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This thread is the Winner of the Thread of the Week contest for the week 17th to 23rd May '20.
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    Implement “Break the Chain” concept in your live for a peaceful and happy living.

    During this pandemic, we have come to know about the campaign from the Kerala state about "Break the Chain". This not only helped to control the spread of novel virus Corona or COVID-19 but even helped to stop it from magnifying. Now what is this "Break the Chain" concept? And why do we need to implement "Break the Chain" concept in your live for a peaceful and happy living?

    Let me put it in point for easy understanding of the concept.
    1. We know that to hear the clap, both palms of the hands need to come together. Many of us implies the same even when they quarrel and the squabble takes an obnoxious turn. If we can "Break the Chain" and one partner keep quiet while the other is bursting out, this will reduce the impact and the situation can be controlled within minutes, hours or days but will never impact our personal or family life.
    2. We are active in social media as we don't want to miss any updates around us and about others. We keep on forwarding the message without knowing the authenticity of it and thus circulating fake or hate news. Let us "Break the Chain" by not forwarding the fake or hate news and evade in controlling the spread of erroneous messages.
    3. We all follow our religion boosting that our religion is better than others and would keep on posting things which passes abhorrence towards other religion. Let us "Break the Chain" and stop buttering hatred about others and trying to save our religion as though they are in danger. We need to understand that every religion teaches "Love" and not "hatred".
    4. Even though we are in the 21st century, we are still glued to old customs and myths even after knowing the truth, let us "Break the Chain" and be the people of practice what we preach and what we want our family, society and country to become than waiting for others to do it for us.
    5. Let us live in the present and give everyone their space and not follow blindly what is preached. Let us "Break the Chain" and treat every human equal without bias of gender, religion, color, caste, creed, wealth, profession and education. Let us understand that we need everyone in our society for its smooth flow.

    Let us implement the "Break the Chain" in our daily lives even after the pandemic period and make our surrounding a happy place to live, in peace and harmony. Let us make it a nation that we all dream of.
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    It seems the author has been quoting something against the national example of saying thanks for the Covid warriors and front line doctors by clapping. By clapping we are saying to the world that we are one and strong. And we have proved this beyond. Nowhere in the world the recovery rate were great and overwhelming. In spite of we sharing the best and worst cases of pandemic in the social media, the care taken by the doctors and nurses were superlative and they never returned to their homes for days together. Such is the confidential level of each contributor to against corona virus and that taken in right spirit.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Respected sir, I am agree with your positive concept of Breaking the chain.
    1)first of all according to the demand of situation we should follow this theory to win the battle against Corona.
    2)there was a story in my eighth class English book . In which a monk gives water to housewife to prevent the quarrel with her husband. He suggested to women to take water in the mouth when her husband started to quarrel . It was not any miracle water,it was just used to break the chain
    3)to break the chain of fake news on social media is most sensitive topic of today fake news on social media is working like poison.
    4)we should break the chain of blind faiths
    #5)we must break the chain of western culture,day by day we are acquiring it . We are losing our culture.
    #6)we must break the chain of moral degradation in our education.
    #7)we must break the chain of corruption.

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    Sorry to read your comment that I am quoting something against the national example about clapping for the COVID warriors but I would say you got me wrong. My thread has nothing to do with COVID but the concept used during the pandemic of "Break the Chain". Clapping the hand was just used to show how a querral can be stopped and not to go against national interest. My siblings are nurses and I hear from them about the situations and impact of the virus, their efforts taken, etc. How can I not stand for the warriors. My intension was to use the "Break the Chain" concept in our daily life for a peaceful and happy living. Just read the comment from Rajendra Mina about a story read in his 8th std about taking water in the mouth when her husband started to quarrel inorder to stop the fight to take an ugly turn. The same is shown in a Malayalam movie "Loudspeaker" starring Mammotty and Gracy Singh. I thank you both for reading and commenting your thoughts for better understanding.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    Keeping a social distance, wearing a mask and cleaning our hands regularly. All these actions we are doing ti break the chain od Corona. If we don't follow these precautions the Corona chain will continue and go for a place to place and we all will be inside the chain of Corona. So breaking the chain is very important. Many people these days forgetting cleanliness and practising all unhealthy practices. Let us break the chain and see that all will stop practising these unhealthy practices and maintain cleanliness. Many people are having the habit of purchasing branded foreign items. Let us break the chain and start using locally made products and encourage Indian products. That will improve the economy of the country. If we encourage these companies they can start exporting also which will get us some foreign exchange also. Many of the youth these days getting attracted to western culture. Let is break the chain and see that we will go to our culture and let us be proud of following our culture.
    always confident

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    We all are educated and can read, understand the message clearly sent to us. It depends on what messages has to be forwarded, in the way of seeing it's approach.

    I only forward message related to my official works and stay away from any religious beliefs or something else about the secrecy of a place. We cannot send messages until and unless we have known about it clearly, seen with our own eyes, understood with our senses.

    Now a days we have to be calm and stay away from people except our family members who stay with us. Never fall into small fights where we touch other persons.

    Lead the leader

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    I like 'Break the chain' which categorically expounded the message to all and sundry to deal in all the matters pragmatically.

    * We should keep controlling ourselves come what may opponent incite us to get exasperated

    *All the stuff on social media is hearsay until proven authentic

    * Religious bigotry is to be kept aside and be discouraged too

    * Unhealthy customs should be discarded

    * We should initiate for commonweal instead of expecting reciprocal from others

    * We should be of constructive thinking; and be unbiased

    * We should work for spreading peace, harmony; and should work for nation building as well

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    I also believe that there is a limit to everything and it is high time that we should stop our blind forwarding and sending of fake news and messages in the social media. It is actually misleading many people who are not well informed and depend on the messages received in the social media. These people are not aware that some mischievous elements in the society are taking political mileage from populating the fake and misleading information in the social media. We have to be very cautious and alert about these online offences which are poisoning the minds of young people in our country. We have to break this chain.
    Knowledge is power.

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    After reading members comment on "Break the Chain" concept in your live, I feel that we have many areas where we need to implement the concept. It is true that when we take the first step and break the chain or continuity from spreading, everything will fall in its place on on its own and many things can be brought to a stand still.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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