care by myself along with children.
    Cleaning tea cups by all the members themselves. Charging mobile phones are take care by children as they are looking for educational videos.
    Checking doors and windows by my husband, getting the beds done by me. Washing clothes are taken care by me but drying them by children. Changing gas cylinder by me or my husband according to the person Who is available on time.

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    In my house we have things well understood and the general order and outside work I attend while the kitchen and inside work my wife attends. There are some technical works like cleaning of sink pipe once in a 3-4 months time, gas cylinder change, thorough cleaning of balconies once in a month etc which I take up myself. We have a habit of keeping things back in their places whether we have time constraint or no mood for doing it. It is a clear instruction in the house that anyone who takes a tool or thing for use in other place in the house is only responsible to keep it back and if he fails in it all of us shame him in front of all the family members. Everyone is much conscious in contributing one's bit.
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