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    An interesting thing to think about!!

    Yesterday in a Whats App I got an interesting post. India population is 130 crores. Our government announced twenty lakh crores package. If the government gives one crore to every individual in the country, the people of India become rich. With the remaining package the development of India can be taken up. Why the government not doing that? Are there no intelligent people in the government to do like this? The idea is quite interesting to read. Members please respond to this idea in your own way?
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    My dear Fellow ISCian,
    Are we very weak in mathematics?
    If 130 crore is distributed to 130 crore people, each will get Rs. 1/-(Rupee One only )
    Even if 20 lakh crore is distributed to 130 crore people, each will get approximately 15000 (15384) only.
    Look below and know it.
    To give one rupee to one citizen - India needs 130 crores
    To give Ten rupees to one citizen - India needs 1300 crores
    To give 100 rupees to one citizen - India needs 13000 crores
    To give 1000 rupees to one citizen - India needs 130000 crores
    To give 10000 rupees to one citizen - India needs 1300000 crores
    To give one lakh rupees to one citizen - India needs 13000000 crores
    To give Ten lakh rupees to one citizen - India needs 130000000 crores
    To give One crore rupees to one citizen - India needs 1300000000 crores (13000 Lac Crores)

    This works out to 13000 lakh crores. Whereas the package is only 20 lakh crores. Where and how can we have some balance as suggested by you? Fantastic WhatsApp Message.

    If 20 lakh crores is distributed to 130 crores Indian, each Indian will get only just Rs. 15000/-What a person can do with 15k? It might go to the liquor shop for pleasure and joy. Ultimately India and Indians will be at loss. The Indian economy will go flat.

    I think the mathematical calculation has gone wrong with the WhatsApp author followed by the ISC Author.

    Members, Please check my calculation. I may also go wrong. I too poor at mathematics.

    No life without Sun

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    Mr. Sun,
    Everything in your calculations is correct except 130 lakh crores, which should be either 130 crore crores or 13000 lakh crores.

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    The population of India is not 130. It is at 130 crores. So if you want to give one crore to each person we require 130 crore crores is required. The message in WhatsApp I have seen. That man is so poor in mathematics or trying to fool others I don't. if you have 130 cr rupees you can give one rupee to each person. If it is 20 lakh crores each person will get about 15384 rupees. This is correct.
    Some people, to point out the government and bring down the works that are being carried out by the government, are trying these types of posts. We will never have such a time to see the correctness of the post and we will get carried away by that.
    So this is a clear example that the social media news are fake and never accurate. I request all the members not to get carried out by such waste postings on social media.

    always confident

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    You are absolutely right. (I edited my post) I went wrong with the zeros. It is13000 lakh crores or 130 crore crores. I think all who reads this thread are applying their mind to check the right figures. If every Indian is made crorepati, who will work in India? What would be life? Will there be farmers? Will there be laborers? Will there be any working class?

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    Mathematics apart; money given as dole in cash will be used for consumtion and even in wrong priorities. That money loses its value soon. After consumption it is lost for the dole receiver. He may look forward to getting more.Then he becomes habituated and if not recieved negtivity sets in.

    So any true government will spend money on ventures and areas where it can generate further money, by creating more jobs and more goods and srvices. Government will assist by enhancing infrastructure also.
    So to improve economy money has to be spnt n infrastructure, capital and using that produce more goods and services and create more jobs. Thi wil create a self acceleration of further jobs, further production.
    So government will enable money coming by way of loans, subsidy, drawbacks, incentives, protection, insurance and some initial doles.

    That is what is done now. It may not appeal to us now as we mean help as free cash donation or doles. But in Macro level it is ot to be so.At Micro level we may have to help some very needy by giving some cash. That is also being done bty the direct cash transfer,free ration, free LPG etc.
    We not only have to surpass short term crisi, but we have to have a long term vision to prevent further crisis.

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    I do not understand the logic of Govt giving money to the every individual in this country. Govt is already giving money to the poor, destitute, poor farmers, unemployed labourers due to corona virus threat etc. That is more than sufficient. In our country there are so many retired Govt employees who are getting a pension of Rs 40,000 per month to Rs 1,20,000 per month. Moreover they have some funds from their earlier salaries and they are getting interest on that. Some have constructed one or two extra houses and getting rent from that. Would they not feel ashamed in taking money from the Govt? Actually they should voluntarily come forward for donating a part of their pension to PM care fund. Many executives retired from the private companies are also in a comfortable financial positions. Why Govt would give them money? This is a very ridiculous proposition.
    Knowledge is power.

