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    Can we earn something from Facebook? If yes, How?

    ISC is a site to learn and earn. We are sure of earning some CC through scoring points for RSB and by participating in contests to win cash prizes.

    Is there anything on Facebook that we can earn a few pies to have tea or coffee? If yes. How?

    How Facebook makes money and doesn't spend any money?
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    This is a very interesting question and many people would like to know about this. Some of the ISC experts would also like to answer it in the Ask Experts section. I would request the concerned ISC editor that if found feasible, please shift this question to the Ask Experts section for the benefit of a larger cross-section of the readers.
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    As far as I know the earnings from Facebook can be possible provided the account holder submits his own images and videos and then monetize the account.
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    No shift required. This can be discussed here. If required, AE section can have the same in a different form with words changed.

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    You can earn from Facebook. But through Facebook page, not from your profile. You can create FB page with your desired name. You can post videos of minimum 3 minutes duration. If your page crosses 10000 followers, you can apply for monetization and earn from ads on videos you upload in Facebook.


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    Good information. Do you have any such FB page of yours where you have some earning and do you have followers over 10000 +. Would like to study the details. Can you help?

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    No Sun. I don't have.

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    This requires an elaborate and detailed answer and some of the experts in AE section can answer it, if you put a separate query there. This does not appear to me as a matter of forum discussion.
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    Why are you insisting? If you do not know about Facebook earning and interested to know about Facebook earning, you can also raise a Question in the AE section. Who stops?

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    I still insist as it is your question and you would get really a valuable information if you post it there. This is only a suggestion and no force from my side. Choice is yours.
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    There are many ways to earn money from Facebook.
    1. You can have your own page created on Facebook. You can start posting content like discussions on a various interesting topic, videos made by you and images you captured. Visitors come and see the content. If they like the page they keep visiting and if the topics are good, more visitors come. Once they cross a particular mark, you can ask for paying money to you from Facebook. You will get cash based on the number of visitors.
    2. On Facebook, there is a page called the Facebook market place. You can earn money by placing your spare goods on this page. Buyers will discuss and bargain with you the price. You should keep the minimum price at what you want to sell in your mind.
    There are many more methods for this activity on Facebook.

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