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    Has China made the Covid-19 Vaccine?

    When all world fighting against corona virus. Corona infected cases being increase daily.Total death in world have been approximately accrossed 3 lakh and also increasing. Many countries have increased lock down except china.

    But China has removed the lockdown. And controlled the spread of corona virus. Peoples are leading normal lives there with precautions.
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    Indias infection has outnumbered China's infection, and the death rate also ready to overtake. It is learned that the Chinese are well disciplined. They respect their government and abide by the orders and instructions. Because of the lack in the discipline in other countries, the Corona is having a leeway to spread fast.
    As of now, the number of infected is - 4.5 million (45 lakhs) and the total number of death is -3 lakhs. India' Share is - Infected 86000, Deaths 2800 (Rounded off)
    We need to respect the word Discipline.

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    It is not that they respect their country, they have learnt the measures on how to react and overcome the situation through immunity. They consume hot water regularly with the necessary spices. They are able to tackle it and expressed it their neighbours and citizens of China.
    We always stay away from such good practices hence we are yet struggling to keep up our health. The ratio between population and financial status is different from our country.

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    Apparently it seems that they have some drug or vaccine for this menace but if it is so then they could have made a lot of money by selling it across the globe and also got the Nobel prize for its inventors. It is not understood as what are the compulsions under which they want to hide the vaccine in case it is already under manufacturing there. China is a very bold and aggressive country and is not afraid of the superpowers in the world. So, considering these logics it seems unlikely that they have a hidden potion for this. China is also very advanced in the traditional drug wisdom and might be taking some natural concoctions silently without publicising in the word.
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    China has thrown the coronavirus out of their country and built a great wall for not entering it again the wall consists of this material the lockdown, the medical staff, proper organization, discipline and determination, robots, and new technological methods to detect and stop spreading of the virus. As they invent vaccines or not as I am not sure but surely they invent a drug close to the curing of this virus.
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    This is a disputed and unauthenticated topic and hence there is no point in continuing a discussion based on presumptions and hearsay.

    This thread is being locked.

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