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    Members have you observed this deviation?

    From yesterday onwards I am not seeing any advertisements on any of the pages of ISC. I searched my articles and articles of other authors. What is the reason for this deviation? Is ISC management doing any changes in advertisement formats? Members you also observing this change? I request concerned editors to enlighten me on this issue.
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    The advertisements were very much there yesterday and are there today as well. In fact, for about a week or so there is a new rectangular ad that pops up at the top, bottom, or middle. It is possible that you are using a different browser and/or may have put some block and hence cannot see them.
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    The ad is very much there. It is not missing or hiding. I have an ad "Rummy Culture Rs 5250 Free Bonus. Register now" frequenting my pages regularly.
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    Thank you Vandana madam for your immediate response. Yes, it is true when I changed the browser I found the advertisements. But I am getting zero AdSense page views that never happened before. Daily I used to get some 200 page views and .50 dollars on each day.

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    Ramakrishna Kambhampati,

    Don't worry about the page views and the low earnings. We are all sailing in the same boat during the lockdown. So keep up the regular contributions, just stay positive and think ahead of the day when things will stabilize and our earnings will pick up.

    A little deviation - Constantly worrying about things that are not within our control needlessly creates stress. Let's do things that we can control, like staying safe by not wandering around, wearing masks when we need to buy essentials and washing hands. Similarly, something that we can definitely do and which is well within our control: keep contributing by submitting content that will be beneficial in the long term.

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    I have also made an observation like the author. But when I have seen on my tablet, the advertisements are visible. Then I thought something wrong with my Laptop. But today when I opened the site the advertisements are available. The only difference is that I used a different browser yesterday.
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    It is true that different browsers are behaving differently. As regards to the Adsense earnings they are now going down much for many of us and this was discussed in a thread recently when the members told that on one side Adsense is giving some revenue and on the other side is deducting in the name of illegal transactions. So, it was discussed there in that thread that we cannot do anything as it is all internal calculations by Google and we have no control on that. I think this phase would soon be over and things would go back to the old glorious days. Let us divert our mind to fighting with the virus by adopting good and hygieneic habits. This is the only thing that matters at this juncture.
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    Who said there are no advertisements on this site. Right now when I am posting this thread a rectangular ad is being seen at the bottom of this box, a square ad just beneath the author post. In some posts I have even seen the ads appearing in between the responses of the members who posted some lengthy details. So what I mean to say that without the ads there cannot be business and the sites like our our fame do have varied ads and it is keeping on changing and not seeing same ad again. That means more revenue for the site and the members who are associating with their ad sense here.
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