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    Why online creative writing or content writing places are so competitive?

    Due to my interest in writing content on many different subjects ranging from religion to science, I had visited many prospective sites (like ISC) which offer opportunities to the budding writers as well as to seasoned authors to showcase their talent and many of these sites compensate the writer in form of redeemable points, gift vouchers, discount vouchers or cash credits. During this exposure I learned many things and now associated with a handful of them. My experience so far is that there is a lot of competition in these sites and whatever hard work you do, you would always face competition from the peers. It is not an easy task to be a successful content writer in the present internet arena. Still, we all are trying for that as per our capacity and capabilities. There is a need of continuous learning and hard work to achieve this objective as there are already established bench marks in the field. What is your experience in this regard? Please share your views.
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    Many feels that the online content writing comes for free and have the chance to win the cash or awards. But very less people know that there is fierce competition in every aspect and good writers are already have their matured presence on line. Some are born writers and they share in the daily news papers column and that proves that given any topic they can outsmart any other rendition on the same subject. However we should not write the content for winning awards or rewards but to be with the crowd of writers and create impression of our own. Believe it or not I have huge following in one of the national newspaper for my daily comments on news items.
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    of course it is because many people have different area of interest and knowledge like sports,environment,science,fiction,social activity,travelling,technology and they have enough knowledge to write any content .although for some it would totally depend on what are you qualities of a good profession from your point of do not actually need much of an educational qualification to became a qualified content required deep knowledge of subject and grammar rules for writing efficient manner.and make a lot of money from content writing and blogging.

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    Ashutosh, welcome to ISC and hope you stay here long to contribute your ideas and opinions in various discussion topic. I suggest you go through the site policies of ISC (in help section) and start contributing. Wish you all the best.
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    We see these days competition in every field and everywhere. I searched many places and I couldn't find any place without competition and available to you easily. We should always concentrate and focus on the work we do and then only we will be successful. Same is the case in this online creative writing or content writing field.
    Many people these days are having a lot of free time due to this Corona Virus. Many people are trying to do something or other by sitting in the house. This is one reason for the increase in competition for content writing.
    The retired people and housewives are also showing interest in this activity. I am in touch with many of friends who retired and spending their time online. They are also trying to make money by participating in this content writing and creative writing. All these activities put together the competition increased in this activity.

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    Nothing is easy provided you you have the right skill to face the stiff competition of the site. There may be a lot of budding writers engaged in their artistic pursuits regularly and with the active involvements of so many years they can produce contents of highest order.
    Let us consider the situation as of now. We all are confined to our home due to fears of the corona virus. There is the cluster of people of the different artistic pursuits and even the retired people are have joined their hands in the artistic writings making this field competitive. Hence to achieve success in this line would require a lot of patience, experience and the ability to demonstrate their writing skills. Certainly without the requisite talent, it is not likely to be achievable.

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    Competition is notjus in online content writing scene. It is there ineverywhere and everything where there is chance of earning money. It is there in regular jobs, trade and business,agriculture and even in politics. It is there in the underworld and virtual world too. Wherever more people enter thereis competition. Antartica was an unpopulated island. Now there are many nations with their people and research stations. Man has landed in Moon. Now there is competition to land on Moon bymany nations. So there is no place on Earth and heaven where thereis no competition.
    That being so, it i also true that initially in any new venture ,the players are les.So the earnings aregood. But once others se the earnings more players enter and stiff competition starts.From there it is the suvival of the fittest.
    Then comes syndicates, monopolies, manipulators etc.
    I do not know about the technicalities of online contest posting and earnig from that. Hence I did not keep a dream of earning rom online content posting. I joined and continue in ISC for a positive time pas and interaction. So whatever I am getting as CC , I am happy and content.

    But I am aware that online content posting is a very potential field for earning. It is like the LIC aganecy some years ago. Your work will go on earning . Some people with hard work,smart work and of course some luck are minting money much more than a dream job would have given them. In my initialsays our of curiosity I used to a ot of 'reading and research. Then I came to now many people who were in ISC had started their own blogs and web sites and are earning good money.

    Even ISC initially was paying good amounts to members in various sections osts. Forum posts were also earning some good amounts then. As I always say, there are many choices and opportunities. But oneshould know where, waht and when. Hard work and smar work also is needed. Not all can do that.

    Online content is going to be a profitable opportunity in times to come also. The parameters may change. The scene is now shifting more to audio visual than writing. The dynamic , smart, updated and alert can survive and profit well.

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    It is true that wherever there are more number of contenders, all almost similarly qualified, the competition has to set in. In our country we have such a large number of qualified people. They would be seen everywhere.

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