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    I could get in touch with my good decade-old friends. Thanks to ISC

    My dear Fellow ISCian.
    The lockdown period clubbed with my ISC suspension period has helped me to find the faces of my good decade-old friends through a book called Facebook. I could see their faces, their families, message them, chat with them, talk to them over the phone, and had video chats. Facebook has no check, no lock and deletion key. My God. It is great in a different way.

    For the past nine years, I neglected this great book and loved only the ISC and the ISCian. At this old age, I can pass or kill my time there happily. I can openly tell my friends "What is in my mind."

    Though I won't be able to earn any CC like in ISC, I am sure of renewing the friendship with my good old fellow mates. Now I spend more time talking and chatting with my friends and spend very little time with ISC. What a sudden change in me!

    I am very thankful for the events in April and May 2020 that brought a change in my life.
    From now onwards, I will be available at ISC from 1100 hrs to 1130 hrs & from 1900 hrs to 1930 hrs only to post my responses. Saturday will be a holiday for me. I may not hoist any threads in the Forums, but I might write Articles. I will participate in ISC contests but not conduct any contests. No Jokes and fun from ISC's SuN.

    My Best Wishes to all my dear Fellow ISCian. May God bless you all.
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    Having said a few things about my new routine at ISC, I now feel that it may not be possible to avoid raising threads forever. I may not raise many threads frequently as I used to earlier, but will do it occasionally to sort out my queries and doubts, and as and when something is very interesting to share.
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    Also, there is a change in the time of my operations. 30 minutes + 30 minutes is too little to work at ISC. ISC working consumes time. It is now amended as... from 1100 to 1200 hrs and 1900 to 2030 hrs.
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    After reading your thread and the two explanatory addenda response posts, I can only say 'As you please". You are the owner and judge for your actions and reactions. Any way I liked your ability to convert anything and everything to a matter for posting a thread.
    I liked your statement "Facebook has no check, no lock and deletion key. My God. It is great in a different way.. ...........For the past nine years, I neglected this great book ...."

    I am also like that. FB did not impress me because of the initial feeling I got of it as a highway. It was anybody's place. It was used more to exhibit and show and to impress others. I felt it was being used to 'tom-tom' one's private matters and declare in public. Suddenly a marriage album which used to be viewed inside the house by relatives on a personal visit and the knowing extended families, it suddenly became like a newspaper advertisement for everyone opening it to see it. The likes and emojis posted encouraged the owners to become bolder and publicise all irrelevant and silly things as masterpieces and classic creativity for the eternal record.

    In contrast I felt WhatsApp more one-to-one and private to some extent. Hence I did not involve in FB. I experienced ISC as optimally private and one-to-one too even though it is public. I felt ISC as a private stadium where participation is regulated unlike FB which I felt was a public stadium with is cacophony.

    But I am open to change my attitude on getting more positive awareness from the discussion.


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    I don't think any website or forum compels their members to keep on clinging to them forever. When you wish you may visit ISC and when you like to talk to your friends you may do. Your itinerary shows that you are too much busy with your friends. It's your life. Enjoy it in your own way.

    I'm not an active user of Facebook

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    At ISC, we have only virtual unknown friends. We know them by their photographs and names in this virtual site. Whereas in FB, we have known friends and relatives. It can be used as a media to communicate with our relatives and friends who have an account through the chatbox, phone and video call facilities available.
    Within a week, I could trace and establish communication with almost 50 good friends that I have not contacted for the last 20 years and more. Many of them through message, many through phone calls and a few on video. Now I feel that 24 hrs in a day is insufficient to me. Out of that., I tried to have a fixed time to work at ISC.

    As my contests are discouraged /deleted here, I started conducting my own Quiz contests with my friends and family members. The response is good, and I am enjoying it. As of the latest, I raised a quiz to guess the YOB (Year of Birth) of my good old Padmini who is with me. I have received more than 20 responses so far. The result would be declared on 1st June.

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    Please excuse me for the mistakes appearing in my thread post and in my responses above. Because they have lost their edit button by mistake or lost intentionally. My posts remain unedited. Please bear with my unedited texts.

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    To know a person face is not required at all. The thoughts always flow through words and can help us to understand them better. There will be a change in every person's life. We have to choose our paths.
    We are happy to note that you are much satisfied and the words flowing through actually shows that. Enjoy your journey. We may not be present in face book through photos but we are with you. We will join you here when you are at leisure.

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    Sharada Ji,
    That's a good response from you. It takes me back to my good old days when I had a lovely friend. She was a lovely soul. She got married and left. I did not see her for a long time. Once I thought of her and I phoned up and said, " Dear V...., I miss you a lot. I would like to see you once in person." Do you know what she said? She said, " Sun, It is better to keep me in your heart and think me forever than seeing me in person once." Those words still linger in my mind. Yes. She is in my heart. I see her every day. Similarly, all my fellow ISCian are with me /will be in my heart forever. Thank You.

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    SuN, I think many ISCmembers may also bethere in FB.

