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    Ayurveda taking the lead - are we following these in our daily life.

    Ayurveda has decades of history in the field of medicine. It has proven itself as one of the best long standing treatment in which the ailment may not suffer with similar problems in future. Now for the Corona too, it's Ayurveda taking the lead. India and China are coming to conclusions that Ashwagandga can fight the virus to build immunity levels.

    The trend of eating pastas, burgers and pizzas will have to be pushed back to drinking the decotion of medicinal plants. An outcome of this leading improvements in industry coming up with these juices may not be a surprise in the mearge future. What is your opinion?

    Are you using any kind of ayurvedic herbs in your daily life? A few to name are the neem, tulasi, Indian pennywort, mint, giloy leaves, bay leaves, aloevera.
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    Ayurveda is the outcome of a long Indian tradition and culture and it has miraculous potentials and health benefits. We use many items like black pepper, ginger, basil, turmeric etc in our daily life as per the Ayurvedic advices.
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    There has been consistent effort on the part of powerful pharma and drug companies which prevailed on the previous government to go slow in promoting the Ayurveda kind of treatment for all ailments. And the Ayur department was given sweeping powers during the Modi government and today the result of Ayurveda treatment even on Covid patient seems to be encouraging and India could register most remarkable recoveries in the recent days. That is the reason so the central govt has not taken the spiking positive cases as there is remedy available for the patient to be treated until the final vaccine comes out through Indian researchers findings. Even before Corona the home made items are always available for us to treat for any disease but we are not having the faith nor the right information to use the same.
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    Ayurveda provides to lead a healthy life style with the inclusion of certain herbs such as the combination of Tulasi and Giloy would provide you host of benifits including healthy metabolism, preventing common cough and cold. regulating high blood pressure, lowering high sugar level in the blood alleviation of insomnia and so on. Though the single drug administration would also produce effective results, but the dual combination or even taking multiple herbs with the right formulation can work amazingly. Neem is known for purifying blood and its consumption with the advice of Vaidya can effectively treat skin disease apart from maintaining healthy sugar level in the body - system.
    Aloevera is known for curing host of diseases such as constipation, lever - ailments, skin disease, wonderful treatment for the diabetes etc.
    Despite the innumerable benifits of these herbs, unlike the allopathic medicines, these herbs are devoid of side effects as seen in the allopathic system.

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    Nature has provided us with many things to take care of our health. Firstly our food is the best medicine. Also, the routine that we should follow. In Tamil, Sukku(Dry Ginger) Milagu(Black Pepper) and Tippili are the three items considered good for a disease-free life. They are known as Trikadugam. One should have it regularly once a month. It keeps our immunity system fit and perfect. Now also, to stand against corona, the native doctors recommend Ginger, Pepper, Garlic, Lemon and Jeera as a precaution to avoid corona attack.
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    Ayurveda is our heritage. Our ancient scholars and saints had done a great study of the natural items available in our surroundings and from that they inferred some information based on the actual experimental data on the people. They also found that there were many natural spices and herbs which had great healing property and if taken routinely made the resistance of a person to a good level and also created immunity against the diseases. This study then converted to a holistic Ayurvedic practice and it is mentioned in our scriptures that as how these learned people even did some surgical operations also at that time using primitive tools.
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    My grandfather was an Ayurvedic practitioner. He used to treat very difficult and chronic problems also with his medicines. These medicines cure the disease permanently and these medicines will never have any side effects. Those days in that village almost all the people were using medicines from him.
    My father served in an Ayurvedic medicines manufacturing company for more than 60 years. He is having knowledge of almost all the ayurvedic medicines that are being made in that organisation and he knows what medicine is useful for what problem.
    Because of this, our family is having a good attachment with Ayurveda medicine and we use regularly ayurvedic medicines for our small problems. Slowly the confidence in this medicine is getting increased and people are going for these medicines. As mentioned by the author Aswagandha is very good medicine for immunity development and another medicine is Chyavanaprasa.

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    Ayurveda is native to India. It is aknowledge impartedby ancient Rishis. However when the foreign rule happene in India they tried to decimate it by bringing their western systems of medicines. Thus Ayurveda was deliberately termed as 'pseudoscientific' system. Our neo English literates also folowed suit.
    Thus a true system of Health management and disease treatment system , which was affordable to every one in society was relegated to a corner and despised by the modernists. Slowly for the last few years onwards there is a realisation that it is not the Aurveda system that is uscientific , butthe western mind which wanted to monopolise andpofit fromthe colonisation of our ation.
    So lot of studies and research and renaissance is happening to Ayurveda. Knowing its importance and other sytems of medicine our government has started a separate ministry for it -AYUSH.

    In Ayurveda food itself is the medicine. Kitchen is the medical store. IPeople are realisisng its importance and folowing it more and more. It is ahoistic, non-invasive system of health and disease management. It holds prevention as the main focus.
    It is only for our sake to follow Ayurveda suggested lifestyle.

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