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    Is panic better in pandemic situation?

    We all know how USA has poorly handled the pandemic situation with huge amount of casualties and active cases. That gives me an idea to raise a hypothetical thread. Now by panic, I don't mean panic consuming that happened in first world countries by the onset of Corona, where many people left supermarkets bare. What I mean is panic in mind.

    Let's imagine two countries A and B both facing pandemic C. Both countries have roughly the same population and economy. Both countries had a severe number of casualties in the onset of C. The next day presidents of countries A and B address their nation. While country A claims that this new Pandemic can be overcome with lockdown and vaccine V is being worked on in their labs, country B people are told by their president that this Pandemic C has no cure as it is being caused by a virus with tough-to-crack genetic material. Both countries are put under lockdown for months. But since B citizens know this virus has no cure, they will adhere to regulations more sternly. B citizens will have decreased contact with the outside. A people, on the other hand, have a choice of sorts. They don't see C as doom certainly. Which country would fare better in a pandemic? I think B would. Banking all your believes on a vaccine or some other hypothetical cure is not going to save a pandemic that spreads voraciously. Agree with me?
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    Panic is not good in any situation.What is needed is awareness of the risk and precautions and preventive actions to mitigate that risk.
    In football match there are various positions assigned to players in ateam for defence and offence.l So we have Forwards, Defenders, Half back, Goal keeper etc.etc. Each one is expected to play his role towards the achievement of the task. Either defence or offence-preventing goal at one's side and scoring goal on opposite side.
    So in the present situation of Corona virus the enemy's damage potential is assessed and from that awareness a various defence strategy are tried and implemented. We cannot keep our Golapost undfended. Inthe Corona virus the Forwards are our Helath workers, the Back and Half back are our scientists and Virologists, and we each are the real goal keepers. So if deficiency is there in any of the rontal positions it will end in bad result to our post. Hence as goal keepers we have to alert, keep our positions and be ready with all defence strategies but also watching te frontliners and backingthem too.
    It is not panic but a well considered straegy of defence and ofence put inplace. This can only banish panic.

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    Sometimes people take some actions due to the fear in the mind. If the fear is not there then extreme actions would not be there. People would abide by the goal lockdown only when they are sure that it would help the society and the whole country in containing the virus infection. If they know that it is not going to help them, they would be in real panic and take up some extreme action which may not be helpful but give them a chance to escape from the situation. So fear or the fear produced due to panic both are necessary ingredients for observing discipline in this condition. Absence of fear would bring carelessness and that is the most wretched thing in this critical junction.
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    Somewhere I read about Syndemic. From epidemic to pandemic and finally to syndemic. I think the syndemic is a combination of all diseases existing in this world. Am I right with the word syndemic? Have you heard this word?
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    Becoming Panic is never advisable in any situation. If we get panic we don't know what we are doing and we don't know what will happen. Many times we do mistakes without thinking in a panic because our mind will never work in a correct way. There may be many pandemic situations we have to face in our lives. If we become panic we can't face them correctly at any time. Always we should keep our senses in our control.
    When the president announced that there is no cure for the virus and we should maintain social distance to avoid this problem, we should not get panic. We should make ourselves isolated from others and advise our family members and friends to keep social distance and not to go anywhere. Instead of that you are panic and you don't know what to do, you have to depend on others to take care of you. That situation is never advisable and you may not be able to face the situation properly.

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    Actually the panic has been triggered by WHO when it declared the virus as pandemic and from that day all countries across the world on curbs mode. But WHO does not allowed the International team to know the origin of the virus and the causes of it and the same WHO is defending China very much. All this lead to panic across the world and India which cannot afford wholesome spike in cases has opted for the lock down options, but other countries feared of economic slow down and hence continued with life and therefore affected the most. Now WHO says Indian handling of pandemic is great.
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    Different countries have their own social system and understanding of the people towards pandemics or other natural calamities and they would react to them in that way only. The developed and advanced countries might not be fearful of this in the first instance but once the severity is known then fear starts gripping the people and panic starts to build up. So, there could be some differences but when it comes to the problem of such gigantic proportions very few people would be able to keep control on their feelings and sentiments. We cannot compare this in those simple ways.
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    Do you not think it's Panic ?

    (According to Kohram Hindi)
    Lately BJP MLA Vinod Bhayana of Haansi (Haryana) has inaugurated Gaw Shala (Cow shelter) with a large gathering of the people including S.D.M, D.S.P and other political leaders and supporters.

    When the responsible people commit the contravention of lockdown what should be expected from the common people. It is impossible to defeat Coronavirus if such incidents of contravention of lockdown are continued.

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