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    School admission for Class I starts in Kerala

    State Government has instructed schools to start admission for Class I from May 18. News reports trickling show that the process has started and progressing in many schools.
    Due to Covid situation only parents are asked not to bring the children to schools for admission procedures.
    I heard one school principal saying in a TV news report that as their school was used as Community kitchen till now, there are some inconveniences and they are in the process of arranging everything for the smooth conduct of the procedure. He said that they have asked parents to come in separate time slots to avoid crowding and practice social distancing.

    Govt is reported to be also trying to start a link for online admissions too.
    What about this admission in other States? Do any of our ISC members have wards for admission to Class I ?
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    As I already paid Admission or Reservation Fees in Hyderabad for the 4th class of my daughter for a reputed school. Now they have 10 days holiday for the online class.
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    Kerala state government have even notified that the remaining exams for the Xth & XIIth standard would commence from 26th of May'20. Every educational institutions are adviced to follow the guidelines set by the government and to prepare the school for the exams. The state is trying their best to come to track as soon as possible and have also requested the people to support the government to combat the pandemic and follow the basic guidelines of social distancing, face mask and washing hand, etc.

    When we talk about other state, they are making their plans and guidelines as the cases are rising in many state, they are still finding it difficult to keep the situation under control but have started giving relaxation so as to bring the state slowly on track. Hope to find better solution and help and support from its people.

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    I think Kerala is the only state which is contemplating in this direction. In other states situation is not permitting like this. It can be attempted only in those places where the virus threat is contained and there also it has to be meticulously observed and if any new chain of infection starts the system is to be halted again immediately. Any delay in decision making in this regard will create a sorry situation for the authorities as well as the children and their families. States have to see the condition of the virus spread in their states and accordingly decide for opening of schools or any such essential activity where people come in each others contact.
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    My son paid some advance to a school to admit my granddaughter in a playschool. This advance was paid in the month of March 2020, before this lockdown. But now the school is closed and they are conducting online classes to 5th class and above students. Admissions are also stopped after this lockout and not yet started. But parents are going and contacting the principals of the schools and trying to secure a seat to their wards. Officially no information and probably the process will be officially started in the first week of June 2020.
    There is a playschool behind my house and that school is not getting opened and no activity. There is a high school just a few meters away from my house in which no activity is seen so far. Many government schools were converted as Quarantines to this migration workers. When they will be handed over back and when the schools will be started is not known.

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    #697044 No, In Hyderabad also they are asking Admission fee for the next Class. They are giving online classes for the next class to date. From today onwards they announce holidays for the online class and will resume after June 7. I paid my daughter admission fee a few days ago.
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    Good that academic year has been started so early in Kerala and best wishes to all those children who got the admissions or getting the same in near future. But what is the urgency for Kerala to decide on this. While the whole country is under the extended 4.0 lock down till the 31st of May, without even seeing the ability and character of the child how come the decide to give the admissions for class 1. It is purely business which is started early to please the private schools which might have pressurized the Pinari Vijayan government. Moreover there is a confusion as to whether the virtual schools should be reopened or the classes be conducted through on line. In that case the rush for the admission is uncalled for as they can have any number of students if the on line classes were the order of the future.
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    Kerala might have seen all the pros and cons before taking this decision. Today the situation is such that whatever decision one takes there might arise situation to change that. We are living in a dynamic correction mode and everything depends on the severity of the virus spread.
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