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    Let us go back and see what we did first at ISC.

    Let us go back and see what we did first at ISC – What was your first post?

    For everything, there is a beginning. At times, we forget that beginning. Like we know our Date of Birth, here I wish to know your first ISC post. We must have contributed enough and reached to become Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum members. Yet we may not remember our first post submitted at ISC. ISC has many sections viz. Forums, Ask Expert, Articles, Jobs, etc.
    Someone might have posted an article in the Article section. Someone must have asked a question in Ask Expert section or given an Answer to a Question in the AE section or have posted a thread or responded to a thread in the Forum section or started off their work in another section.

    What was your first post as you stepped into ISC?
    Say - A Forum thread/Forum Response/Article/Ask Expert Question/Ask Expert answer/ Job/ Question papers etc.

    Give a link to that post and give a brief note of it here.

    I sincerely hope that our members would rewind their minds to go back and get the details and post it here.
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    Frankly speaking the ISC sections were not well organized in the beginning when I entered as the member and I remember the forum responses were very short and only few threads would appear. May be it was new to every one and even our webmaster Tony has been making changes like fonts, colors and scrolling type of messages were allowed to be posted during the festivities to convey the best wishes but the unknown members used the html tags wrongly and many a time there was site problems faced. Nevertheless over the period of time this site has become big from the tantrums and moves of a small kid.
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    I had recalled my firt day experience in ISC in this thread on the occasion of my completing six years with ISC.
    I had given the links to my first day posts in ISC.
    I quote relevant portions from that thread:
    "On the joining day my contributions I had three posts one each in Forum response#208984 ; Ask Expert answer and Resources response.

    I was given Rs2/- as cash credit to my AE answer. Totally I could get 11 points on the first day. Even though it was the last date for a running GD, I posted my first forum response to that GD

    It may be coincidence that my first resource response was on the article by Vandana, present Managing Editor. I commented there "I have just joined today.Hence I felt it is necessary to read a basic article like this,giving fundamental guidelines for writing resources.It is better to know about the custom,system and tradition of a forum/site before submitting articles , to be in line with the system."
    I did not even make an introduction post as I was not aware about it. It was just a coincidence that I reached ISC site during a random wild search on the net. On readingthe pages I liked and so joined ISC. In fact I joined just a couple of months after SuN joined ISC. I still remeber his pofile photo then.

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    Attachment to know How ISC Forum index page looked like in those days(June 2011).


    Delete Attachment

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    Thanks Venkiteswaran sir for sharing the index page of June 2011 and in those days along with me Sumt Saha, Manish Agarwal and Promod were prominently seen as contributors.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I joined on this site in the year 2011 I remember but discontinued for some time due to other work pressure. But from December 2016, I have become a regular contributor. But I don't remember where I started. Now if I want to check those old pages, what is the method I have to adopt is also not known to me. I tried going through the help topics. But I have not received any clue. That is why I am not able to say about my first contribution to this site. I request members to guide me the way for searching old posts on this site.
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    Dr. Rao. The way to find. In your profile page, you have your ISC joining date. Then go to contributions - Fill in the dates between - scroll down the section - Go one by one section to find any thread with your name.
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    Dr Rao,
    I visited your profile. It showed that you joined on 2nd June 2009.
    Your first contribution was Information updates posted in My India –on 2nd June 2009 itself- Link 1 and Link2
    Your initial contributions were under Information updates,Colleges, College courses and College classmates
    Your first forum thread was posted on 28 Oct 2009 under title 'Acid Attacks"
    Your First forum response was on13 th June 2009.
    You had earned One rupee CC in the first month of your joining, that was under college courses.

    ( Yes, do as what SuN has suggested. Some trial and error may be needed)

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    My very first post was an answer to a question in the Ask Expert section on 24th March 2011 at 05:41 hrs.

    I did not know about the testimonial section to get introduced myself. I just read an interesting question that was about Lord Shiva's image in the form of Shivlingam. The question interested me to answer with the idea that I already had in my mind. The question was already answered by a member in a beautiful way in good English. I wrote the same in simple direct words in very few sentences. If the then ISC was like the present ISC with the present editors, my answer would have met the fate of going to the delete section calling it vulgar. Thank God, the editors were good and accepted my genuine and innocent answer. They did not find any vulgarity in it.
    Here is the link to reach the
    Shivlink . Just click and have a look at my first ISC entry post.

    I am happy that my life at ISC started with Lord Shiva. "Om Nama Sivayaa."

    No life without Sun

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    I joined ISC on 10th Dec'2016 and on that day posted response against these 3 threads as reproduced below -

    (1) Creativity in an organisation, to a large extent, depends upon the environment that prevails:
    A successful organisation always paves way for the creativity of its employees. An employee will have complete job satisfaction when he will get a congenial atmosphere for working and sees that his creative ideas are well accepted and endorsed by the organization. The routine office work is for livelihood while generation of new ideas and their fruitful implication for organisational growth gives the employee immense feeling of contributing and keeps bonded him with organisation.

    (2) Winners of discussion "In the long run we are all dead - what does this mean?":
    Congats to all the winners. All of them put a very good effort and acheived the goal. Wish you all a bright future in coming forums.

    (3) Problems on cancelling new notes to poor and middle class people:
    Government has done a brave act for eradication of black money from the Indian Economy. It is beleived that black money constitutes a major chunk of transactions in India. The action of Government is praiseworthy but in its implication the poor and illiterate are suffering in their day to day life because these people are not having exposure to the banks and can not fill even the simplest forms like bank slips etc. It is only the sweeping wave of nationalistic feeling that they are holding their anger with patience. Their daily income has dwindled as the cash handling and cash paying capacity of all the employers (specially the small ones) has come down drastically.
    This scenario can only be reversed by large supply of new cash which does not seem happening in the near future. Bank, Credit Card, Debit Card, PayTM are remote nomenclatures for poor and illiterate persons who constitute a major percentage of our population.
    The situation may improve in long run when Government may utilise the acquired money in new projects and create new job for some of these people.

    I earned 9 points for above on the first day of my involvement.

    Knowledge is power.

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    My first day at ISC:
    The first day when I joined, I was just wandering in this site, seeing what people are up to in here. I could not understand what should be done. Then I added a course which was my favourite - MBA course to a college. Later the same day, I added a school together I could get only six points. The next day I added some information updates hence got Rs. 2/- which was my first earnings at this site.

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