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    If you were an interviewer whom would you hire?

    Nowadays with increasing competition in job markets and cost-cutting measures companies are always looking to hire employees who have ready-made skills to perform the job right from day one. Nowadays concepts of hiring an employee and training him or her are getting rare day by day as companies are unwilling to invest in training costs and looking for readymade employees.

    But is having an employee with relevant experience and skills enough for a company? Can such employees always perform well? Should having the right skills be the only criterion for the company during hiring. Due to this mindset of companies, many candidates who may not have exact skills and matching relevant experience but have a passion to learn and work on new technologies lose out as their resume does not get shortlisted due to matching skills criteria.

    As per me a candidate with passion and urge to learn new things and a positive mindset with partially matching experience and skills should be more preferred by the companies rather than candidates just having fully matching skills and experience for a job. New skills can be always acquired after joining a company if a person has positivity, mindset to learn, and explore. On the other hand, a person with readymade skills but no mindset to learn and negative attitude may not add value to a company in the long run.

    If you were an interviewer hiring for a position in your company, whom would you prefer to hire? A person with average matching skills and experience but with a passion to learn and explore new things or a person with exact matching skills and experience but with no mindset to learn new things and explore?
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    If I were the interviewer surely I would distill every person through various parameters and arrive at the right person for the job. What I would be expecting that the candidate should really require the job for his survival and family. That means the dedication point of view is very much guaranteed if the personal details and the damn requirement of the job is ascertained. I will not be concerned about the experience. Because every company has its own performance level and the seniors are very much there to help out the new one. In that case I will be more interested in the fresher who was yearning for the job and would also ascertain the fact that he would continue with the company for long duration. So such candidates can be groomed and trained to the satisfaction of the company and at the low salary initially.
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    There is generally a format for selection of people and there is no place for abstract things there. First is their score in the qualifying exam and some points would be for that. A student having 80% in his 10+2 and another one having 62% can not be equated. The point would be different for them. There would be points for the actual knowledge versus academic knowledge which would come out during the interview and some marks are for that. Then there are some things like the positive attitude, pleasing personality, and progressive outlook and some points for that also. After the interview we have to add the points and decide for selection. We cannot go for one particular attitude however important that might be.
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    Experience counts but not always. Every organisation will have a culture. If we take an experienced person who worked in another organisation, he will also take some time to get adjusted and some people may not come out of the culture for which they got adjusted. So they may be failures and try to get out as quickly as follows. But if we take a fresh candidate who did his PG from a good institute and train him in our organisation as a management trainee he will become a good guy for our organisation. Once his training is his finished, we can use him in any department we want based on his qualification and the interest he has shown during training. In our organisation, we used to go by this concept. We are not looking for their experience. We are looking for their willingness to get trained and work as per the requirement of the organisation.
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    As a interviewer I would like to select/hire the candidate who had potentials to do related work. Because training is necessary for skills. It is said that practice makes the man perfect. For example if I am talking interview to select teachers for a school and I am saying to select all experienced teachers and all the other interviewers in country are adopting same philosophy then is it possible to prepare newly experienced teachers ?, I think no that's why I will work for some time with all the teachers on any teaching skill and then I will select the appropriate person. If anyone has haughtiness to select all experienced workers then he or she should remember that experience comes with time and hard work, it can't be hired by money. We can't ignore a parrot's flying ability without giving it a single occasion to fly. We can't prepare new swimmers without giving the permission the girls and boys to in water.

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    While considering the suitability of a candidate for a post, there are different parameters to be considered. There will be two set of aspirants the first set will be the group of experienced aspirants having acquired long experience in a particular trade with a vision to update the latest techniques so as to apply these tools for the speedy accomplishment of the job and the second group will comprise the aspirants having the vision to understand the steps required to finish the job and they are painstaking.
    A single group would not serve the purpose. Recruiting the experienced people only and not entertaining the fresh candidates otherwise fit for the jobs will create frustration among the young people. Their spirit for undertaking challenging jobs will diminish and this will be an act of demoralising these young people. Experienced people is not be ignored either. They are the people having vast experience and are aware of the tools shortening the working time in finishing an assignments. Young generations will utilise the skills inherited by this group. Hence such a blend of people would be a right choice for a prospective company.

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    Passion plays an important role while hiring an employee but after this lockdown may be the less salary expected person with passion would be given more preference. This helps in cost cutting and improving the companies with the best available resources within the shortest possible time frame.
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    According to me the present scenario of selection for a job by an interviewer is according to the norms of establishment for which he is selecting. Many candidate attend interview basically with a huge earnings rather than job or experience, is simply bargaining. Similarly the selecting person also seeking in the candidates with minimum expectation. Selection on the basis of qualification, experience etc., applicable for only certain posts but normally they lose good candidates by offering less salary. Many labour turnover also because of these trend.

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    When hiring a candidate for a vacent position,there as many parameneters that the hiring jury is looking. For a well framed position like team leader or higher posts, they would prefer an experienced person who can handle things in any situation. There are times when there can be misunderstanding, thought clashes, shift issues, vacation, OT, salary, etc that a person may have to deal with and a fresher may not be able to handle it as smoothly as an experienced one and there, they would prefer someone with experience, calmness, positive attitute and problem solving person. For lower postions or where they want creativity, passion, eagerness, energy, fast learner, openness to new techniques and skills, here they would prefer freshers, young talents and person who have these qualities. Every position, institution or organisation, education, skillset, etc requires different qualities and cannot be guaged on single parametrers or framed rules.
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    One more thing I want to share that the if the candidate has impressed the interviewer either with pleasing manners and personality or answered the questions quickly, such candidates are having high chance being selected.
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    One more point I would liwe to add here. If I am an interviewer I would prepare a questionnaire to collect the travel history of the interviewee for the past 15 days and thermal check before entering . This is one of the crucial point which has been to be checked. If not considered the virus may affect all the other employees after the new employee joins.
    So this is an important decision to make sure we don't blame our employees. We can give shifts work for new employees as one batch supported by one or two seniors staff. This will take care of health issues without any difficulty.

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