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    Why Mathematics is called Maths?

    Mathematics a subject that most people fear when they are learning at least in school days. Mathematics is also called Maths. Is it the correct way of pronouncing or calling Mathematics as Maths? Why Mathematics is called as maths is it a short form or a simple form or easy way of recognizing or what? Why is it called Maths, not math? Please share your views on this thread.
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    To me, Mathematics is mainly for calculation. We do many things to arrive at one thing. It is simplifying things and make them short. Hence the word Mathematics is also shortened into Maths

    It is like this. 1+2+3+4 = 10 . In this 1+2+3+4 is mathematics, and 10 is maths. My logic is different. One may or may not understand this.

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    Math or Maths both are considered as abbreviated form of Mathematic or Mathematics.
    In America and Canada generally people say 'Math' perhaps it's because they say 'Mathematic' without suffixing 'S'.

    Likewise 'Maths' is used by British, Irish and Australian, perhaps it's because they say 'MathematicS' suffixing 'S'

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    As far as my knowledge goes, I think there is no reason for calling Mathematics as Maths. It is a simple abbreviation only. All human beings are having the habit of conveying the message to others in the short form possible. That is why for many words some abbreviations are derived and all use that only. Whenever we want to write Indiastudychallan, we will never write completely, we will say ISC. Same is the case with Maths also and now it is universally accepted.
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    What I feel that like the physical science is made as short to call as physics because it has the lots of formulas to be found out and listed as answer , the same way the mathematics has been called as Maths which also have so any formulas to attended and sorted out. And we are all habituated to abbreviated words of big words and may be for this reason the mathematics has become Maths as short to remember and get going. Nevertheless even the best and bright student of Maths would have never pondered over the meaning and definition or the short of Maths being discussed here.
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    Bhushan, please avoid such meaningless threads. In case you have something specific and meaningful to convey about such topics, please share such knowledge here instead of simply putting up such frivolous questions.
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