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    Which type of business can be start after the Covid-19 pandemic?

    Which type of business can be start after the Covid-19 pandemic?
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    Welcome Yogesh, to this site commonly known as ISC. I feel very happy whenever I see new members joining here. The reason is that new members have been benefited here immensely and have improved much in their presentation skills and English writing. So, if you have that objective in your mind, you are at the right place. Please go through the help section and learn the modalities and policies of this site and accordingly start contributing in sections of your interest.

    This post you have posted in forum section and here we expect the author to write slightly in details at least 60-70 words and put his point in details, may be giving his opinion also. Please take care of this in your next forum post. Coming to your topic and issue, I am afraid this is a difficult query as things are not very clear as how the things would move in the coming times. But one thing is certain that as soon as the threat of virus is over, there would be renewed activity in many businesses which have subdued in the present situation. One can safely venture in the business of eateries/ restaurants/ food supply/ provision and grocery/ dairy products, and readymade eatables as these would have a robust demand during that period. As many stalled projects would start breathing it makes sense to run labour agencies and such enterprises which provide manpower for the business units.

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    Welcome on to this educative site ISC. It is a good educative site with a chance for earning and learning. Before proceeding further go through the help topics and learn more about the site. Then it will become easy for you to continue your journey.
    There are two interesting businesses now.
    1. Masks: You can start manufacturing these items. There is a lot of demand and that demand will continue for at least another one year. No much investment.
    2. Sanitisers: Making a sanitiser and packing them in the bottle. This is another business. The chemical formulas are available and packing machines are available. There will be a good business at least for another 4 or 5 years. You can think any one of these two. Or you can start both basing ob your marketing abilities and investing abilities.
    There may be many other businesses like making a vaccine for COVID once the technology is available. Similarly, medicines can also be produced once any new medicine is derived from this.

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    I would say that any business which is related to the consumables, the items which people consume regularly, would flourish in the post Covid-19 situation. Of course there would be rush for occupying earlier positions by the vendors and one will have to be quick to grab the opportunity.
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