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    Future India after COVID-19 pandemic

    Till now it is very clear that COVID-19 is not only engulfing human lives but also causing a huge impact on the mental condition of humans. In the recent PM Modi address it has been very clear that corona virus is going to irritate us for a long time. So, which future changes are you expecting in India?
    Corona virus does not differentiates rich or poor. It is like a blindfolded person, whomsoever comes in contact with it, gets infected. If we want our India to withstand rigid in front of corona virus then we have to understand "Corona virus chain could be killed only by us, unified efforts of each and every individual can bring up a huge variation in the number of infected individuals"
    After corona threat there would be absolutely more emphasis on virtual education, offices, etc. Digital marketing sector is going to boom up in upcoming months. The smartphone usage will get doubled or even tripled up. There will be much more online users as compared to earlier data. I think we all are going to see a major change in the economy sector. Teenagers have started up to show interest over animations, graphic designing, blogging, editing. I hope India will emerge stronger after crisis.
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    Moments should come down. Unless otherwise, it is a necessity one should not move out. Even to other places also we should not go for enjoying. Travel and tourism will suffer a lot. Eating out will not be enjoyed by many people. Even buying cooked food from outside may not be accepted by many people. Mass gatherings will come down. Good habits like washing hands at regular intervals, maintaining a neat and clean environment and maintaining social distance will become a common issue. Cinema Halls and malls may not get the business what they were getting before Corona. Even Public transport will become costly as the capacity utilisation is less. Same is the case with Cinema halls.
    But if a vaccine is discovered and all the people got administered with this Vaccine and medicines are available for treatment we will not have any impact of this virus on our lives.

    always confident

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    Only the people can make things happen.
    What is needed the will to defat Covid19. So all precautions should be taken and guidelines like socail distncing, avoiding non-essential movement and crowding should be complied with.
    From the government side they should enhance the testing reach. Treatment facilities should be enhanced much.
    People should practice selfrestritions. Wherever possible technological innovations should be done and applied for daily life and enabling social distancing and lesser physical contact.

    As India hasman alternative medical systems esearch can be done to find cure rom any of these. There are claims that such native systems have methods to raise immuity and treat the infection within short period. It needs to be verified and if proved imlemented with all sincerity.

    From my SWOT analysis of our country, I feel that we will manage the Covid crisis well. But the government(States and Centre) and ery one of us should contiue the steam.

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    Recently liquor shops were opened for people I did not see if anybody was caring about social distancing. Common people are extremely careless about pandemic crisis, so I'm afraid of saying that Coronavirus will never die in India, it will stay with us forever. If a vaccine or medicine is discovered will only help to get patients treated by the doctors.

    Trend of online shopping will expand among upper and educated class provided that they refrain from social mixing.

    Concrete steps are required to uplift the economy of the country but recuperating economic status of the common people can't be imagined for decades.

    Distance learning programme will go up in education sector.

    Industries, theatres, markets, transport, court, marriage halls and rest all the government departments and private establishments where the gathering is always high-scaled will be a big challenge to manage.

    Will hazmat mask be a part of the uniform for military, para military and police department is a big question.

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    This virus threat is of unprecedented nature and going to bring a huge paradigm shift in our lives after the threat is over. It is affecting us in many ways. We have become fearful and confused in our lives. The economy is slowly going down. Much harm has already done. People are not understanding the seriousness of the situation and feeling that curfew is imposed by the high handed Govt. Given a choice and freedom they would like to dance on the roads going through a marriage procession. State Govt were earlier criticising the central for imposing lockdown and now they are taking more interest in extending it. So, all sort of confusions are going on and we do not know what would be the situation of India in the aftermath of this pandemic. It would be a wishful thinking to feel that India might emerge as a powerful entity after this. We all would be very happy if something like that happens. Who does not want that ones country lead the world.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The future is going to be very restrictive, caution and also having lots of apprehension about even new virus taking the stage or the present virus taking new high. All this impending dangers are there and therefore we have to be very careful in behaving with others, no more visit to others place, no more invitation to others to visit to our house, no more participation in functions and gatherings, and what everyone should inculcate is the habit of living alone for the future. Children should be taken care off. They should not allowed to eat outside food and they should not be sent alone to the market for fetching some thing. And the senior citizens at home should be taken care as they are vulnerable to further diseases. The future seems to be grim as far socializing is concerned and challenging posed in every walk of life.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This is the trying time for most of us especially for the senior citizens. Hence it is always safe to follow the safety rules such as maintaining safe distance, use of masks while going outside, use of sensitisers whenever there is such a situation. The present phase is not likely to change in the immediate future when we notice the figures of infected persons.
    The present lockdown phase may further be extended if the trend continues that way. This will affect tourism and hotel industries and even the industries would not be in a position to the full rated capacity because of shortage of manpower. Students will be frustrated with the late commencement of examinations.
    The present situation can be reversed with the early invention of vaccine of the COVID 19 with the active involvements of the researchers and scientists. If the human trials are successful, we will feel greatly relaxed.

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    The post Covid-19 scenario is not very clear as there are many things which would emerge in the new scenario. It is not that only India is affected by this virus but many other countries are also struggling with it. Today the world is thriving on international trade and exchange of commodities is very much there. In the post Covid-19 scenario the status of the world trade would also decide as which country would emerge as winner. No doubt India is having immense potential but ultimately it is our manufacturing capacity and quality of the products that would decide the future.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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