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    Why are the youth becoming sexually hyperactive? How to control them?

    Sex is a biological requirement of humans and so we can't say that to be sexually active is wrong. But according to the pedagogy of human development, there is a particular age in which we would be sexually active. According to our Vedas, the 'Grihasth ashram' is the age of sexual activeness.

    But today, due to many reasons, our adolescents are hyperactive in this field which should be ringing a wakeup alarm to the world. Sexual crimes and atrocities being committed by the youth are frighteningly on the rise and we need to approach this issue psychologically in addition to the legal procedures. Parents, teachers and society as a whole have got a bigger role to play in this issue so as to prevent our youths from becoming perverted criminals. Authorities must come up with strong regulatory and measures to control the abuse of technological facilities.

    Do you agree with me? Please analyse the topic and give your views and suggestions.

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    You have initiated a discussion in the subject which was thought to be a taboo topic earlier but in the modern times when people are pleading for sexual education there is no need to shy away from discussions on these matters and if done in a healthy way they will be a source of knowledge enhancement only. Coming to your specific point why the youths today are sexually more aware and some of them are involved in wrong offensive acts in the society. My view is quite simple in this matter and I want to mention that sex is a natural desire in animals as well as humans and it automatically is induced in a person at some age. Only thing is sexual talks and seeing pornographic materials only add fuel to the fire. Anything which arouses the senses towards sex are thought to be a wrong inducers but in real life one cannot ignore and escape from them totally. Let us not talk of pornographic material and such things and just think about the various drugs and chemicals which are being sold in the market for increasing the libido in men or women. Why we require it and why we buy it. So, there is a great demand of those formulations. Not only that a large population of the world is inclined to buy the aphrodisiacs items if they find them mentioned anywhere. So, this is a craze simulated by that natural desire. Nature has provided this desire to us for reproduction but some evil people are offending the other sex with it which is a grave concern for society and if stopping the pornographic material and taking other precautions help in this matter then it has to be done by the authorities on a priority basis.
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    These days as mentioned by the author young people more towards sexual activities. Sexual desires are very common in almost all the living things including human beings. In animals, there are no restrictions and no rules and regulations. But in human beings, to have orderly society some concepts were introduced. So as long as we are in that boundaries there is no problem.
    But these days we see boys and girls move very close and they never hesitate to touch each other. This will increase the sexual desire in these people. It is a natural instinct and we should keep away from such activities so that we will be in our limits. To attract many people movies also are showing more on this subject which is causing unwanted desires on the people.
    The parents should see that their children will not go under the influence of such activities and teach them the morals and how they should behave themselves in society.

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    Very nice discussion initiated by the author and it is the need of the hour as increasing atrocities against the women are taking place and those who involve in the crime are in the age group of adolescent. The age between 13 and 19 is very critical for boys and girls as both tend to understand the need for attraction to the opposite sex and their advancement towards inciting the pleasure on the same would be lingering in their mind always. The parents has to play important role by guarding the girl child and she must teach what precautions has to be taken to cross these six years which were challenging. The hormonal changes that takes place during this age group intensifies their bad thoughts and that may lead to bad action also. Seldom the children in this age group listen to others and they are vulnerable to the influences of the movies scenes too.
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    Thanks to all respected members for their valuable contribution in this thread.

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    There are some bad elements which offend and molest the women in isolated places and due to this there is always a threat to women falk outside the house. These people should be punished in severe ways so that others should also learn a lesson. I agree that the free and liberal environment to the younger people is also adding to this problem. The young people should be taught by their parents as to know their limit in this regard. If parent let them loose then who is going to correct them? Once they fall in bad company they learn all the bad traits.
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    Man is the only animal that has reproducin capacity or sexual desire all throug the year- twnety four by seven by three hundred and sixty five. God or nature has given this thinking that he will use it judiciously and with sel control. Man himsef designed many self control measure being the dictates of religion or faith or morals. He devised various foods and habits to follow thisself control. However humans also developed and devised various methods, ways and foods to enhance the sexual desire and ability for those had some deficiency.

    However as time changed humanthoughts and moral values also changed. Humans resorted to sex more for pleasure than for procreating. The food habits also changed. He starte consuming foods that heped to enhance the inherent sexual desire. Human sexual desire and activity was also seen as a comercial opportunity. Youths were targeted for marketing this. Biologicallly also teenage and youth is the time for sexualdesire, interest and capacities to be at peak and maximum. This is enhanced by the changed morals and commercial exploitation methods. This resulted in excess sexual pressure in the teenagers and youths.
    However when the natural way of releasing the sexual release was by man-woman physical relationship, it was not possible to all. So they tried all other available alternatives. Or they became hyper active sexually.

    The best way to control is to back to the old ways of moral life, early marriage and changing food habits to the old well laid menus with periodical avoidance and abstienence under various category. Mind has to be involved in involving activities. Intoxication has to be avoided.

    Sexual crimes are to be dealt with sternly as any crime and perpetrators should be exemplararily punished by law.

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    Bois locker room is another story for media. Such stories are not new nor are the last ones. Incidents of rape, molestation, eve teasing, stalking, sexual harassment, casting couch and sexual assault aren't going to stop. Teenagers are raised in this social ambience how they can be protected from ill effect of ill activities.

    Modernization of schools where free mixing isn't prohibited is one of the main root of all these evils. Often it's heard that boys and girls have unlawful relationship with female and male teachers respectively or boys sends email to female teachers and ask to sleep with them What you will do when management daub on such illicit activities or keep a Nelsonian blind eye as in their opinion news will harm school-reputation.

    When a father himself watches porn how he can stop his son and daughter from it. When a brother himself is indulged in wrong activities how he can stop his sister.

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    Friends also play an important role in expressing their views as the age will be same. They can understand and connect easily. The parent has to be the best friend if his or her child to always support them and provide knowledge of the experienced situations to them. This will enhace the terminology of feelings amongst them.
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    When I read the heading of the post "Why is the youth becoming sexually hyperactive? " I felt that we are missing others from the post. To be true it is not only the youth but we can say, humans, it has nothing to do with age as we are reading and viewing it in the media but many a time the blame is put on the youths and covered. I had raised a similar thread, Educating or talking about sex to our children/teenagers at home/family.

    We, humans, are the only one who gets sexually active anytime, anyplace, and on anyone. We know that for animals, they have a season but humans have sexual desire all through the year- 24x7 and 365/366 days of the year. It is on the people to control it and use it for the purpose it is told. The more we try to mask it or hide, the more we fall into and want to. The parents, teachers, society need to have an open talk on the subject and let children know the correct information which will help them know what is better and what is dangerous. This will help us to make our society much better than what it is and help to understand our youth and every one.

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