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    There's something good and bad in everything

    With goodness comes badness in every minor and major thing. Good people also have certain bad traits. Bad people do have a heart. Rude people care the most. Polite people turn out to be the evilest. One single thing is defined in various contextual manner. Few people agree and few disagree. Opinions are shaped by the perception and understanding level. There's an ongoing debate in every moment of our life. Without struggle and pain, success cannot be guaranteed. Without dreams, goals are empty vessels. Exams are meant to build up career and at the same time, exams inflicts fear and stress in the mind's of the student. Ultimately, the real struggle is in discovering and exploring new things to enhance the progress of learning level without giving up.
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    I read in my book of Hindi compulsory (class 12th) that no one may be complete. If we get highest level of merits then we wil stop our learning process. But as we know that learning and education are lifelong process. Now if any says that he or she is completed then he or she is deceiving himself or herself. Now the other important thing is our attitude. It depends on us that we calls a glass half filled or half empty,if we are optimistic than we can say that remaining half of the glass is filled with air. We shouldn't try to blame any person. We should learn to praise others. We must have positive attitude to get success in life.

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    Every coin has two sides. In our life we have a combination of both the characters. Good as well as bad. The mantra to success and progress is simply go with the good things ahead and keep the bad ones subdued.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Even this deadly virus Corona is also has given us some good opportunities. People who are never caring for our culture are looking at our culture. We used to laugh when our grandparents are asking us to change clothes when we come back home from school. Now we understood the importance of that and we are practising that.
    Like this, every good thing will have a bad point also.
    We can't identify any happening which is not having any bad effects and all only good effects. There may be 100 good points but there may be 1 or 2 bad effects also. As the good effects are more we will not go away from that practise the same.

    always confident

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    Yes,every coin has two sides. There will be two opinions on anything.
    Even so-called bad persons have their good side and the opposite too. We get to know from media that somone whom we were thinkig as 'great' 'gentleman' 'Kind hearte' 'Decent' etc is arreste by police on some criminal act.

    I hadexperienced this in2005 July when I was in Mumbai. There was an unprecedented floods in Mumbai. Life went totally haywire. People wer totally vulnerable and literally on streets throughout night a day. That day I saw the best humane faceof Mumbaiites. Every one was on the streets and road to help others in whatever way possible and whatever way needed.
    Probabaly the thieves and criminals also became gentelemen those few days. No one was picpocketed. No one was molested or misbehaved with. People abandoned their houses and escaped to safety. Manyhouses were exposed and open.. But no one stole anything.
    That simply proved that even criminals have their good and humane side.

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    Nothing is perfect in this world and nothing is worst in the globe. Everything comprises of a bit of this thing and a bit of that thing. Moreover this and that thing could be the extreme opposite of each other. Sometimes what we see is not what lies underneath. So, appearance could be fooling us and we might do grave errors in our judgement. Good helps us in moving fast forward while bad gives us experiences of life. In our life experiences are also very important as they help us in taking good decisions. So, there is a mix of everything and we have to give cognisance to all the elements.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Yes, it is very true that everyone has two aspects in his character, personality, traits, manners etc. Which aspect outweigh decides what type of person in reality we are, as nobody can say he or she is perfect. However, those who keep their goodness intact in every situation and subdue their badness are the real warriors in life. We should keep doing something good for others instead of any kind of bad despite evil temptation.

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    Yes there is something good and bad in everything and this lock down period has shown the examples. Now the lock down is being relaxed and the crime rate has been increased. For the ordinary people the lock down relaxation in some states is to fetch the groceries and necessities for the family. But for the wrong doers they are back to business. In one video I saw there men on the two wheeler snatched the collection bag from a motorist and when he resisted they shot down in Bihar. So when majority of the people think that curbs easing is for the good of all but the hooligans have their own plans.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    During this lockdown period, I am lucky enough to have contacted many friends with whom I had to share a lot of events but somehow or the other, it could not be materlised until I made final calls with them. It could be possible only due to this unexpected phase when I had the enjoyable time with many of friends after a long interval. This was even more enjoyable when they touched upon many personal events such as marriage of their daughters, shifting to a new locality of their choice and other cherished memories. Some of the events related to our past time affairs including the loitering around the college - street carrying packets of Jhal - mooris which we often consumed in sharing any interesting events. Recalling up the old days in this this unusual time has certainly added the unthinkable pleasure to both of us. Definitely this locking period has unlocked so many mysteries with which I was ignorant of.

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    A well-framed title that will certainly help people to have a second thought before judging others. We as humans have the tendency to frame a person in a shell and will always be looked from the frame that we have made. As well written by the writer, every person has good and bad in him/her and the time that makes it appear on the surface.

    A medicine that is good for one disease is dangerous for another, The snake that is dangerous to us is helpful in the field to eat rodents, The peel or skin that is a throwaway for us is good manure for the plant, etc. In the same way, everything has two points of view or vision. From one point, it may be good but when we see from the second angle, it may be bad. It is actually how and where we place our focal point of view.

    The perfect example can be taken of implementing Computer in our country, the Aadhar card, FDI, GST, etc when was presented in the parliament for the first time, the opposition had walked it left and right and if one hears the speech given by the opposition, we may say that they are right but what is it today. The people who opposed it strongly are the ones to implement it by asking everyone to link Aadhar with PAN, Bank, etc, brought 100% FDI, directly implemented 18-28% GST, etc. The thing that they thought or said would hamper the growth of the country and its people are the same to implement it strongly. It is the time and the view or understanding that make a person good or bad or show it in public.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    Yes. One person is good for one and bad for other. A thief is good to his family but bad for society and law. Good and bad are considered based on the reality. Good become bad if the good is polluted. A miser is a waste though he possess a good wealth. Ravana basically very good in courage, knowledge of everything, music but bad by his one action.

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    Every good deed starts from a bad deed and every bad arises from a good. The ego plays a vital role between the two and struggle for existence is just like a prey in the hands of a spider web.
    If people are struggling for food, one person provides food by arranging it from his own expenses whereas when another person is providing free provision the mediator wants to grab some to build his fame amongst the people.
    As told by the author it is a never ending battle of life. We cannot even understand which is taking the lead as none can predict it in the television news. We are the persons who can provide better judgement between ourselves to analyse, improve through out our life through learning.

    Lead the leader

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    That may be called a balancing act. It is true in the case of various experiments also. There is something known as ideal and another practical which we observe during the experiments. There is always a variation between these two. We always think and try to be the ideal one but in reality, we find things a bit different. All these things are nicely explained in this thread.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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