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    Can I delete answer in ask expert and post it on article?

    I have answered a question 'What parameters to consider while Intraday Stock Trading?' on 12th May but it is not yet reviewed by editors, can i remove it and repost it on the articles section?
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    Prakash, removing an already submitted content and shifting it to another section is not an ideal proposition. What we suggest is that you may expand the content in the answer provided by you without repeating the same and convert the subject into an article, provided the article will come under the academic niche and will be useful to students and other interested persons who may like to gain knowledge on the subject.

    Please ensure that you strictly follow the guidelines for submitting articles. Contents copied, wholly or in part, will not be entertained.

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    I have seen on this site, some authors open thread on a particular subject. After some time they will make an article on the same subject and submit them in the article section. The discussion that has happened on the forum section will be useful to the author as input for his article writing. Added to that the author will have his own knowledge subject. That will enable him to make a good article. So I think you can read the other answers also for that question. That may give you some additional inputs. Now you can make an article and post it. There is no necessity to remove your answer.
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    The author always has the right and privilege to create to create new article on Intraday stock trading which is the good subject and topic and many would be eager to know about the parameters being suggested there in. However the author has to take care as already submitted answer in the ask experts and the proposed article should have much more elaborate description not connected to what written as response in ask experts. And if possible write the circumstances, need for the parameters and other details so that the internet users will get full knowledge about the Intraday stock trading.
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    You have both the options available to you. First is as Saji suggested that to let it remain here as it is and then write the article separately incorporating all the points related to the issue in form of an elaborate article and the second option is that you remove it from here and present it in your proposed article in still better forms adhering to the ISC format. Remember, copy paste is an offence but rewriting and presenting in a new style is an art. That requires creativity. Many tools are available for that like reading material on that subject and then comprehending and writing or using a thesaurus for finding better and more impressive worlds. When I say impressive it does not mean tough words but it means that more expressive and carrying the feelings that you really want to depict and make the things more clear to the reader.
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    @Prakashtk,(thread author) .This is subject to and in addition to the Lead Editor's answer and suggestion.

    You may retain your answer in the AE section as such. I the artile is a niche subject as LE told, then write the article with all the relevant points in your own words. The points you tuched in the AE answer, if need to be included inthe article ,should not be exactly as in your AE answer, but in different words and sequences. It should not be replica also.

    You may also give an express ink to your AE post. That is permitted. Here what you can do is just mention those vital points in a rewritten manner. and then mention that the same is detailed in post no. in and (give the AE page link)
    Howver also check the article posting guidelines too to be more precise and clear.

    @ Dr Rao #697274, true observation.

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    Thanks all for your valuable suggestions, that was my first post in this channel. I am also not able to delete the attachment which I uploaded unknowingly, how can I delete it?

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    To delete an attachment, you would see 'delete attachment' written somewhere near the attachment. Just click on it to delete the attachment.
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