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    Let the NGOs spring into action in the Indian villages

    The need of the hour is cooked food to be given to the migrants. The Government of India has announced that the MAGREGA scheme will be implemented in a big way in the villages of India, particularly in pockets where the migrants are back from wherever they were working for their livelihood. The five kg of rice or wheat that has been promised to a family is totally inadequate.

    In this connection, the NGOs, who have now been active in the urban areas, should now try to mobilize as many resources as possible and ensure that community kitchens supply food to those who really need them. Many migrants have literally walked all the way or found some truck to take them to their villages, at least to some distance. They would be really very tired and exhausted. They need to be given support until they can possibly go back to their workplaces. If they decide to stay back, it is the responsibility of the State Governments to give them some support that should be far better than what has already been done.

    The NOGs need to spring into action immediately everywhere in India. As far as Tamil Nadu is concerned, those who return from North India or wherever always go back to do agricultural work or engage in some small-time entrepreneurship. The migrant issue, that is Tamil people returning back to their villages is not such a big problem as what will happen in the North of India.
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    First time we are seeing a problem of such gigantic proportions and it is natural that appropriate efforts are required to be done by the citizen groups, NGOs and Govt. We cannot depend on Govt for everything and certain initiatives we have also to take. At the same time it is the duty of good citizens to remind the Govt time to time if it is not doing the necessary facilitating support in such dreadful times. Govt machinery is well known for its bad governance but this is the time of the war and war that is with a powerful enemy whom we are not able to tame so far.
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    When I see videos of these poor labourers walking on foot in too much hot season with hope to reach their native places alive disturb me a lot. I appreciate from the core of my heart all the helping hands coming along the roads providing them food, water bottles and slippers/shoes for bare footed. Tablighi jamat was defamed, stagmatized and imputed for spreading coronavirus by showing fake videos, later on not only they were exonerated but also were given standing ovation on leaving the hospitals by all the hospitals staff for their Sanitation manners which prompted them to clean the entire hospitals including wards, compounds even dirty toilets are coming out to help these labourers wholeheartedly.

    NGOs have big responsibilities hopefully will perform for these wretched people. State governments have greater responsibilities to let them start their lives. Initially, they need to be carried back home free of cost by transport.

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    The major part of worry is their young children who were a part of their journey. Many people have raised funds to help the local migrants. Film actors and actresses have made the kitchen to supply nitrous food to the patients thus supporting the cooking members who are still waiting for their entry after the lock down.
    NGO's have to provide a support which can be continuous process until they reach their places or resume their jobs for their livelihood.

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    Yes Sir. It was very unfortunate that the members of one particular community were totally blamed for the COVID spread. They have now proven that they are as much Indian as any other. They have done so much to the nation. In fact, it is the duty of every single Indian to contribute his or her might to help the very poor in these times of distress. Congress was right in coming forward to bear the cost of tickets. This is exactly what should be done. The Govt should be taught to care more for the poor.

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