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    Nation works on 24/7 strategies to build economy-know your A,B,C

    The economy has drooped down over the few days due to lock down. People were just waiting to grab their seats back and never wish to take a casual leave. A few rules laid by the Central and State Governments for a few states with regard to the timings of re-opening the manufacturing companies on shift basis based on the alphabetical order related to the names of companies has given a thrive for possible raise in improving the economy of our country, India.

    Earlier only a few IT companies, call centres were working 24/7 and a few industries were giving over time to its employees. The present situation has made an implicable change in the working strategies of people. After coming back our employees would perform much better than earlier because of this break through as they could spare some time to rejuvenate themselves.

    Now if we are working 24/7, when can we expect the economy to stabilize? Suggest
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    Work has started slowly and I think by this month-end the work will pick up the momentum. All industries were given permission to work from 7 AM to 7 PM. But I don't know whether they have given permission for 24 hours that is round the clock running. In many places, RTC buses started running.
    But still, the business is not at its peak. People are not going for peak purchases. There is negative thinking in the minds of many people. Yesterday I was talking to a person who wanted to invest and start a business before lockdown. He says what do I do with all this money. I have not even had a chance to perform the marriage of my daughter in a big way. What do I do by further struggling and earning money? This sort of feeling may be there for some more time and after that only our economy will start improving.

    always confident

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    If every one from the studnt to top bureaucrat and poitician work sincerely,honestly and dedicated for the full eight hours or so (his duty time) without wastingtime, then that is enough. Wherever 24 X7 is necessary is already earmarked and arranged as shifts. One person need to work only full to his given workingtime.
    If that is strictly followed then workers will get their due time for family and lesiusre and stress can be reduced and productivity willautomatically increase.
    We need to innovate, we ned to update technology applications , we need to learn recycling and reduce wastage of resources. The aadhaar linking has to be taken toits logical conclusion. The Direct Benefit Transfer is working good and it has to be enhanced with plugging loopholes if any. Deliberatedefaulters and fraudsters -individuals and corporatess -should be exemplararily punished fast by due process of law. Good workers and true promoters should be encouraged.
    Many initiatives in this direction are being taken. I hope the government will do more.

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    Now it is clear that the present virus crisis is not going to subdued by itself and it can only be contained slowly by taking all sort of precautions. Now Govt is trying to start some of the activities and also monitor the further spread of virus and on the severity of that mid course corrections would be taken by the Govt. This is a tricky situations as on the one hand we want to reduce contacts between people and at the same time we have to open up some services which are crucial to the economy and industries. We believe that a controlled opening of certain works will only give experience for further relaxation and at this juncture it is difficult to say as what would be the situation in near future.
    Knowledge is power.

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