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    America - china relationship during covid-19

    US president preparing for war against china. America is completely blaming china for spreading pandemic corona virus.
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    Not only the USA but also. many other countries think that China is responsible for this virus problem. The same thing has been told by many countries and its leaders. Even India believes that China is responsible for the Virus and It is making this. That is why India is asking to conduct an enquiry about the release of this virus. If somebody can prove that China is the reason for this, the whole world can keep them away and we will witness the downfall of that country. It is very unfortunate that China was doing such illegal activities and we should see that it will be punished suitably.
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    Welcome Sanchita, to this educational and knowledge sharing site ISC. I would advise you to go through the help sections in this portal to understand the rules, regulations and other modalities here. If you have interest in writing, forum discussions, learning, improving your English then you are at the right place and if you start contributing here then you would be soon benefited immensely.

    This is the forum section where you have started this discussion but generally here we expect a brief of the matter from the author preferably with his own opinion about the subject and normally the forum post should be at least 70 to 100 words long then only one can present what one wants to discuss. Anyway take care of this small thing in your future posts. You have taken a very important and contemporary topic for discussion and members would like to express their opinion on that. My view is that many countries are now going against China but that country has some inherent strengths in terms of military might and technology and starting war with it wouldn't be a very prudent thing at this juncture when the whole world is fighting with the deadly corona virus. The stand of USA is also not very clear in this respect and we have to wait and watch for some more time to understand this conflict if at all it happens.

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    The talk will go on like that. America is a country which is interested only in its benefit. It is a sheer selfish trader. Always thinking how much gain is there for them on any deal.
    Moreover, as of now China has immense investment in US. If US rubs China wrong way, and China pulls out their investment, then dollar and US economy will just crash.

    So US will tread on very cautiously watching every move. But they will just use rhetorics for media bytes and local audience.
    Moreover US can change its colour like a Chameleon any time as per its needs

    It is here that India has to be careful. US may use India as a buffer and proxy against China. They will use our uncomfort with Pakistan and China and exploit it to traps us to engage in diret confrontation-economically or poliically- with China.
    I trust our leaders at th helm know this well and can deal with such presures or traps too.

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    Americans is country of 33 million population. Now-a-days, this country is not only passing through financial crisis as well as losing man power. The relationship between world's two most powerful countries changing due to covid-19 pandemic. American lawmaker giving pressure on president to take action against china.

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    US has to find a strong reason if they want to attack China. Another thing is US would have to raise the support of other countries in this regard. Today we are living in an age where lethal weapons are available with many countries and even one wrong decision would kill lakhs of innocent people. So all these things are to be kept in mind before taking a decision for a thing like war. It is true that US is suffering because of lack of manpower and its dependence on outside products but it has to fight and come back to its earlier supremacy because Americans are known to be great patriots of their country and would do anything to save it from the bad times through which it is passing.
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    It is the natural reaction from US President Trump as he has been consistently blaming the China for pandemic as every proof he is going to make public. We all know US will not tolerate even a single death of American for no reason through other countries or person and in this case US has been caught so suddenly and without even making themselves ready for the virus to contain and by the time US sought the anti malaria drugs from India , already much damage has been done and today almost every state in the US is affected and moreover the US presidential elections are rushing forth and therefore there is a reason for President Trump to take strict action against China otherwise the kith and kin of the people who died due to virus will not pardon America and the President. Sooner or later the show off is for sure.
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    The relation between America and China are severely strained due to the multiplication of deaths in the America and with the increasing number of deaths due to COVID 19, President Trump is frustrated and annoyed with the China blaming their roles in the spread out the virus. He is trying is level best to prove that the origin of this virus from their laboratories and there was no proper mechanism to control the same.
    Due to increased number of death and no solution is seen in the near future, prestige of the President is at stake especially when the election is likely to take place in America shortly and the existence of the current development would affect his credibility during the period of elections.

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    US and China both are superpowers and have extremely deadly weapons, therefore, both countries can't imagine to involve in a conventional warfare, however, they've been involved in trade war in which China is superseding US. Both heads of states are increasing import-tariffs between them and blaming each other.
    Why is the question of conventional war between both superpowers being raised Mira Rapp-Hooper, an expert on security in the Asia-Pacific region at the Council on Foreign Relations throws light on this issue.

    "All the signs suggest that the administration will be willing to go quite a bit further than it already has to try to shift blame on China for the pandemic, and to pursue policies that will portray it as hard-edged on China. And the central reason for that is that the alternative is that the president accepts blame on himself for his own domestic and international governance failings,".

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    trump himself launched a trad war with china.he placed tariffs on china goods which make american consumers pay more for them drawing china retaliation against soy and agricultural goods.

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