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    Extend your alm to the really needy persons

    In Tamil there is a proverb, 'paathiram arinthu pichchai idu' which means the alm should be given to the persons by knowing them / their requirment.
    Advising to others is very easy and found common in all human irrespective of age and gender. But the thing we have to keep in mind that the advise also to be given only to the applicable one and really intended one.

    Advising in volunteer is not liked by many people though many of us doing. Generally we do advise to the persons closed to us with real intention and involvement but that too taken mistake by the person.

    We can see in many places persons driving two wheeler are informing the others coming in opposite direction without helmet etc., that police or checking persons are on the way. By ignoring their alert if the two wheeler person go without helmet should get caught.
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    Giving help to the needy persons is a very good trait. Similarly giving advise to the person who wants is also very good. If we give a hundred rupee note to a beggar, he will feel happy and if you give the same to a rich person he will never take it seriously. So we should not give a donation to a rich man. We should give only to a needy man, If you offer food to a person who is hungry, he will be very happy and take it. But if you offer to a person who is having no hungry will not understand the value of that food.
    Similarly, some people give suggestions and advise to others. They never think that the others are not much interested. I feel we should give unsolicited advises to anybody. That will bring down our value. If somebody is giving us unnecessary advise we will not value him and people will never care him.

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    While the title and the proveb quoted are regarding donations, the author somehow fits themto advice also.
    I think we have to understand the proverb clearly. Donations are given to someone who is in need.So he will accept our donation. Only we have to ensure that he is deserving the help.
    But advice is something different. The person may not need it at all. So he will reject it or not even lend his ear to it. In that case itis only intrusion by the advisor.
    But expanding themeaning we can exent the proverb to advice also.

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    I think it is always better to give donation to the needy person and we should avoid giving it to the fund raisers and other professionals in this field. If one has capacity to spare some money for the needy then it is really a great service if the help is done to him. It is sometimes difficult to identify a needy person as so many fraudulent people are around and making fool of the gullible donors. A donor has to be very sure about the bonafied person and his actual needs. If this can be done then there would not be any worry of the amount utilised in the hands of the undeserving people.
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