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    What are best lockdown present ideas?

    March through June, is the time when most of my friends were born. Unfortunately the lockdown has damaged their birthday plans horribly. What would be the best way one can lighten their moods on their birthdays?
    We can't send them gifts because there were no delivery services so far. Gifts shops were all closed. You can't to their home. What will you do if your friend was having a birthday during the lockdown? There are ofcourse classical calls and video calls, but those aren't gifts.

    A friend of my friend did this for her. He wished her in 23 different languages and asked her to decipher which language was which. I imagine he gifted her knowledge. I found the idea beautiful. Not all gifts need to be physical ofcourse. Another friend of the same friend from earlier, wrote a handwritten accolade to her talents. I found these great ideas. I myself did this for her. I made a website of sorts, compiling all the beautiful memories we had as photos. If she goes to the website she would find menu there. From there she can choose whatever I designed for her, like an interactive game. What are your creative lockdown gifts?
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    Due to a large virtual material available in the online sites there is no problem wishing someone a happy birthday with those virtual gifts but the joy of doing something with our own hands is something that remains in memory fora long period. I would try to write a passage about his or her journey so far in his life and highlight the achievements and other things. It would be encouraging for him to see that and he would definitely cherish those moments. Another thing is give him a online book of his choice so that he can read it while remembering you. The simplest would be to make a drawing or sketch by hand and then forward it to him by scanning and sending through the digital medium. I also agree that gift need not to be a physical possession only.
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    Brilliant ideas Umesh. Gifting an online book is a good idea. You can send ebooks too. Or Audible subscription.
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    Gift-give it to the fullest. You can write a poem expressing how he or she was supportive at times with their positive traits.
    If you are interested in painting, you can paint a beautiful picture of their choice which can be presented at a later date. You could provide food to the needy in their favour. You could spare some money for the education of poor children in their names.
    Once you send the gift you should feel satisfactory and the receiver should feel contented with it. That's enough, it need not create wonders. The simplest and smallest gift is also acceptable from a good friend.

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    Aditya Mohan,
    For this excellent thread on missing gifts due to lockdown, I present you here, a simple sketch of a great personality. It is my own hand drawing. Please accept my gift. I leave it to you to guess who he is !

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    During this lock down we are certainly missing the connect with the people personally and the birthday parties are truly missing. The ideas to wish the friend on birthday can be creative and not lifted or borrowed from other ideas. A friend would have spent time with us and the previous photos can be made as slide presentation with some mentions and that would be great record for the future. Everyone has the images of past but the same images if told in different way with nice comments would be more memorable and that would be great gift for the persons celebrating the birthday.
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    @Sharada, I love your beautiful ideas.
    @Sun, he does look like a famous personality but I'm unable to recognise him. Will you help me?

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    I made this sketch for a quiz at ISC. It is no one but Modi in his youth days. I hope you like it.

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    My marriage day is on 10th May. This year we have no celebrations because of the lockdown. My elder daughter in law made a cake in the house and made us cut that.
    All my near and dear talk to each other and made a beautiful video. This is the 35th marriage day. So there are 35 messages from all my near and dear relatives. Starting from my father to my granddaughter gave their wishes in that video. That video they delivered to us through phone exactly at 00 00hrs of 10. 05.2020. Each message is a wonderful message. I and my wife got thrilled to see that video and I am happy that how much interest they have taken in making that video. They are all in different places. But they coordinated with each other and made an excellent presentation.
    This type of gifts will make us very happy and we will never forget about that gift. You can also plan with other friend fo your friends and can make a beautiful video which will make your friend happy.

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    I have some interest in photo editing and I have informally learned some photoshop tutorials also. I generally edit photos of my friends and relatives and write some good words on that which fit the occasion and sometimes I mix a few photos to make a collage or make a border and things like that and when I send them, they like it. So I would prefer to prepare and send in this mode only.
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    It is good to read out some out of box gifting solutions through this thread. As mentioned by DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao about the beautiful video message he received for their wedding anniversary, the same sort of wishes were done by one of my cousins for her parent's 25th wedding anniversary. She asked all her relatives to make a small greeting video message and post it to her. She collects their message and grouped it according to the relationship with her parents. On the D-Day, she posted in on her parent's Facebook timeline. It was a pure natural presentation with everyone in their simple and humble dress without make-up or dress but natural. It was good to see such creativity from children.

    The other type of gifts can be making a collage of their pictures from the oldest to the most recent like looking at the transition of them as they age. This will help to bring in the nostalgic feel that they enjoyed in every age that they passed.

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    Embracing gifts is everyone's interest but designing a gift to keep up their choices needs a bit if understanding and affection towards the person to whom we are presenting it. The value does not matter at all.
    Last year for the Christmas friend gift, I could get two gifts within it which was my favourite. How could he guess my mind and heart was a wonderful question lingering in my mind? He could guess this as he got the information from me itself but without my knowledge.
    So you can also refer to this ideas, it creates wonders.

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    A few days back one of my nephew had his b'day in Bangalore and they arranged a Zoom video conference between Mumbai-Bristol(UK)-Bangalore-Dehradun to catch a glimpse of their near and dear and showed us the items that they prepared in house to celebrate the b'day. We also wished them good times and gifted our love and affection online. It was really much fun and we all enjoyed much. So, this type of activity can also be thought and enjoyed by us in such times. My niece who is studying in Bristol who could not come to India in Summer holidays due to the pandemic outbreak was so happy and thrilled with this family get-to-gather.

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    All your gift ideas are so heart warming and wonderful. I hope though, that the creativity we use in lockdown pertains to the life post lockdown too. It is always warm to see people putting efforts instead of just buying things online.
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