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    School homework-what is your opinion as student, parent and teacher

    As a student school homework could have been a nuisance or something to tackle quickly to be able to move on to an interesting activity. As a parent and as a teacher, though, the perspective on school homework are entirely different. Enjoy a freewheeling discussion on the varied perceptions and approach towards school homework.

    The main takeaway from school classes everyday used to be homework for the next day. As students we would have taken it in a mixed way. Sometimes we would have disliked it and thought it as a burden spoiling our play time or some other good enjoyment. But sometimes we would have taken help of home work just to escape from doing some work at home, or not to show our face to strangers.

    We would be eager to finish homework given by our favourite teacher, but curse in our mind those given by some others (mostly the maths teacher). If we are going for an outing, we would finish the homework as early as possible and get ready for the outing. So it was a mixed bag then.

    Many of us have since become parents, and grandparents too. Some are/were teachers too. What is your view and experience in this as a student, as parent and as teacher?
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    My opinion is that I am strongly for it. Homework is the only thing that connects the student between his school time and his activities in the house. If home work is not there he or she would be a free bird and would study only when he would be forced for it. Home work is a big compulsion for them as parents would be after them for getting it completed and the student would also under pressure that next time in school the teacher would ask for it and if not done other children would laugh and mock. Home work is a big psychological pressure on the children and removing it would not be a prudent thing.
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    As a student what I feel that home work is the imposition type of punishment as the teacher still feels that the students need to improve. Had the teacher given good teaching in the class the home work is not required. As a parent it is bore some to see lots of home work in varied subject and it is the parent who has to toil a lot and ask the child to attend and complete the work. But invariably it is the mother who completes the home work and the child seems to be not concerned. And as teacher it has become a habit for everyone to give home work otherwise the teaching ability cannot be gauged by the parents. Teachers know who are the bright students, who are the average students and who are the dull students and they must repeat the home work to average and dull students and not to bright students.
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    As mentioned by the writer and in the post, it is true that home-work when seen from the three angle of students, parents and teachers, it may give variety of answers.
    As a student, some home-work is good and helps to improve or get the concept right but it depends on the subject, teacher and the likeness. At times it is very boaring, sometimes, it is the saver, sometime it is the killer.

    As a parent, home-work helps the students to learn, go through the topics and clear their doubts. It makes their child to sit and complete it before the next class. This is also a form of studying and learning as otherwise, they would not take up the books even after repeated scolding.

    As a teacher, they are gauged by the school management and parents for the topic completed, home-work given and the abilty of the student to score in that subject. When students get good marks in their subject, everyone feels that the teaching of that subject teacher is good and thus they want their students to get it right, thus gives home-work to students. This is also a way to show their dedication and hardwork to parents and the school authority.

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    When I was a student I used to take homework very sincerely. After coming home from school, after getting refreshed, the first work I used to attend is completing my homework. If anything is pending, I used to be very worried and somehow I used to complete before I go to bed. Those days the homework is very reasonable and not taking a long time.
    I never worked as a regular teacher but I used to take tuitions and no question giving homework here. We have to see that the students will complete their homework properly,
    As a parent, I felt that these days teachers are giving a very high volume of homework. The students are felling excessive pressure in completing the work and they are averse to go to schools. Actually, what the teachers teach in the class is less and what the homework they give is very high. As a parent I never justify that much homework to a student,

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    Home works are given to the children by teachers to make them to study in the house also for certain hours. But many children do not study in the homes when no homework given by saying 'no home work'. A teacher known to me used to tell that the children should make to sit in every late evenings for study compulsorily by parents and parents in turn should make the situation free from disturbances. In one house, father has no time to see the children studying and mother used to sit before television but saying the children (studying fourth standard) should herself concentrate in the study by knowing the difficulties of parents.

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    What's Homework.? It is an extra task or boring work or unnecessary burden or big responsibility or essential duty or pleasant onus or necessary thing depends on various perception of the concerned people involved in, mainly for the students and their parents. Teachers' job is only to check whether or not yesterday's homework was done. The teachers don't bother to see it who done it either students themselves or got it done by parents or tutor. Mostly homework is merely a formality.

    Only sincere parents take home work as a pleasant onus on them, an essential duty to exercise for their children. I see many parents in society who've hired the tutors for their children see the home work as the necessary duty of teachers because they're paying big amount to school.

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    School home work is most required thing to develop the merit of punctuality. We shouldn't suppose it as burden.
    1.As a student- In my school days I never felt that homework is trouble. I accept without any hesitation that I was not able to write fast and my handwriting was not so good that's why I completed homework after some time of given time limit.
    2)As a parents - Imagining myself as a parents I think it is my responsibility to support children and school management. I would like to tell the child about importance of time. I would know his / her problems and try to teach them about the importance of daily planning in life.
    3)As a teacher - this is the most important stage/pillar of our education system. As a teacher I would focus on creative home work. I am mentioning the home works which will be given to my students surely after some years -
    1)write the importance of truth
    2)tell about our freedom movement
    3)know one by one about our freedom fighters
    4)what are the challenges with our army in Kashmir
    5)what is importance of peace
    6)what are the harms of anger
    7)what is importance of intolerance
    8)learn any patriotic songs/poem
    9)what you can do for country
    I would request to anyone who is reading this response why as a teacher I have selected all the homeworks related to our country?

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    While members have give their views in this regard, Varghese and Rajendra Mina have viewed from the three different angles(though Rajendra did teacher and parent role by imagination )

    My son was always interested and eager to complete the homework immediately on coming home. My ife also liked it because it built a good habit and discipline in my son and also my wife could know what he was taught in the school and how he understood. It helps the studnts review and guage their understanding of what was taught in school that day. They can identify and note what they did notunderstand and get it clarified clarify in the next day or next class.

    So I feel that parents themselves should not see homework as a burden to their children and themselves. Parents should sit with the children or have an eye on what they do when they do homework. Parents may help the children to understand some difficult parts. But parents should never do the homework for their children. I know many parents who do the homework for their children after allowing children to sleep or watch TV or go out with friends. This is abosutely wrong . Children should be involved in home work and they should be made to understand the importance and significance of homework.

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    Homework is an important part but now it is slowly going into back burner as most of the students are going for coaching. Parents have no inclination for the revival of homework as they are also biased by the student's golden talk of the coaching or tutorial class. They feel that children know the latest things and would do good for their own career. These coaching classes are minting money and some of the same teachers are taking class there. Teachers have also gone commercial in their approach and are happy if no homework is there as they get respite from checking and assessing the homework.
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    Today I got a forwarded image in Whatsapp. It showed a computer screen where an online class for small kids is going on . A mother is sitting and taking down notes watching the screen. A small girl child sleeps on her lap.

    This gives hint of what is going to happen.
    But similar scenes can be seen in many houses now, where the child either sleeps or plays or watches TV and the mother does homework for the child. Parents should only help and support the child to do home work by explaining the lessons related and applied in the homework.

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