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    Why governments are not taking proper care of daily wage labourers?

    Because of lockdown daily wage labourers are facing severe hardship because of lack of money, food and space to live. Lakhs of people moving towards their native places which are of thousands of kilometres away by walk. Ladies with small babies in their hands, children, young and old people on bare feet walking on hot summer days is really pity thing to see and digest. Except for providing water and food here and thereby generous kind hearted people the human society in total doing injustice to them. Many of these people dying on their way through accidents, lack of food and water. Why our governments are not taking proper care about them? Can't the democratic government help these people to reach their native places? Why the governments are not providing proper guidance to them?
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    This is a question which many people are asking but so far no satisfactory answer is there. I can give my views on this problem. This is an unusual problem of bigger dimensions and no Govt can tackle it easily. It can only try to do its best. In the beginning everyone thought that these people should be retained wherever they were and Govt should arrange their living and food till the present situation lingers. But that is beyond the Govt capabilities as everyone knows the infrastructure and the mentality of Govt staff working in Govt organisations. So probably Govt thought it as a better option to send them to their home villages and provide them help there itself as most of these migrant workers have bank account there and have other family members who would be helping them in one way or other. Villages are now well connected with Govt schemes and benefit can reach the poor there. The Govt networking with village level bodies like Gram Panchayat is already well established and for the Govt it would be convenient to do so. There are difficulties for the migrant labourers in reaching their houses but Govt has tried to provide them free rail journey and some food on the way also though due to the mismanagement at lower levels there are complaints of ill treatment. Unfortunately, our expectations from the present Govt are much more than that of the earlier ones for the obvious reasons and when expectations are more then sometimes disappointments are also more.
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    I was in a village of Andhra Pradesh for almost two months after this lockdown is declared. The government is taking all the required steps to see that there will not be any problem. The government supplied Rice and dal to all the poor families. I witnessed this. They have given Rs,1000/- for each family. They gave these materials and money two times. They have given to poor people even though they don't have any ration card.
    The gram panchayat has planned works during this period and all the daily wage workers were given jobs. The payment has directly gone to their bank accounts. At the same time, some rich people in that area gave materials sufficient to a family of two plus one. That way in that village no family suffered without food. I don't know about the villages in other districts. But when I talked to people from other villages they also said that they are also having no problem for them. All temples are arranging food for the poor in Villages.

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    Dr.Rao, Without any problem and everything is ok why the daily wage workers walk kilometres by bear feet to reach their native places? Can you imagine that anyone take such decision throwing the facilities they are having? They came over long distances to other states to work and earn.

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    Now the Government has taken steps to provide them ration even without ration card., especially for the migrants.
    I have heard that a few migrants lost their lives after walking several kilometers and spending several days, weeks without food but died in an accident just one kilometre from before reaching their village limits.
    Some migrants met with a train accident. It us really hard to put ourselves in such situations.
    At least after this problem Government should take measures to have a census of these employees as well provide them the basic amenities.
    All these days we had only census in population post covid-19, we will get the figures on any sector but it requires some time and effort which can be stabilised over a period of time. This may be an opportunity for the new self-employment for the freshers and the youths capable to build their own software in these fields.

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    Today morning I heard the news that Govt has directed the Railways to provide special trains to the migrant workers to reach their homes in the different states. Once they reach there is all infrastructure to take care of them and help money is also reaching to their bank account. Due to the fear of life some workers might had left on foot in the direction of their state but police is now very alert and picking up them from the roads and helping them further. This is such a huge and gigantic proportion problem that it is easy to say that Govt is not doing anything but in my last 55 years of experience (I am counting years since I did my high school and started to understand the situation around), this is the first time that I am seeing a Govt to work with such an honesty and sincerity. I have no affiliation with the present Govt but I am amazed the way they are managing in this dreadful situation.
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    It is said that roughly there are 10 percent of Indian population who are not educated and engaged in daily wage works and that may be construction workers. farm workers, masons, workers at the shops and establishment. These workers are not governed by the rules like ESI heath benefits and or Provident fund account. They are contract laborers and paid money daily for the work done. Most of them are not permanent labors and they have to wait at the designated spot to be called and offered the job for the day and such is the precarious state of affairs of this unorganized sector. Over the years the left and right parties did some protest to safeguard the interest of daily wage earners and the state governments does not want to touch this issue because it would permanent expenses for the contractors.
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    Once my English lecturer told in a class that necessity makes one to do different. Example he told, if a fire occurs in a place, a normal man can simply lift an fat person to save from the fire. People go to different places by ignoring their future etc. with a view to get a job. Similarly they want to go back to their places immediately when a crisis/pandemic arises, without waiting for anything. They do not mind about transportation etc., they start moving by available mode. We see many people started moving even by walk, this simply denotes their urgency. They even do not wait for the facilities or announcement given by respective governments. Government can facilitate to those who are approaching them only. For this there are offices organized by State Governments but many people do not aware about this. At least the employing organizations would help them to reach their places by contacting the Government offices, for this they have to contact the employing officials. It is not like boarding in a train without buying ticket,

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