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    Interview for the post of Hostel Warden of a reputed educational institute.

    It was 9:45 am and the interview is scheduled to start at 10:00 am. The office lobby was packed with people both young and old. Mrs. Gomes Entered the lobby and looking at the crowd got tensed as the number was big but hesitantly walked to the reception area and enquired about the interview. She got relieved only after knowing that there are only 25 candidates and she was assigned 19th and the rest were their companions or parents. Mrs. Gomes was in her forties, lean, 5.5" tall, fair, and walked in draping an ash color small bordered saree. She carried a mixed smile, wearing black-framed round specs and carrying a black color folder holding her documents well arranged in the folder. The interview started at sharp 10 am and the tension could be seen in the lobby but it was a short interview as every candidate was coming out in a span of 10-15 minutes. At 12:30 pm, they gave a break and the interview resumed back at 1:00 pm. At 1:50, the reception called out Mrs. Gomes's name and told her to go inside the meeting room where the interview was being conducted.

    Mrs. Gomes knocked at the door and asked chivalrously, May I come in? She got the reply, yes! Come in and have a seat. Mrs. Gomes walked in with a smile on her face and confidence in her walk. It was due to the experience. Seated on the interview panel was the college principal Sr. Rosy and head of college administration Mr. KochuMathew. Mrs. Gomes handed the folder containing her certificates and other documents. After going through the documents, Sr. Rosy enunciated, we have gone through your documents and it is good to know that you have completed your B.A Home Science and also have done a Certification course in Housekeeping Operation . Both the course will add to the skills and qualifications required for a hostel warden (the options/scenario selected for the competition) which will help to balance children and even keep the hostel in good order.

    {Looking to Mr. KochuMathew, Sr. Rosy nodded her head and said, let's start the interview}

    Sr. Rosy: Mrs. Gomes, students stay away from home, and especially for freshers, it is difficult to handle homesickness for a few months. How do you think, you can tackle such children who feel alienated or lonely?

    Mrs. Gomes: Sister, I know that staying away from home is really pining, and especially for freshers, it is even more concerning as they are emotionally attached to their family and surrounding but here, everything is new and thus juddering. Even I have gone through homesickness when I first stayed away from home for my work but now I can handle it very well. Being working with youths, I know how to handle the situation.
    I would have an ice breaker section for freshers so that they know the new entry, be able to mingle with them, and be a comforter for each other. They will be able to know them, their hobbies, place or their home town, stream they have joined, etc. which will help them to group accordingly. After the ice-breaker section, I will ask them to make their own group of 4 and allot them the room so that they all become a comforter for each other and help them cope with the yearning for home. Even after this, if there is some particular child who still feels nostalgic, I would personally try my best to offer support, encourage, and deal with their emotions.
    Sr. Rosy: That is really a good approach from your side and it shows your experience in handling such a situation. Mr. KochuMathew, you can have your question.

    Mr. KochuMathew: If you come to know that some seniors are ragging the new students, how would you react as you know that ragging is strictly prohibited in the college, hostel, and in the campus?

    Mrs. Gomes: I am very well aware of the ragging rules, its prohibition, and I am certainly against ragging. I will try to instruct the senior student's management concerns about ragging and actions or consequences if found guilty. During the ice-breaker section, I would also inform the freshers about the rules and regulations of the hostel whom to approach for their concerns. Now, I also have a second thought on ragging sir.

    Mr. KochuMathew: Yes, continue. What is your second thought?

    Mrs. Gomes: See, Every senior wait for the freshers to arrive in order to rag and every fresher knows that few seniors would try their hand on ragging. Some ragging is fun and a moment to be remembered and cherished. It doesn't mean, I encourage ragging but making freshers sing, dance, mono-act, mimic, walk the ramp, etc. like in the movie –"3 idiots" helps them to know their seniors, face situation or embracement and build confidence. It helps them to ease up and handle situations which is very much necessary for everyone. If these are taken in a lighter note, they will be able to deal with other circumstances easily without stress and tension. So I would try to ignore healthy ragging but would certainly act if it goes beyond mere entertainment.
    {Mr. KochuMathew impressed with the answer raises his eyebrow and gives a yes nod to Sr. Rosy and Sr. Rosy interrupts}

    Sr. Rosy: Mrs. Gomes, the campus and college are strictly against ragging but your second thought makes us look to it from a different angle and is captivating.
    {Sr. Rosy taking a sip from the glass and then continues}
    Mrs. Gomes, You have worked as hostel warden before and would have seen fights between roommates or colleagues in the hostel. How will you handle the situation when it is reported to you?

    Mrs. Gomes: Sister, Conflicts, fights, and misunderstanding between roommates or colleagues in the hostel is a common thing and it is just how we take and handle things. Normally, I try to give an ear to both the party and understand them. Then I would call their other roommates or people near them to know their viewpoint on the conflicts and try to come up with an amicable solution that is favorable to both the party. I would prefer them to come up with a solution that encourages forgiveness and facilitate bonding between the two. In order to ensure their good bonding, I would even give them group tasks as a punishment like helping in the mess or kitchen, laundry, gardening, organizing games for others which will help them to pair-up and bond again. As children fights and conflicts are part and parcel of college life and we need to help them know it, find a solution, and overcome it with ease.

    Sr. Rosy: You have a very positive approach and ability to handle children with ease. You have really impressed us with your answers.

    Mr. KochuMathew: Mrs. Gomes, do give your mobile no and email details and a copy of your documents to the receptionist. We will contact you at the earliest and look forward to you being a part of the institution.

    Mrs. Gomes: Thank you, Sir, and thank you, Sister.

    (My entry for the Academics Quadrathlon contest – Event 3: campus interviews
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    The post of the hostel warden is a responsible position and the board would definitely be looking for a suitable candidate who can manage the hostel affairs. This is a position where many experienced people would apply and competition would be tough. The interview is a matter of fact well presented covering all the aspect of a healthy interview but only one thing that comes to my mind is that - is such a long and elaborate answer is to be given by the candidate or she should cut it short as a pointed answer has more power and thrust to convince the board.
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    Thank you for the review and comment. Yes, I agree that the answers are long and elaborated and I will try to cut it short as a pointed answer for the next one as modification cannot be done for competition entry. The changes allowed are only grammatical corrections or others but cannot change the full structure. It is good to find one's mistake that will help me to improve.
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    Good interview. The answers indicate that the person is having a good idea of the subject and it gives a positive idea about the interviewee to the interviewer. The author made a good attempt in presenting the interview in a very formal way. I wish him all the best.
    always confident

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    Very long and good interview and I appreciate the interviewer and the candidate. The interview was in a most formal way for the most important post of warden.
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    It is not a mistake, it was only my observation as in real life answers to the interviews are not so long. Please do not edit it at this stage due to two reasons. First you have already mentioned and second is the line in the contest announcement thread at rule number 2 where it is specifically mentioned that -
    As the interviewee, you can give a detailed answer as long as it does cover some important points that are relevant to the question asked.
    So in view of that your entry is standing at a solid ground and wish you all the best.

    Knowledge is power.

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