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    The fate of school lunch boxes - a holiday tour.

    Lunch boxes used by children to carry their lunch and snacks have lost their identity and remain just like other unused utensils at homes. When children were regularly using these plastic/ steel boxes to pack their food, mothers would clean and keep them ready for the next day.

    Since the schools were given a sudden break and summer vacation continued, the lunch boxes have been neglected. Neither the children nor the mothers are worried about it as they do not know when their usage will actually start. Lunch boxes are speaking to their friends and have started complaining that they are not given prominence. They need protection from COVID-19 virus so that they can carry nutritious and healthy food for the children to eat to build immunity in the future days to come.

    What is the condition of the lunch boxes in your house? Did the mother keep them carefully as she is the caretaker? Is it messed up and will you have to search for it once school reopens? Comment.
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    Interesting post. A thread born fom reality situation.

    Of course, there are no small school going children in my house now. However when my son was in school and vacation came ,the lunch boxes wer not neglected. The were used as containers to keep the balance dishes, snacks etc. Also my wife used to prepare some 'bites and sweets' and keep them in his lunch box so that he would take them and eat whenever he wanted. Now also the same habit of keeping snacks and bites in his lunch box(office lunch box) is continuing. He uses it in nights while 'working from home'.

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    A rounded thought and brought a glance of our schooling days when we would read and have autobiography about pen, pencil, book, umbrella, shoe, vase, etc. The writer has used the same to bring in some creative e side by using the lunchbox as it is resting in a corner of the shelf for long.

    As seen in many houses or parents, normally everyone purchases new lunchboxes for their children for the new academic year. Not that they want to but as their children wants new one as majority of the classmates would be having a new one for the academic year. Gone are the days when we would be using the same old things for years.

    In our times, the books would be passed from elder sibbling to the younger. It was not just books but even clothes and accessories as it was the way of cutting cost and using the resources to the maximum. Nowadays as everyone have enough money or due to the pressure of children or society, parents are forced to buy new things every year for their children every academic year, from uniform, books, shoes, bag, waterbottle and even the so called lunch box.

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    In our house, there are no school-going children. But there is a college-going boy and two office going guys. All these three will carry lunch boxes daily. My wife will make them ready and give them. In the after coming back, our servant maid will clean them and the boxes will be ready for the next day. But from the last two months, there is no college and there are no offices. So there is no requirement. But my wife kept them neatly and once in a while she is taking them and seeing the condition and keeping them back. So there is no problem. They are ready to serve their bosses at any time. But I don't think there will not be any requirement of them I think. They are also under lockdown. When we were going to my native place in a box we kept some food and took with us. It was with us till a week back and came back to Hyderabad a week back. All of them are roaring to serve.
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    Well presented. Amusing and amazing. Lunch box is one of the important thing in our houses as the housewife searches it as the first and foremost thing to pack the lunch of the children going to school. Home made food is very nutritious and healthy for the children and it is essential they are provided this along with the school bag. Today we have trapped in such a situation that we have totally forgotten about this important item. What would be the modality of this lunch pack after this episode of virus is over is yet to be seen but essentially this has to remain in practice if children start going to the schools.
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    Some of us are working with in a new method, that is work from home. Are we using these lunch boxes for snacks to move from kitchen to hall or into our rooms where we sit for long hours without the thought of lunch break?
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    In a joking way what I advise all the parents that they should pack the lunch box and ask the child to follow all the school norms of interval and lunch recess so that the child should feel the atmosphere of school ambiance otherwise they would show the tantrums to the mothers. Sooner or later the parents may have to leave for their work place and in that case the child has to follow the school norms and we do not know what would be the future action of the school. If they turn to be study from home, then it will be one more botheration for every parent as they cannot leave the child to mend himself.
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