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    Let us encourage local products

    The Prime Minister of India has made a dramatic shift in saying that we should be vocal about local products and services. This is possibly a reaction to the overbearing attitude of China, which is now a suspect in the eyes of the entire world, as having initiated a bio-war of disastrous proportions.

    When it comes to India, we do have plenty of examples where the local products will be as good, or if not better than those of the multinational companies. Evidence of this can be seen in the hundreds of "hot chips" shops throughout the city of Coimbatore which sells ready-to-eat chips, made of potato and raw banana. The market is huge and the product is very tasty. This unorganized sector ( the stuff is made right in the front of customers) offers massive competition to the likes of Lays, the branded product from Pepsico, the US multinational.

    Such examples abound. We should give maximum importance to our own products in line with our rich culture. For example, years ago, many said that the South Indian snacks will slowly lose favour and just about everyone will consume the pizzas and burgers. This is just not true. Today, KFC and Domino Pizza are there everywhere in Chennai. But so do Saravana Bhavan and a number of local branded players as well. We better think of our priorities and make our choices.
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    Yes. It is time to encourage locals and local products. Otherwise, our economy will go bad. Let us all try using maximum Indian made products which will be good and cheap also. You think about Patanjali. It is a big success. Now tata is going to start home delivery supplies. Let us forget about foreign companies and encourage Tata in his attempt. That will give a boost and many Indian entrepreneurs will come, Today we have ordered online vegetables to a supply company called Mr Rytu. It is a local Hyderabad based business unit and the quality of vegetables is good and rates are very less. If we go for such local companies our fellow people will also make a living.
    I appreciate our Prime Minister for his address and I think people will receive his suggestion well and follow the same practice so that many imports will come down and we can export our material. You all know Haldirams exports its products.

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    Right from the beginning PM Modi has been very vocal to give credence to local that means promote and support the local products in big way. And given the present situation where in the cause of virus being credited to the China , the entire world in general and India in particular are peeved by the attitude of China post Covid pandemic and its denial. Entire world want to shun China and Chinese products, and therefore being the next nation after China, India needs to take this action of self reliant and self products to promote in big way. So the unorganized sectors who are mainly the women self help groups would be given further impetus and guidance and even export their products. Soon within few months India would be more vibrant and we could see many new products on anvil at a very affordable price.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    I appreciate this appeal of PM for buying local products. Personally I like to purchase local products but the ground realities are just opposite. Why do people buy Chinese or any other country's products- reason lies in quality and rate.

    Somebody opined that our government should not allow foreign firms to set up their business on Indian soil if our government truly wants us to buy local products.

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    Made in India and make in India are the formulas given by our respected PM sir. Bharat Ratna Mr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam sir said in his book ignited minds "we shouldn't sell our raw material of iron( to Japan),which we are getting from the mines of Jharkhand,we should focus on value addition,because they sell us prepared material at high costs ." I think we can understand the importance of this thread by above said lines of the first person of India.
    If we start the use of substances which are prepared in India then we can solve the problem of unemployment. We can't eradicate the miserable condition of poor persons by giving them food, if we want to win against poverty then we must provide them jobs. Made in India,make in India,make the India

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    It is a suggestion given by the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi before independent India. At that time people followed his words. What happened to the next generations? Why they could not continue? Today again we have come back to the same path which was enforced almost before a century, in 1918 to use khadi.
    First of all the China made products are not specifically mentioned, that it is made in China. They mention it as PRC that is product of Republic China. One more point the MRP (maximum retail price) will not be mentioned on the products. Whenever we go for purchasing electronic and electric goods, toys for our house we have to check and then buy them.

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    Improving the quality of the local products and encouraging people to use them is the mantra that India has to follow not because our PM is saying it but because it is the need of the hour and we Indians can do it. India is a big consumer of its own products and even if we do not compete in the international market we definitely get the blessings of our Indian consumers who due to our large population can make our product successful in commercial sense. If Govt policies favour the in-house businesses and their product then our local products would start getting more customers soon.
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    Yes, by encouraging the local people and offering them some incentives in the form of higher varieties of seeds, manuals and better assistance of the state government agricultural staffs, they can produce the better varieties of the produce. If they are encouraged by the people of their own villages and well wishers, it will elevate their moods.
    Local people are aware of the demands of the vegetables in their own regions and they need support from the local merchants and vendors to push their products. Their products are as good as the ones coming from other regions. However, in terms of price, the local products are cheaper.

