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    Keep going is the latest mantra

    We all know that every aspect has a good and bad effect. The pandemic COVID-19 is also not different. It has ruined humankind, but side by side has imprinted the mantra of keep going on those, who still exist. Life seems standstill because all that busy schedule has suddenly come to an end. Some of the living beings suffered loss because their work got abrupted due to menace. On the other hand, some people who seemed busy all day long to have fun and frolic have learnt about their duties. The pandemic has taught us that we must not ignore our responsibilities and must become self-reliant.

    To hire a helper is not a problem, but ignoring personal responsibilities and leaving every bit of work to be taken care of by a helper is ridiculous. At present, people are managing every chore. Yes, it's taxing, but still, we all are trying to fulfil all the responsibilities meticulously. Keep going is the latest mantra of every life because whatever we want to do, we have to do it ourselves. The pandemic, which is a killer disease, has taught us not to feel tired and have faith in oneself to fulfil every commitment. So, let's keep going to beat the crisis and emerge as winners.
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    Indians are known to be good crisi managers. But we are not good at routine tasks.
    Now, just grinding the teeth and clenching the fist somehow we 'keep going'. Every moment hoping that this will be over soon.
    I do not think the same will continue once normality returns and we are gong to office and resuming job, business or school. Habits die hard,. It may not be possible also later as we may have dadline taks then and we may not be at home too to do these tasks..

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    Good thread from the respected member.
    I think author is talking about the side effects and good effects of corona crisis. As we know that a number of people has lost their lives due to the scientific haughtiness of human. It is increasing with the speed of light day by day. The world is crying but there is no solution without vaccine. Now if we talk about benefits of this crisis then we find that environment is being naturally purified day by day after lockdown. But there are this questions which are heavier than benefits -
    1)will human and animal society able to preserve themselves without vaccine?
    2)what is sense of these benefits if human beings are at risk?
    I have described my own opinion,you may be agree with me or not.

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    The present pandemic situation is unprecedented one. This is definitely a fearful situation and mankind is at a risk. The scientists and scholars are day and night engaged in research to find a remedy in form of a vaccine or drug for it but it is still a long journey that we would have something like that in near future. Meanwhile people have understood its seriousness and severity and everyone is keeping one's fingers crossed and waiting for the future anxiously. The mantra of keep going patiently is the only thing which can keep us in good spirits today and by following that we can hope a revival.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The ventures have also helped us in opening the ways to success. That is important here people who will work day and night. The companies who thought of working regularly would also give guidelines to its employees.
    Lead the leader

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    The fighting capabilities of humans in adverse situations is praiseworthy. Even in this difficult situation people are doing courageous work by going out on the streets and helping the poor and destitute affected by the pandemic.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    In the given challenging condition we cannot expect help or service from the others and we have to mend the ways. The curbs imposed on us in four phases as taught a lesson to be self and not depending on anyone. In future also the situation may be same and we must prepare to be alone and keep going. No work should be kept pending, all the work should be done neatly without postponing to next day. As far as possible avoid going out even after the lock down is eased as there are every chance of virus getting from anywhere. We are the best people to manage the crisis with ease and we have become more experienced now. Even the work from would continue and study from home will also start soon. So the working mothers should adjust their work also devote time to the child who is learning through online for the first time.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The author has taken his view about pandemic by his own way but the positive vista isn't much of weight. However, nature has regained visibility and clarity. Animal kingdom is obfuscated about demarcation for rambling.

    Magnitude of this deadly virus is virtually universal. How long it will linger on with us is beyond prognostication.

    Today SDM has permitted opening of market partially till 2 p.m., I'm at home- cool but have got to know that 2 kind of species have filled the market- one is women and two is young blood.
    How people are squirming !

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    We have being facing some or the other issue everyday. Some effect us while others is just a sideline on its part but we have managed it well. We all had fights with our parents, siblings, relatives, friends and lovers. some were normal fights, some very ugly and some even put a barrier in the relationship. When the fight ended, we might have gone torn down due to many bits and side effects of the fight but slowly, we managed and some are still with us while some have vanished from our relationship. We had many such ups and downs in our life but everytime we have tried our best to peddle and reach somewhere. Even this pandemic is teaching us something. When everyone was busy in their life with the ultimate tag line that "Life is going on full speed", it put a bumpy speed breaker that made many to tremble, some to fall, some got chance to apply brake and some managed with a skid. As we are in the standstill postion, we can analysis that nothing is permanent, it has an expiry date and everything can be managed without taking too much stress. We just need to look with a positive thought and wait for the sun the rise after the dark night.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    Human beings are well known for getting accustomed to situations and acting as the situation demands. We can sleep in our AC bedroom and if necessary we can sleep on the railway platform if the train is abnormally delayed also. That is life. If there is somebody we will serve us we will try to make the maximum service from him. If nobody is there we will do on our own all our works. But we will never stop going.
    The same nature is established by all during this Corona lockdown. People who will never sit in the house is sitting for days together in the house only. People who never clean a single vessel are cleaning all the vessels. All are eating in house only. No swiggy or no eating out. This is the way we should change ourselves and continue our journey. We should not think that in these conditions it is difficult to survive. They try to live till the last moment.

    always confident

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