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    Yes, even I did not see the edit button when I wanted to edit my response no 697218 in this thread. So that post also shows many mistakes. I thought the problem was at my end. I felt maybe it will be okay tomorrow or after I log off and then login sometime later. The issue still remains.

    {Visible errors in your responses have been corrected}

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    While I appreciate that the author found lost friends through social media while he was away from this site, that gives best satisfaction in connecting with old friends. But ISC is some thing unique through which we always shared the information and got benefited through the information. Getting new friends and restoring old friends will be subjected inquiring about self and family welfare but knowledge transfer cannot takes place. But at ISC we have daily dose of new threads and responses which may induce us to respond and get connected the the information served there.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When I tried to edit my thread for mistakes, the following note appears in red on top of the message box.
    "This thread is locked and can be edited only by the forum editors."
    Why this lock? Can the editors explain this special note?

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    The auto-lock system that was put in place a few years back has now gained momentum due to the unethical acts by some members who resort to changing the contents of their threads and responses in accordance with their interests leading to confusion and subsequent/ related responses becoming irrelevant/ disconnected. It does not get locked immediately after content is posted and hence members are requested to check and recheck for spelling/ grammatical errors before submitting the contents as well as soon after the submission. This option may stay or may be removed after observing the trend for a few days/ months.

    Members may please continue with the main thread.

    “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude."- Zig Ziglar

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    Unacceptable explanation about the locking of a particular thread. None of my other threads have been locked in this manner. If I am a habitual editor, all my threads should have been locked. Why only this thread. It never happened before. Does the system recognize the ethical and unethical art of the members? What an irrelevant unethical explanation about the auto-locking? Can't digest this.
    This warning appears only when a thread is locked with a warning at the bottom, not otherwise. It could be intentional or there is a bug in the system.
    Needs a through investigation, and a detailed explanation by the ME or the WM.

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    The Editors response #697265 has a motive behind to attack a member indirectly with inappropriate and irrelevant words. It is an injustice to cease the facilities provided.

    WebMaster Tony John is kindly requested to attend this thread and rectify the defects if it is a bug in the system to lock a thread automatically with presumptions and assumptions, ethical and unethical. Editing is a privilege to check, correct, add, and modify the posts and responses. Else, remove the edit facility available to the members. Let the editors carry out editing as required.

    If it is so, I recommend two thread messages. One Original that cannot be edited. The other one as a duplicate that can be edited. Editors should have a frequent check of threads and take action if a member alters the text that cannot be accepted.

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    @ 697275,LE,
    I wa not aware of the auto lock system. I have noted it now.

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    In addition to what I have stated in #697265, I would like to clarify that the editors may enable or disable editing of threads/ responses based on possibilities and probabilities of actions cited above and certain parameters to guide the editors have been fixed by the admin. So, one may find a particular thread or response locked for editing while it may not be so in another case.

    Sun at #697301, if you felt that there is a motive in my previous response to attack a particular member, I cannot be blamed for the perception.

    Members are requested to continue with the main thread.

    “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude."- Zig Ziglar

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    Very glad to see my thread gaining momentum to receive so many responses despite being uneditable. Good to see ISC working.
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    Yet. I could trace many of my lost friends and chat with them. Each and every day is a lovely day that cherishes me from the lockdown days. I get connected with my good old friends.
    I deeply regret that my time at ISC has been drastically reduced. Anyway, I am with ISC and my good old colleagues with whom I started my ISC journey.

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    It is good to read that you have got in touch with your old mates and have even started calls, video chats, etc which relaxes you more. It is always nostalgic to keep in touch with our pals and to have a rewind of our old golden days. The thread depicts the bitter experience you have faced but can you say that ISC is mean only to one member or is it the same to everyone. I think, ISC has a well framed guidelines and policy that it follows with every member and it is to some extend good to have everything moderated as it maintains the quality and status of the site. There are times when we feel we are targeted but we can learn from our mistakes and even show our concern to them. The later is in our hand of whether to be active, passive, moderate or just a spectator in the site.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    I am responding to you since you asked me a question. I have nothing against ISC. I treat ISC like a family in which I am a member. But at times, I feel a difference. I observed the dual-standard of ISC that displeases me. I would say that 'When love is thin, the fault is thick'. It goes well with a few of the ISCian caring for the ISC. I love ISC being the first site where I stepped in as a Netizen. No doubt, nothing can match ISC with regard to its functioning. But I would still say that ISC has changed a lot, and it is not the same ISC that it once was.
    Deletion has become a trend. The seniority of ISCian is never considered though it is written that ISC will consider higher-level members. When one approves, the other disapproves. There are different yardsticks used by the concerned. Such things hurt me and displeases me.

    An example.
    If I write "During an occasion(fitting the incident), I had to go naked /I didn't wear any dress/I lost my innerwear" etc, ISC considers it as improper, indecent, absurd and vulgar and delete it. This is the attitude of ISC. The free and frank language looks indecent and vulgar to certain ISCian.

    What else to say……

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