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    Morning hours are superproductive

    Waking up early in the morning is a good sign of a sound mind in a sound body. The health of an individual depends upon the choice of daily habits.
    Spending the first hour of the morning in isolation helps in refreshment and regaining consciousness. It helps to alleviate stress and unnecessary thoughts. This is a healthy space for ourselves. Doing meditation, thinking positively about problems, listening to podcasts, studying or revising lessons, completing pending assignments and other procrastinated chores can be completed only if we make a little effort to come out of our comfort zone. Breaking barriers opens up new opportunities and broadens the perception and comprehension level.
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    Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. This is an old saying but holds good in the modern perspective also. Morning time is a time of creativity. Many times it so happens that in the late night our mind is tired of thinking and no new idea comes and even if it comes we are not able to give words to it and then the best thing in such cases is to go to sleep and try this with fresh mind the next day. It happens with many of us and is a fact of life. One can definitely reap the benefits of early rising in the morning as that is the most peaceful and serene time of our lives.
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    It is the morning hours when both our body and mind remain in the relaxed state because of the sound sleep we enjoyed in the last night. The morning hours should be spent in isolation concentrating upon yoga, meditation and later with the intake of green tea for boosting our immunity. With the observance of such a follow up without producing any stress on mind will provide us fresh energy to carry forward our regular assignments.
    As far as possible, avoid the negativity otherwise this will further escalate tensions. Such situations need to be controlled with the proper follow up of schedules and in that way, you could achieve your targets set for the day.

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    Morning hours immediately after getting up from the bed your mind will be fresh and your mind will be active. You will be more productive at that time. During my high school studies, I used to get up at 4.30 AM and used to study up to 6.30 AM. I was remembering the portion which I study at that time easily and I was able to understand the lesson fast. In the Nights I used to go to bed by 9.30 PM. My personal experience is that getting up early from the bed will make you more active. But from the last two months, I am getting up from the bead at 7 AM only. In the nights we are going to bed at 11 PM. I feel this timing is not good. Sleep at 10 PM and get up by at least 6 AM. That will be a better option. But because of laziness, I am not able to get up early. I am trying to come out of that laziness and get up early. But I couldn't.
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    Respected Annu Yadav
    I am agree with your thought that morning hours are more productive. Our ancestors called it 'Brahmamuhurt'. As we should know that rest is necessary to proper learning. If we go to sleep in night at appropriate time and wake up early in the morning it may be most beneficial thing for our lifestyle. In the morning when all the environment is inviting you do your work , if your laziness is denying to wake up then it may be dangerous. The morning hours like cream. There is no disturbance, no thinking about things of vain, no sounds. it is really good time. I am saying honestly it because I wake up early in the morning. If we talk about students then this sentence has increased validity. They should study in morning to give up the cramming.

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    I like morning hours. They are so cool, calm and solacing. One can have the Yoga or exercises whatever is one's passion in that time and prepare for the hectic day ahead. Being a housewife my day starts well before other members of the family.
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    Having practice of going to bed early in night and waking up in early morning hours is always a good to one though the morning hours makes us to lie in the bed for more hours especially in holidays. If we start practice of waking up in the early mornings the sluggishness will get vanish. Another thing is it become practice to our children in the house also. As morning hours are without any routine sounds we can study our lessons or meditate or reciting slogams etc.,
    Waking up in the early morning, having light walking (for needy persons), bathing, going to temples with the barefoot are regular practice for some persons even today.

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