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    Do you have your own blog in internet?

    There are many platforms in internet which provide free hosting space to the bloggers where they can create their page in various designs and then put their own contents there. If the content is of quality and interests the visitors then sometimes traffic would also increase which has some associated earning opportunities also. Are you blogging? Have you a blog where you regularly add content? Can you share it with members so that they can also visit that for some relevant information or just for surfing.
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    Having own blog is always good and fetching. But the blog should be maintained and updated daily. First of the blog should be useful to all in the daily walks of life. There cannot be selective blog for select audience or viewers. If the blog contents are updated daily and the visitors would also improve considerably. Share your blog details as links in the social media and that would bring more and new traffic to the blog. But all these need time and content to manage and keep the updates rolling otherwise the blog would be stale with no visitors at all. And earning through the blog is challenging as new contents of own should be created.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    I have opened several blogs and youtube account long back but not able to maintain because of my busy schedules. One blog related to jobs postings, one blog related to photo activity, one blog related to exam guidance for icse, cbse, one blog related GK. For these blogs now and then only few visitors appearing. For youtube posts also not getting considerable number of visitors to get any earnings. Actually all these blogs I opened are free of cost i.e.

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    Many years ago, I created my own blog and posted an article"Last speech of Mrs. Indira Gandhi" when the same article was rejected by ISC calling it as copied one. You won't find her speech anywhere. If it was at ISC, I would have earned enough Google Adsense Revenue Share. The page had over 25000 viewers. Now it must be more. Somehow I lost interest in maintaining the page. Now I forgot and don't know the whereabouts of that blog.
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    Often I think to be a blogger and the issue is in pipeline but still far from writing down.

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    K. Mohan:
    Yes, it is difficult to maintain a blog.
    Nice to note that you had so many blogs. You could combine them in one with some catchy heading. I would like to visit it.
    During that time a very few platforms were there. If you leave it for few years they generally delete them. One of my blog was deleted like that only.
    You have good writing potential. Still can think of some blog on some key topic. I would be happy to visit there.

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    Yes, I have built my own website hosted on . It is not , but it is . Anyone can simply convert their blogspot subdomain to main domain. Just it costs the domain name purchase only (Rs.1000/- only). Then blogger offers the feature to link the purchased domain and make it like a full site. My site is now receiving over 1M views every month. It takes a lot of effort and time to get traffic. My site is 4 years old.

    Even you would have earned Google adsense from your rejected article at that time, why not this time too. Just you have to link your adsense account. If you still receive page views in your blogspot blog, still you can earn. Just link your adsense. If you don't know how to link it, you can ask me further and I will guide you.


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    Your valuable information is very useful and let me visit your site and then I would make further interaction in the matter. I am happy that this post has got your attention and we would be learning from you now many things.

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    I have made a blog long back. For some time I used to add some content regularly. But later on, I discontinued. I have not visited that blog almost from the last two years I think. I used to have a page in Google also and I used to place some content, my papers and my seminar presentations on that. But that also I discontinued. These days I am not spending much time on the internet. Whatever time I am on the internet, I am on ISC only. Because of other issues, I am not able to concentrate on the internet.
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    Dr Rao:
    It is really surprising and a praiseworthy thing that even after your busy work schedule you are able to devote so much time in ISC. Keep it up.
    Can you tell us as what type of content you are putting in your blog? If you give the name of your page/ blog then we can visit that and learn something of our interest.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I never had time to spare for all these things when I was in my job.

    But I was always academically interested to learn new things. Hence after leaving my job I used to surf the net at random and read things which interested me. It was on such an occasion that I hit upon ISC.

    Just for academic interest to know what it is, I opened a blog then in Google blog (I am not sure as I cannot remeber it correctly now). I remember having posted just a welome post. For first few days I used to visit the blog, visit some other blogs and comment on them thinkingthey will visit my blog. But I was not knowing the technicalities of knowing how many visted my blog etc. That time I was a member in another forum which was dealing in spiritual philosophy etc.

    But after joining ISC I did not spend attention anywhere else. Then a lot of personal matters came, like changing of residence (now residing in third house, which was constructed duringthe period )etc.. By and by I forgot about the blog and the other forum too. I lost my password and user name. Thus ended my blog episode.

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    For regularly posting in a blog and making it a niche page requires a lot of efforts. In your case with good proficiency in the language and your inherent analytical capabilities you can do it but again only problem is the availability of time and our priorities.

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    I am a blogger too. I started my blog only after gaining some writing experience in ISC. Yes, that was my plan too. Before joining ISC too,I had a shared blog with my friend related to accounts and finance. I was studying then, so, I was upto date, following news, reading business magazines etc, so, I had the content to write.

    After getting married, I lost in touch with all those studies and writing too. So, again to start up, I required some platform to explore my writing skill. Also, I want my second phase of writing to be light but sensible. ISC's forum section discussion brought that cool in me to free flow writing.

    Then I ended up creating my blog called Indian Married girl in America. I had written my ISC journey too in two of my blog posts.
    [Edited - blogs should not be directly promoted through ISC, hence URL removed]

    Sri Vetri
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