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    Have any of you used Google Meet and know how to record one?

    I would like to know if any of you have used Google Meet for real-time meetings. I would like to know how to record the meet - can only the host record it or any participant? Once it is recorded, where does it get saved, and in what format? Is it an audio recording only or a video one?

    I am posting this here instead of in the Ask Expert section as I would like quick guidance based on actual user experiences or genuine expertise on the matter.
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    Vandana mam,
    I have not used Google meet but I have found answers for your question at

    In the above link, check out "During the meeting "->"Recording a live meeting".


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    Syed Rizwan,

    I needed the information for somebody else who has scheduled a Google Meet today and is doing so for the first time, so many thanks for the quick response. I really appreciate it. I will tell that person to check out the instructions and let you know if it was a successful one.

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    When you open the google meer and start or join a meeting, on the laptop screen, you will see More. Once you click on that you will see record. Click on that and click on start. The recording will start and when you want to stop you can click on the stop that will appear on the screen. The recording will stop. This recording is not possible if we use a smartphone. A desktop or a laptop user can record this. It will get saved at the meeting organizer's My Drive > Meet Recordings folder. It will record both audio and video also.
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    Yes when we open the Google mail, the Google meet link is seen and it is prompting us to use. But being new and not knowing the details I have not touched it.
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    I saw some information about this App where it is mentioned that it is a video conferencing App capable of conferencing between up to 250 people. It is just like the another popular App 'Zoom' in the market.
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    Yes, it is another good feature of Google coorporation. I used Google meet and Zoom app to connect my friends during lockdown.
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