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    When we misbehave with others then we actually degrade our own reputation

    Some people take sadistic pleasure by misbehaving with others or insulting others and think that they have done something very remarkable and take satisfaction on that. In reality, by doing so they lose their reputation in the society as well as in the peer group. It is a pity that these people do not know the consequences of doing such behaviour with others. People become cautious of such persons in the wake of the fear that they might insult them also one day. This is a habit in bad taste but somehow we have to tolerate such people in our lives. The best course of action is to ignore them and be away from them as far as possible. What do you think as how to deal with such people? Please share your experience.
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    The author is right when he says that it is better to ignore such persons since there may be repetition of the same irresponsible behaviour from his side. To remain in the stressful situation because of such insensitive people is not the healthy life style. If we maintain the similar retaliation, anger and frustration will develop from both the sides and the end result may be disastrous. So why to enter in such a gloomy phase with our next approach to such persons.? Hence keeping a right mental frame is definitely more important than anything else.

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    A person who is matured enough will never misbehave with others. Even though the other person is at a mistake, this person will never misbehave with him and he will try to explain very politely what is the mistake committed by him.
    But some people who are not matured enough will try to take pleasure by misbehaving with the others. By seeing them if we also go down to their level and misbehave with them, we will also be treated as the other person only by the third person. Let us not lose our cool and unnecessary degrade ourselves by misbehaving with a person who has no reputation.

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    By the way why should there be misbehavior initiated from our side. Though others may misbehave against you , it is important to have self restrain and control our anger or feelings. If we also misbehave what is the difference between him and us. And when we take light of others doing, that itself a slap on their face. That means when we stop responding to other barb, that is the most insult for that person. Though some get the ulterior satisfaction of having done the mischief, they would repent when the same happens to them. In one of the function when one person was eating with all items served, the other person done some camera trick and clicked the snap as if he is eating too much served on the plate and the quantity resembled on the plantain leaf was huge and that irked the person and he never talked to him even to this day.
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    It is said, not only misbehave but also shouting or expressing our anger with others degrade ours. The same has been reiterated in Mahabharatha through an incident. Once Lord Krishna and Pandavas were hidden themselves in a forest cave for shelter. Everybody sleeping and on hearing a huge sound, Dharma, the eldest, went outside and saw a huge demon making sound. In order to save others, Dharma asked the demon to move out. On refusal both of them fought but Dharma got fainted by failure. Next Bheema, then,Arjuna, Nakul and Sakadev one by one got fainted. Lastly Lord Krishna came out. He faced the demon with smile further and further but not showed his anger or fighting on him in any manner. Lastly the demon failed and fell down. These earlier fainted five got up and saw the demon's failure. They asked Lord Krishna how it happened. Lord Krishna replied, ''This demon is nothing but anger if one shows force to the anger, the power of anger get increased further and further but if shows nothing the power of anger will come down and down lastly it get vanished."
    The epics are telling us the way of living.

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    Good thread is raised by Umesh sir. This thread is related on interpersonal relationships of human beings. This situation is very common in our society because the groups of this type personality is increasing day by day . They mostly irritate the persons who have simplicity in their behaviour. Now according to me we shouldn't focus on this type personalities if their acts are not worst because we can use this time in our progress. But we shouldn't use above said line as an universal truth. If anyone is trying to comment on our sisters,mothers (I mean any women) then we should give response without taking a single moment. We mustn't lose our self respect. As possible we must use civilized language when we are responding them. We should try to answer by getting our targets.

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    When someone becomes angry he loses the sense of balance behaviour and ration. Such people misbehave in a way they would not have doen if they wer rational and normal. Such misbehaviour is enhanced when someone is under influence of alcohol or drugs.

    Anger is termed as a sort of fire which burns anddestroys the person from inside. If the other person also is such a personthen the situation goes very bad and can lead to any worse situation. Hence if the receiver is a sane, elder, or mature person he does not react in the same way, but try to ignore and do a firefighting act.

    However whn someone is always in the habit of mibehaving then slowlypeople abhor him and degrade him intheir assessment about him. This is not for any person. One has to be well behaved always even when one is in diagreement with another.

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    It is true. One has to manage the anger and then control the aggressive feelings. That would help.

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    if someone misbehaves or insults others to feel happiness and showing his rudeness to others has become his habit, he can continue until he comes across more powerful and more arrogant person than him.
    Nobody dares to insult a powerful person. Such a rude person thinks ten times before showing even slight misbehavior or insulting remarks against him.

    Nobody can be great by insulting any poor or weak person, therefore, we have to introspect if we have ever insulted any poor or weak person because we are rich or powerful or holding a higher designation. This person may be our own servant or subordinate or beggar or any stranger ?

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    We can see such traits in dominant people who try to show their dominance and feel that their subordinates of people working under them are only there to listen to them. They feel elevated by showing their supremacy in front of others and thus whenever they get a chance to show their dominance, they spit it out in front of others. As mentioned by other members and the writer, there are chances that he might get more powerful and more arrogant person than him who will make him realize his mistake or when the water gets over one's head, you start to retaliate which actually peels the skin and that is the worse that can happen to him/her. It is seen that people try to ignore or keep quiet when their superior, elder, or boss shout at them. It is not that they are on the wrong side or they don't know to respond but they prefer not to do so to give them respect or to fuse the talk but at times it becomes very ugly and the one at the receiving end may feel very dull, sad and even cry. When the time comes that he/she is not able to take any more, he/she may burst out that will wash away all the goodness, dominance, the respect he/she had achieved or acquired. It is true that actually degrade our own reputation but some take it as their right which is very bad.
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    Dr Rao:
    You are right. Maturity has a link with it.

    K Mohan:
    Self restraining is one of the best solutions.

    True. We should not focus on them.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The author is correct and has given the suggestion to ignore such people. Those who are habituated to misbehave in such a way become unpopular but unfortunately I find many such types of people around us. They like to shout at others at many instants and it seems they feel proud of it. Since it will be difficult to deal with such persons it's always better to avoid such persons and I am afraid because in the coming days there is a high chance of adding more such people in the list of 'to-be-avoided'. I think people are increasingly becoming intolerant. That's a serious issue.

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