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    Let us infuse the spirit of entrepreneurship in grown up children

    Let us take the example of the Marwari, the Chettiar and the Gounder communities of Tamil Nadu. The Marwaris have settled here for generations. They have entrepreneurship in their blood. Similarly, the Chettiar and the Gounder communities never bother too much about the recession. They have the spirit of entrepreneurship running in their blood and In their DNA.

    Once the restrictions are removed a little bit, let us even ask our grown-up children, particularly those in standard nine and above, to intern in the friendly neighborhood store. This will teach our children the nuances of customer relationship management, in a very conventional sense. But the traditional way of doing it also has its own hidden advantages. The spirit of customization is one of the most important things that our children can learn from such environments.

    Such a practical kind of learning will stand them in good stead in the future. The service industry will always zoom. If on a later date, our children have a problem with their regular jobs, they will not hesitate to become entrepreneurs. We should remember that we are a big country with millions of such entrepreneurs who have always done well for themselves.
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    In Andhra Pradesh, there is a caste called Vysyas. They are similar to Marveedis. Business is there in their blood. If the father goes for food, his son will sit in the shop and see the sales. This is the trend I have seen. In our native place. One Kirana shop used to be there. It belongs to a Vysya family. The owner is the father of five sons. Now in the same village, there are five Kirana shops and the owners are the five sons of that one shop owner. One son to one shop.

    I agree with the author, that after this lockdown is over we should encourage our children to think of their own business instead of going for jobs. That will make them self sufficient and they can become employers instead of employees.

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    During this lockdown,I saw my little nieces playing 'business' game. That has everything about a business. Capital, profit, rent, revenue, expenses, lending , borrowing, interest and charges etc. And to my wonder the children having played that many times knew all these well. They also devise strategies to get more money and then to 'buy a house' ," buy a hotel"etc.
    It is very easy to teach these children about real business. They know what is risk and what is gain.
    In earlier days business and trade was the man occupation and mastered by certain commuities at each place. For example, the Marwadis, the Chettiyars,etc. But now we see youth from any community are taking up trade and business. They have the urge, the knowledge and they are encouraged by the government by infrastructure and capital.
    If children are properly trained we can have very good entrepreneurs. We see it now in IT sctor where in many youth are involved in startups rather than taking up stereotype jobs.

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    Inculcating spirit of entrepreneurship in the children is not so easy as we have to explain them the need to have that. Still we should try to make the children familiar with many concepts of starting on ones own. This would inculcate in him a sense of responsibility and to do something differently from others. Those who have a strong willpower to carry on in any situation can think on those terms and have already have a successful enterprise with them. The present practice is that 4-5 qualified people would make a group and finally work for some startup or entrepreneurship. They can very well make their own team and work for that strange outcome.
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    Being an entrepreneur takes efforts to select the paths and the market research for their product. Since it requires basic investment, the industry should move on. Innovative ideas can only build markets.
    The generated ideas should bring in cost effectiveness along with quality products with the best customer service. It is always better to work in small scale at initial stages.
    If the present educated young citizens has to understand all about entrepreneurs, we should be able to answer all their queries and face their anxieties.

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    In India some communities feel that the business is their legacy and the children are not sent to the school rather they are sent to the shops run by the family and the child would pick the business tricks and tactics at the very young age and I respect this attitude in the children also as they would not waste time and open the shop early in the morning and does the business till late in the evening. The children would not waste time on television and movies and thus they are more productive daily and they save money for the future and that kind of attitude is not in our children and hence the failure.
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    I just now posted about teaching economics to 1st grade kids in study village. True the skill of making money should be taught in a younger age. Understanding money begins with understanding the needs and wants.

    Now a days, youth think of earning money and deciding their life style according to their earning. They had to be taught to evaluate their needs and wants, then should think of ways to getting it. Obviously working will come as an option. That is the best way to understand, working is an option, there are few other ways to make money.

    This thought will give a spark on manufacturing, trading, entrepreneurship etc.

    Sri Vetri
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    Minute services also can build up great entrepreneurs. These services are supporting jobs an upcoming trend as we had seen in marriages, the girls take the role of serving juice, flowers and gifts collecting and so on. Choosing a new idea can give a break through to build creativity.
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