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    Making fashion statement with silver masks as return gifts

    For wealthy people who always think creatively to attract those tho attend their marriages and functions has now got the biggest chance to make a new fashion statement through giving the nicely made silver masks to the elite guests who grace any such occasions and create a impressive impression. These silver masks are made for range between 2500 to 3000 rupees each based on designs and width of the mask and one jeweler in Bengaluru has already been placed with huge orders by those marriage parties which are going to be held soon.
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    Fashion has no boundaries. Anything can be said to be all right in the fashion world. When I first time saw the backside hair design on the head of some youngsters with the designs of flowers, animals, football or cricket accessories etc then I was a bit shocked to see them but slowly I was relieved to find that they were fashion statements or may be sometimes identity crisis. So this new thing now added that is a silver mask seems to be a little bit bizarre thing but let us see how it succeeds in the fashion circles and in upper strata of our society. If it is acceptable there then it is going to be a big fashion hit.
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    Money can make many things. If we have plenty of money we can give even gold masks as return gifts to the guests who attends the marriage function. Now we will see for some time masks with some advertisements on that. Like we have on our T-shirts. Rs,2500/- to Rs.3000/- is not very costly as we purchase dresses of that cost to some important guests. But Silver masks are very difficult to use. We can not keep them for long. It is not safe also. While travelling with these masks somebody may snatch the same. So I don't what fashion statement they are going to make but they are keeping the people at risk.
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    If now silver masks , soon Golden masks will follow.
    But are these silver masks functional in their main purpose of protection during Covid? Are the fibres made so thin and close to enable filteration of partiles and alow ony air? I have not seen. such a mask.

    Update info:
    I visited net and found a website marketing protective silver maska. I think it is a US website. The details there are ...."Reusable, washable face masks with XSoft silver fibers......but using an additional lining of WaveStopper fabric containing 50% XSoft silver fibers." They have added a disclaimer "These are NOT direct substitutes for N95, surgical, or procedural masks and are NOT FDA approved."

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    In those days, the kings were with broad mentality in providing facilities to their people, they offer gold, silver to the needy etc., They built big, sorry, huge temples with wide corridors,Halls/Palaces etc., to provide shelter to their people in needy hours. This shows their wide mentality. Similarly our author's mentality to provide silver mask as return gift. All ISC'ns ready to go to author's house.

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    #696990 Sir I am not providing any return gift as silver masks and only the impending trend is highlighted here.
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    It is very interesting but at the same it appears a disgusting type of thing. This is the height of the show off of one's money. Silver mask is looking very weird idea and is a wastage of money.
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