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    Payment not received so far

    The invoice for the payment of Rs 600/- announced by ISC was uploaded on 02-05-2020. The amount is not yet received in my bank account until today. The Webmaster is requested to look into the matter.
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    Our Webmasters have been informed. Please wait.

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    Hello KVRR

    I didn't see any invoice in your Reward details page. Please upload the invoice, then only I can transfer your payment.

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    Mr. Timmy John,
    As I was away during the first 10 days of this month, I too uploaded my invoice no. ISC-155891 lately on 12.5.2020 for Rs. 900/- My bank has not received the amount. Kindly confirm the amount credited into my account or not. If confirmed, when was it sent?

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    Hello Mr. KVRR, you need to fill the invoice with your bank name, ifsc, a/c number details and also provide your isc invoice number, isc id in order for Timmy Sir to process the invoice. To fill up the invoice, first download it(the empty invoice format) from the details section given right beside the declaration of your invoice.

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    It takes 10 days to process the payment. This means ten working days according to the bank calender so you gave to skip second Saturday and Sunday.
    One more point, how can Timmy Sir get to know that we have uploaded our invoice is through the reward page as he has suggested. Now how can a member get to know that his or her invoice has reached Timmy sir. Will we get any confirmed message stating "yes, recieved ". This will help members to wait for payment without raising threads in forum.

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    When we upload the invoice there is an automatic message that comes slightly above in the same page. That itself is a digital confirmation of the submission of the invoice. Once the invoice is processed a message would come at that place just below the our update information. If there is any deviation after that the member can communicate right at that time and inform the Webmaster about it. I am generally checking the status at that particular place in the page.
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    I do not understand why the members interfere in matters to be solved by the Webmaster. The necessity of raising the thread arose as the invoice was uploaded by me on 02-05-2020. After waiting for 15 days only, the matter was brought to the notice of the Webmaster.

    Mr. Timmy John, I might have forgotten to press the add details button. Now I have uploaded the same.

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    Even my payment has not been credited so far. I have even sent a personal message on 13th May to the webmaster to look into the matter. Please clarify.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Everyone is requested not to raise issues about your own payments in a thread raised by another member about his/her payments. It is easier if you raise independent threads so that we can direct them individually to Timmy Sir, otherwise your response will just get lost in this thread and possibly overlooked with the thread being locked once the author's issue is resolved.

    Anyway, for now I am intimating Timmy Sir about the payments for Sun and K Mohan.

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    Despite my intimation about non-receipt of payment in this thread, I have sent two PMs to Mr. Timmy John. The first PM was sent immediately after uploading the invoice, and the second PM was sent yesterday after posting a response in this thread. I think he is busy with other activities. He never failed to pay me. I am sure to get my payment sooner or later.

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    Hello KVRR, K Mohan and SuN,

    All of your payments are clear now.

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    Mr. Timmy John. Very Many Thanks. My bank has confirmed your payment just now.
    God Bless Timmy and ISC.

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    Mr.Timmy John received the payment. Thank you for attending to the invoice immediately and making the payment.
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