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    Firstly, we have give our people the knowledge of which products are manufactured by Indian companies as many of them may not be aware. They just like to buy from the shop as it was advertised or it was brought by his or her friend. Once we are out of such loops we can build a better habit to buy Indian products.
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    After the nineties since Liberalisation and Globalisation was started in our country as economic reforms, there came in our markets an onslaught of goods manufactured in other countries.
    The cry for liberalisation and globalisation was actually started by our on manufacturers expecting that they can benfit from them and reach outside markets in other countries. But what they did not visualise was that by this they are opening the borders and there will be a two-way flow.
    What happened was quite unexpected y them.
    Cheap and innovative goods started looding our market. Our peoplesuddenly foundthat these goods from abroad are far less cheaper and sometimes more suitable and easily available than the goods manufactured in our country. People alsofelt that till then certain manufacturers were actualy exploitingthem by eithermonopoly or disproportionate cost. This was also profitably used by our wholesale and retail traders too. Online trading helped people to buy the goods still cheaper.
    Gradually those local manufacturers who could not innovate or produce cheap and quality products have to shut shop.

    Even now ocal manufacturers can thrive. But they should keep buyer and user in mind always. They should innovate. The government cannot do any positive discrimination by disturbing level playing field. That wil go against international agreements.
    The only way for local manufacturers is to innovate, produce quality good and goods needed by the users. They should price the goods cheap by usi best technology and enhancing productivity. That way if they can match quality and cost they will get exports and foregin markets too.
    While people areready to buy local goods it is fo the localmanufacturers to thin and act to the benefit of local people.

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    But there is a feeling among the public that the local products which were manufactured earlier also has less takers because the purity is not guaranteed and much adulterated. Now that the new pitch has been made as vocal for local, the center must also arrange for some testing agencies which should certify the products for their genuine quality and assurance so that we can totally shun the MNC products. For example the wheat flour which is available in many varieties are being over taken by the MNC brands because they claim to have sorted wheat of high grade and without hand touching the packing is made. All these new tricks would floor the local brands which cannot sustain the marketing techniques of MNC brands. So government should ensure that quality products are made for our own use.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Encouraging local products is a lack one in many of us. We all are thinking ourselves as 'super' and is degrade if we buy from local vendors. Many people I am seeing by ignoring the local vegetable vendors/street vendors they move to big vegetable shops located at a distance by saying that 'they are supplying good quality products though they are charging more'. They do not care about prices also. Actually the local vendors are selling products at their buying rates rather than MRP mentioned in the pack which makes the above said people to say they are selling out dated products or sub-standard products. We cannot say many local vendors cheating or supplying poor quality products. Actually some products we cannot get in big shops or shops located in big area. I once required a jolly filter made of metal for covering the drain passage from bathroom. I searched in all big hardware shops in our area and other main area where I got only made of hard plastic and not as expected. I set aside the idea as I am not getting the same upto my expectation. After a month's time I went to my brother's house in outskirt of the city for some function. On that evening I stayed back for some people on the road near a hardware shop, where I saw the filter as required by me in exact manner. I felt much happy and got the same at the price of half what our area people told for hard plastic one. We should encourage our area product and our country product.

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    When we talk about encouraging local products as said by our PM that we should be vocal about local products and services, it is associated with many things put together from the government and the masses. First the government need to have a study as to why are people going after foreign product that are sold everywhere. Let us just have a check of the reasons:
    1. These(foreign goods) are easily available in the market.
    2. The price of these(foreign goods) products are less when compared with our local products except some branded goods.
    3. These(foreign goods) have variety and updated ones.

    Now when our locals try to match with the foreign goods, they have to compromise on quality or price which is very difficult for them to survive thus our government need to help them with:
    1. Reduce taxes(GST) so as to bring the price of the local products in the range of below to increase its sale.
    2. Offer subsidies in raw material, labour, electricity, transportation, levy, etc which will help local producers to compete with the mass production companies.
    3. Offer loans and opportunities to local manufacturers so as to improve employment, mass production and start-ups of new companies by locals.
    4. Do encourage local products and the government too should buy from Indian manufacturers than going for foreign products or good when it comes to Crores or billion but asking people to oppose foreign goods.(Eg: PPE purchase, etc)

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    Emphasis on local products is necessary but at the same time the issue of quality is also there. If the quality is not up to mark then the problem of acceptance of the item would arise not only in the global market but also in the domestic market. Increasing the skill levels of the people would be a necessary thing in this situation.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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