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    News and information shared on social media aren't always fake nor always true as we were also informed that Rs 15 lac will come in all Indians' bank account. I've been waiting for this amount for several years, hope to see my dream come true soon.

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    We had so many robbers who were snatching money and gold from us or a burglar robbing our house. These days we cannot find any such situations. When there was currency notes lying in untouched on the floor for two days, how will money directly coming to us will support for the two months salary.
    Those of us who ate working in metro cities, the amount specified correctly by our member would be spared for rent or just provisions for a month. How can he bare this huge list of services and how would he care to this situation.

    Lead the leader

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    As all the respected members have given the description about the calculation that's why I will not talk about calculations.
    Now I think we can give money but we can't make people rich by giving money. As our respected PM sir is talking about self - dependency and we are talking to give them money without calculations of their potentials and interests . There are these questions about this idea -
    1)will our governments be free after giving this package ?
    2)will everyone use this money properly to achieve self- dependency ?
    I have presented my own view you may be agree with me or not.

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    Please note that Indian population is 130 crores individually and if we convert the same into family it would be roughly 37.5 crores only. And even if the Modi government gives 50 lakhs per family it works out to 3250 lakh crores. And I think that is reasonable and achievable to this government. But the problem is when every one has been given with such huge kind of money, the purchasing power would increase and the inflation also increases. So the entire economy would be in peril. Such kind of over action cannot be expected fro this sincere government which want to revitalize the economy and not the people.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Providing money to all sections of people would result in the inflationay trend and such a provision would not strengthen the economy. Let the people understand that intrinsic value of the money prompting them to put their efforts in such a way that can generate income. Higher the efforts, higher the generation of the money. In that way, economy can reach to a very comfortable level. Growth of industries, developments of infrastructural facilities and availability of man - power having enough experience in the jobs being undertaken by them will strengthen our economy. On the other hand, donating money liberally to some particular section would have the adverse effect in the economical growth apart from making such people lazy. Hence, you will have to see how best the surplus money can accelerate our economy and brings back stability in the growth.

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    Govt is supposed to help the poor and lower income group people in many adverse situations as these people are not having their personal corpus to cope up with the situation. Some of these situations are flood, cloud bursting and soil erosion in hilly areas, heat waves, thunderstorms, cyclones, Tsunami, earthquakes, pandemic situation etc. These are some of the adverse and unfortunate circumstances when the poor have nothing to harp on and a good Govt always rises to that occasion and help them through its machinery. The governance and the efficiency of the machinery decides and determines whether the help would reach them or not. That is why as a good citizen it is our duty to select a better Govt in this regard and not the one with which we have some personal or social or family or vested interest affiliations.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Why people expect free money from the government. I can understand free aids to some people during severe calamities like this. But always we expect money from the government. Wherefrom that money will come. Again we have to pay in the form of taxes. So expecting huge money from the government that too all people is ridiculous.
    The government will spend the money and it will ensure that wealth will be created using the money they have seeded. That is why they are giving various benefits to the industries and that will increase the vacancies and people will get jobs. So I feel the strategy is good and that only should be continued. Already the government has announced a huge aid to farmers in the form of Ritu Bandhu or similar schemes. They are giving free rice and some items free to the poor and giving some cash also for their expenses. Expecting more from them is not a correct point I think.

    always confident

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    @Dr Rao

    PM Cares Fund is the new account for giving the donation

    Congress party has said the new fund lacks transparency, and it has questioned why it was created and why it could not be merged with the older fund, the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund, which was set up in 1948 and has a balance of 38 billion rupees ($498.6m)

    if this 38 billion rupees amount is distributed among poor Indians they will be thankful to the government.

    Regarding the objection of Congress party about lacking in transparency in PM Cares Fund, government should rebut the congress with evidences to enhance the people's confidence.

    Do you ever think which political parties are the richest..and why ?

    Do you ever think how many 'Free services' are given to elected representatives?

    But if Rs 500 is given to poor you think they have become rich ? Why should they be given any extra paisa...? Can you feed your family in 500/ per month?

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    You need to rethink. I think you are thinking that 38 billion rupees is too big an amount to distribute to the poor Indians. If distributed to the poor,( considering 50 percent of Indians are poor) each poor Indian would get just Rs. 60/- only. 38 billion is only 3800 crores which is a peanut amount for our government in front of 20 lakh crore package. What Congress President Rahul thinks is also wrong. Need to learn mathematics. To give Rs. 500/- to each poor, the government needs Rs. 3800 billion/380000 crores/3 lakh 80,000 crores per month. It is not easy to have this money easily. Let us learn good mathematics.

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