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    Grant permission write an article on Admission and courses

    Respected ISC

    Grant me permission for write an article related with Admission and courses.
    With Humble Request open my restricted article section.
    Seema Mittal
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    Welcome Seema, to this site ISC and if you have interests in writing and also desirous of improving your English then I am sure that you are at the right place in the ocean of internet. Please go through the help section and find out the rules, regulations and policies of this site. Just go through some articles and forum threads and see how they are written by their respective authors. Make them your benchmarks and strive to attain that level. It would take time but I am sure that with hard work and hidden potential inside you it wold be achieved without any problem. Start participating in forum activities, contests etc and soon you would get the permission to contribute your articles also. This is a strictly moderated site and one should not copy and paste content from outside to here. Whatever you want to write do it in your own language and style. In the beginning the mantra for success is to contribute and only to contribute and do not bother for the points and cash awards, as they would follow later automatically. I hope you would stay here for a long time and that is the only way to get benefited by this site.
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    Seema, it is observed that your posting rights to the article section were removed and you were advised to concentrate on the forum section so that you improve your language skills. It goes without saying that ISC being an educational site, the articles you submit must be in fairly good English and the contents must also be of good quality. Hence you are once again advised to read more and make your presence and improvement felt in other sections so that the admin can consider granting you the requisite permission. I suggest you start becoming active in the forum (including contests) for the time being with an aim and interest to improve your language and post a request after a few months for us to reconsider your request. Hope you will understand and act accordingly. All the best!
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