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    T-D-S formula I learned decades ago useful now in Covid19 risk reduction

    Learning never goes useless. If we know how to recall and apply it becomes very much worthy.
    Immediately after my science graduation, I joined an important and famous Research Centre in our country. I was associated with a Project where radioactive materials were handled.

    Very initially itself we were briefed about the safety precautions to prevent or reduce the radioactive material contamination and radiation. We were taught the T-D-S formula-(Time Distance Shielding formula.)
    The ormula is explained as follows:
    T- One should have full details of the work to be done and should spend the minimum time at the work spot where radioactivity risk is there.
    D-One should keep the maximum distance possible from the radioactive risk source.
    S-One should wear prescribed and proper shielding on the body, as per work and risk perception.

    It is more than forty years since I left that job. The TDS formula for safety is coming handy for me in the Corona risk prevention. How TDS applies here?
    One should keep minimum time at public places and where the infection risk is there. One should keep the maximum possible distance from another person. One should wear proper shielding like a proper face mask, even face shield, etc.

    Safety first anytime anywhere.
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    Good. The author explained how TDS formula works for the present situation. T is time. Spend minimum Time in public places. D is distance. Keep the maximum possible distance with other people. S if for shielding. Shield your self with necessary items so that you will not get exposed.
    During this lockdown, we are almost inside the house only. But now slowly we may start moving out. So TDS is very important. Some may say that you should start using SMS. This SMS is not that what we give from our smartphones. This different. In these cases, S is for Sanitizer. M is for Mask and S if for social distances. Always follow this mantra of SMS. You will be safe.

    always confident

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    Yes sir
    I am agree with you. Your T-D-S formula is completely applicable and necessary in this condition.
    T( minimum time)-since we can not shut down our works for a long span. Because our governments can't provide food us for years and till now no vaccine is made that's why we have to go at our work place. But we should spend minimum time there.
    D(maximum distance)-As our respected prime minister sir saying from starting that social distancing (social vaccine) is only one solution to break the transition of corona. That's why it's also important.
    S(maximum shielding of body)- as we know that the life of corona on different surfaces is different that's why we should wear clothes which are most suitable in the war against corona so that we can win.
    I think India is going to adopt this formula in lockdown 4

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    A sixer form the writer about making use of TDS formula in the Covid19 risk situation. When I read the title, The first thing that came to my mind was the common tax deducted at source sued for paying Income Tax but when I read the content, it was really a twist in the tale.

    It is very related to the the topic raised by another ISC member Rajendra Mina Education is a lifelong process. The thing that we learn is never wasted but be used at one point of time in our life as and when situation arises. The writer has used the formula of TDS that he had learned or used some forty years back while associated with a Project of handeling radioactive materials, contamination and radiation. The safety precautions taught while handling radioactive material to prevent oneself from getting infected by radioactive material was to keep them getting infected by following the TDS safety method i.e. 1. Time - spending the minimum time at the work spot, 2. Distance - keep the maximum distance possible from the source and 3. Shielding - wearing prescribed and proper shielding on one's body. It is true that the same TDS method is to be followed by us during the pandemic period to stop the spread of COVID-19 virus.

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    I could see a joke in this post as I was mistaken to read the heading that the author learned about the TDS earlier which is now useful. But this TDS is something else and not the tax deduction at source. And this post also proves that past lessons are not waste and only thing that we fail to connect the same with the present juncture. Every study was important to us and we never implement the same personally. And now the author has realized the time distance shielding was the super formula introduced then itself to protect from the radioactive elements and after effects.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Formulas and rule of thumbs are generally helpful in managing the situations in an amicable way and to that extent this TDS thing reminded by the author also deserves the accolades. I was associated with handling of Radioactive sources used in the specialised instruments in diagnosing the sub surface rocks and their characters in the petroleum industry and at that time we were given a training as how to handle those high radiation sources. We used long tongs to take them from their carrying cases and then from a distance of about 1.4 meters fitted that in the survey tool. No one went near the equipments until they are lowered in an oil well for the survey. The job was to be completed precisely in a fast manner to avoid the radiation. Still some radiation affected us and we used to wear badges issued from AERB, BARC and send them back every 15 days to get the details of our exposure. If it increased beyond a threshold some other people were asked to do the job. We in fact did the job in turns only to have bare minimum exposure. In Covid-19 situation we have to be more alert than that.
    Knowledge is power.

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