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    Have you ever felt that animal society follows matriarchy?

    As we know that there is patriarchal arrangement in human society (specially in our country), which according to our traditions father has higher order respect in daily life than mother. But have you ever felt that other society of living beings (animals) follows matriarchy in it's daily life. It is my personal opinion you may be agree with me or not. Give a detailed response on the basis of these questions -
    1)Have you ever realised this idea ?
    2) Is this idea right ?
    3)How we can know more about this idea?
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    We cannot generalise this thing for all the animals but yes, in some of the species the mother takes a leading role in some of the matters especially bringing up the babies and taking care of them and teaching them many things before leaving them to independence. She might not allow the male also to interfere in that important task of grooming the babies for their future tough lives. The father would go out for hunting and even fight with other rival groups intruding their territory or food areas. It is difficult to say that in them the mother dominates the scene because their consciousness is not developed to that stage where this type of distinction can be made. Their actions are mostly based on the instincts and reflexes and are more spontaneous and quick in their nature rather done after some homework or pondering which is common in humans.
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    I am agreeing with the author that animals especially dogs have the matriarchy than the patriarchy following. When the puppies are born, the mother dog makes all arrangement and the father dog is not seen anywhere. That is really challenging situation for the mother dog as it has to safeguard itself from other male doges and make arrangement for the safe delivery and also safeguarding the puppies from the attack of other dogs and even cats. So the ordeal of the mother dog is seen to be believed and especially the puppies grown to the height of a normal dog and that is the responsibility of the female dog. Though I realized this sometime back but never shared in this site. The author need to be complemented for bringing this to the notice of members of this site. More personal observation of animals will lead to more knowledge,
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    Even human beings also have more affiliation towards mother than father. Children will have a fear for the father more than the mother due to the importance a mother gives to her husband. Our society is a male-dominated society. All rules, regulations, were made keeping this male domination in mind and that to all these rules of the world. No lady was involved in this entire making. That is why we feel that there is a patriarchal arrangement in human society. But not only many animals even mankind also is more towards matriarchy in its daily life. Mother will have a bigger role in bringing their kids up. The children will also have a better approach to their mother than their father. Even the epics say that mother first and then father.
    Many animals also will have a better approach to their mothers than fathers. Fathers will go out to get food and making their stay safe whereas the mother animal will only take care of the children and bring them up.

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    Patriarchy is an idea that formed after expansive empires became a thing. Oldest civilisations of world usually were Matriarchal because Mother goddesses were given a huge importance and women enjoyed great privileges. Women in Egypt, Elam(Present day Iran), Minoa (Probably Crete), Akkadian(Present day lower Iraq) civilisations etc all enjoyed equal status with men. But when expansionist ideas grew among early Empires, women were gradually sidelined because men were hailed for their martial prowess. Thus we see the shift in Assyrian times, the first empires, that men shadow women and a truly patriarchal society emerges. While we see Greek and Romans celebrate their women, we don't see it as a matriarchy by any stretch. Even today there exists little tribes those are matriarchal in nature. Patriarchy is something I directly relate to expansion and imperialism.

    Coming to animals, Hyenas, Elephants, Whales, etc follow a matriarchal society. The lead female shows the herd it's way. We can see matriarchy in lionesses too in some extent but lions, due to their physical bulk overcome them. Many fish live in matriarchal societies. But it would be wrong to call anything below mammals patriarchal or matriarchal because, these lesser animals follow herd/group mentality (sorry for calling other animal families lesser but it is so in comparison with brain capacity). Reptiles, fish and birds just follow the group instead of following a specific gender. Mammals on other hand, have a clear gender dimorphism so it's logical to assume the crowd recognises a gender over other as superior. I hope my reply gave some sense.

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    Matriarchy can be defined as a social system in which females are considered as the head of the family or group or clan. In the animal kingdom, majority belongs to patriarchal, however, several species can be considered a matriarchy in which females hold higher positions and status among animals such as Lemurs, Ants, Meerkats, Mole Rat queens ,Spotted Hyenas ,Lions ,Bonobos, Elephants, Killer Whales, Honey Bees etc

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    Animals live by instincts. Humans usethe sixth sense and adapts and inovates as perthe situation.
    In animals the same species wil have the same instincts and features even in different places. But humans will have different ways of life in different places.
    Even in India there are places or communities where Matriarchy is folowed and places where Patriarchy is followed. Animals live by adapting to nature.Human live by adapting environment to his requirements. So animal life is natural life(unless domesticated by humans). But human living is not fuly natural living.
    Hence the comparison with animas about Matriarchy or patriarchy is not necesary or valid.

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