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    Don't fight your battle without your weapons ready

    Getting nervous and anxious before any crucial and big events of life like competitions, entrance and graduation exams, job interviews, etc is part of human nature. Degree of anxiety and nervousness before an important event in life varies from person to person depending on their mental temperament. Some are highly anxious while some may be slightly anxious.

    The side effect of this feeling in many people is sometimes such that they strongly wish for the event to get over soon so that they can get rid of their anxiety and relax. So for them seeing the event through somehow becomes more important than remaining patient and preparing well for the event. Their anxiety often diverts their mind towards the end of that event and they lose focus in preparing well for the event.

    For example, when board exams get postponed few students feel happy that they will get more time to prepare and be thorough with the subject while some student even if not well prepared feel that it should not have been postponed as they are anxious to complete it somehow and remove their burden even if they are not able to perform well. The same thing holds true for job interviews and any competitions. Sometimes the degree of anxiety in people is such that even if they have the opportunity to prepare and then take up that even after some days, they still prefer to take it up earlier as they want to get rid of it soon so that their tension is released.

    I think this is not the right mindset for any individual. Important events of our life in most cases come once in life and they decide our future career and growth in life and should be taken seriously with minimal nervousness and anxiety. Also focus should not be on waiting for that event to get over but to thoroughly prepare for the event and give your best effort to perform well.

    You cannot except to fight a battle without your weapons ready and sharp as it will be a suicide. Similarly going without preparation for important events in life like competitions, exams, job interviews is like fighting a battle without your weapons ready. These events may be one time opportunities in life hence whenever they come they should be taken up only with full preparedness. In case you feel you are not prepared enough and you have an option to postpone the event you should do it rather than taking it up as it is just to complete it and unburden yourself.
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    It is said that life is a journey full of challenges and hurdles on the way and one has to persistently fight and make a way among those constraints. This would only be possible when there is a strong will to work and succeed in one's life. Efforts are the first thing in that direction and then what matters most is focus and concentration for attaining the objectives and goals. It is also true that very few people can achieve such heights in their lives and when they do so they become a role model for many of us. They are showcasing examples to us as how to progress in our lives. We have to keep them a sour benchmark and do our preparation in that perspective.
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    Lack of preparation and readiness without proper equip may cause fear or overconfidence. Both are not good.
    To figt a war we have to no the enemy, the terrain,our strength and weakneses, enemy's strength and weaknesses, enemy's strategy, enemy's friends and enemy's enemy. Once we know these well we can devise a straegy to fight the war. Even if we are weaker, with good preparation and strategy the war can be fought well and damage can be inflicted on the enemy.
    Manytimes battles are declared at enemy's convenience and not on our choice. So whether we are ready or not we have to face th battle. Hence there should be a minimum war resdiness always.

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    Weapon is used as a tool to fight the war of life. Handling the weapon in a proper way should be the first criteria. This depends on choosing your job act ring to your education which may not be possible in several situations.

    Once we are educated as graduates, the word itself tells us even if you complete B. A, B. com or B. sc you are a graduate. You should have the mental stability and confidence to work in any given field. You may a fresher but you are not an illiterate person. You can handle any situations or suggest to many problems bases on your point view towards life.

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    Everybody faces challenges in his life especially those challenges which are already known to us such as examination, competition or interview etc. We need to do preparation much before the date of exam etc, it fills us with confidence and boost up mental strength to face any challenge but sometimes despite our best preparations we are worried of outcome and negative thoughts come in mind which shake our confidence and keep us disturbing.

    Exam anxiety has different effects from person to person, but if it keeps us worrying continuously then it changes into a big problem and we need to consult the experts like teachers, experienced people who have faced the challenge successfully and even psychologist if needed.
    However, in normal anxiety we can take following steps:

    * timely preparation
    * solving the previous years papers
    * besides consulting teachers we can take help of our colleagues and seniors as well
    *and attention should be paid to sleep, nutrition, exercise and relaxation routines.

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    More than preparedness to the fight it is imperative to know the plus points of the opponent so that the fight can be done decisively to our favor. Merely keeping the weapons ready does not matter. For example there was a group verbal fight going on in a place and in that group one person was very short enough and he was not heard or cared due to his height. But he was actually giving a solution to the problem but not heard. Having peeved by the indifference from every one. So he created a attention seeking act by jumping and giving a tight slap to a person who was more vocal in opposing. Now after this there was a lull and everyone who were shouting at high pitch were got silenced and everyone turned to the short person and listened to him. Overnight he has become so famous and sought after in that area.
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    "An Idiot with a plan can beat a genius witout a plan" (Warren Buffet).
    I think this quote is fit on this question's answer. Everyone fight and want to win no one to lose.
    But you know that only one will win. Why this one will win, Because he prepared yourself for battle with a planning. If you are debating on any subject and you are the master of this subject then you have confidence and this confidence will help to win debate. And Confidence come from knowledge, Without the 'knowledge of the subject' (Weapons) fighting in a battle means losing.

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    When you go to the forest for wood cutting you should see that your axe is in good condition. Otherwise, you may not be able to collect enough wood. What is the difference between, Arjuna and Karna? They are equal in their capabilities. But Arjuna noticed that Lord Krishna should be in his side. But Karna is not having Krishna in his side. In the same way, there are many weapons with Arjuna but Karna is having curses from many people. He even forgot how to use the weapons he had with him.
    All students should get ready for the examinations. They should not waste the time and get ready well in advance and keep all the information with them for faring the examination. Once we have more weapons with us we will be more confident and our success will be sure. I have seen some people without getting ready well, they will go to examinations and will never farewell. They try to blame the other person or another event.

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    We are reading the story of two woodcutters since years . In which both of them were given time of two hours to cut a tree. The first woodcutter started to cut the tree without thinking anything while the other one had spent one hour in preparing his weapons (instruments) . In the end of this story we came to know that the second person got success in his work while the first was failed. The same concept is applicable human beings.
    I think these are the successive steps to win any event -
    1)prepare mentally your self
    2)get engaged with your target
    3)plan properly
    4)increase your motivation level till peak
    5)start the journey
    6)maintain your motivation level
    7)don't quit
    8)complete the work
    9)great job! you have won
    This type strategy is necessary for big targets because we can reach in the village of neighbourhood without having knowledge of right path but we can't reach in village of other countries in this situation.

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