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    Having a jealous nature is a bad trait

    Being constantly envious of another person's success or material possessions is not healthy behavior. This analytical thread explains why and how to avoid it.

    Jealousy is a common trait in the people but is considered as an inferior one. It is said that it is natural to feel jealous of the other people even though one is getting success and respect in one's life. Saints and preachers always advise us to refrain from this feeling as it would create unnecessary stress and distraction in one's mind. It is better to concentrate in one's own work rather than thinking and wasting time in evaluating someone's work and then getting jealous about that. What is the opinion of the members in this regard?
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    Jealousy is not a natural trait. It is not manifested in any other species.
    Jealosy occurs only in human beings. This is because humans do things much more than for satisfyig the basic essentials of living. Man is the only species whiuch goes on gulping food and drinks even if the basic hunger is satiated. Man eats for taste and time-pass also. Similarly many of his activities. Man is the only species that creates and accumulates food and wealth much beyond own consumption.
    All other species sharetheir food or at least spare it after own consumption. In fact bird like crow et call their group when the spot food somewhere. So jealousy is only a human trait.

    The irony is that even after many crises and destruction anddevastations humans are not learning.

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    Many people are jealous and cannot control this feeling and sometimes explicitly present their views about a person biased with the jealousy towards him. They know that it is not a good thing to have jealousy for others but they cannot control it and somehow want to share it also with their friends and other close people. Once that is over the episode of jealousy ends till their next one with the same or some other person. This is strange but true that people have jealousy even with their own family members, though it does not make sense in any way.
    Knowledge is power.

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    We all learners in this world. How many ever times you practice saying A, B, C, D you can hear a different solution to the same question. If one can write and express better, we can follow them to flourish in our present life situations.
    Lead the leader

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    Jealousy is the big daughter of criticism. As all of we know that jealousy,criticism,anger etc. are bad traits of human beings. According to Mahatma Gandhi "If we have bad thinking about anyone then it is a part of violence." Today's world is burning in the fire of jealousy. Every person has developed his or her own poison for others. Now people are not in trouble due to their problems but they are irritated by the progress of others. In generalise form we can say that jealousy is decrement in our possible development level. We shouldn't criticise others. Jealousy is obstacle in one's relationship with others. Jealousy breakdowns the backbone of human. Jealous persons are stigma on happiness of human society. We should give up this type bad traits

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    Never feel jealous. But keep their position as your benchmark and try to achieve it. That will be good for the individual, for his nation and for all the concerned, If we start worrying for others gains, we will be there always behind them only. Having expectations and acting according to them is not bad. But feeling bad for others gain will never bring you success.
    In stead of concentrating on spoiling others, concentarte on your gains, that will give you some benefits and you will feel happy. That feel will give us a lot of hope and scope .

    always confident

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