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    Why Nepal PM talking against India?

    Nepal is a very small Hindu country which is friendly with India. With Nepal we had any problem with them. But few days back Nepal PM back saying India is occupying some part of their territory. Nepal government recently prepared a new map showing the part of Indian region as the region of their country. Nepal PM also fired on India because of people of India they are getting Corona virus. The virus spread by people of India is stronger than the China virus. Why a friendly country PM revolting against India? Is there a political hand of China in the action shown by Nepal PM? How Mr.Modi government deal with Nepal now? What is going behind the curtain this sudden change in the attitude of Nepal?
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    India wants to construct a road in Lipulekh which is part of Nepal or dispute part between Nepal, India, and China. Nepal is a Hindu country even they fight against India.
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    I also saw on social media what you spoke about. I am yet to understand why this sudden attitude is there towards India. Nepal and India has easy border relations because of extensive tourism borders. The Gorkha regiment is one of the most furious and loyal regiments. I'm yet to see what kind of political implication does Nepal have here.
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    The border dispute between India and Nepal is nothing new and history can be traced back to the late 1800s. There have been allegations regarding India encroaching their land etc but such issues did not last long due to different reasons, including India's international policies and relations. But the disputes were never resolved, maybe because there were no problems between the two countries.

    Now, with the building of a road on Lipulekh, a territory claimed by Nepal to be on their side and also the inclusion of Kalapani, again a territory claimed by Nepal, as part of Uttarakhand in the political map released by India in 2019, the conflict has gained momentum. Nepal has joined the dots and has now raised the issue particularly due to the change in the attitude of the present rightwing government in India. So it comes as no surprise.

    Let us not worry whether such retaliation is at the behest of China or otherwise but one important thing we need to notice and should be careful about is the efforts by China to initiate their presence in countries bordering us including Sri Lanka. Being overconfident and having a big brotherly attitude cannot save India. We need knowledgeable and diplomatic political leaders who are aware of the ground realities to tackle such issues.

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    Once India and Nepal were very close friends but now in recent years Nepal is showing bromance with China. Why our close friend went away from us and sat in the lap of China, our enemy, is a serious issue?

    Some more questions are lingering about our diplomatic relations with our neighbouring countries aren't very cordial as we had in past.
    China is our biggest enemy and so is Pakistan but despite vast differences in religion, language, culture, ideology, social values, eating habits etc China is the most trusted country to Pakistan, reason is that enemy of the enemy is the friend, since India is the common enemy of both these countries, therefore, both are friends.

    Bangladesh was our close friend but now slowly heat in bilateral relations is going down. Bhutan has imposed entry fee on Indian visitors also, earlier it's was almost free.

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    Yes. Nepal is a Hindu country and it is a friendly nation to India. They have easy border rules to improves tourism between the two countries. But sometimes small issues will raise between friends also. But they will get resolved without much problem. Problem the same thing may happen here also, I think.
    The border dispute was there between these two countries. But none of the two has taken it as a way breakaway point and continuing their friendship. But now India is making a road on Lipulekh. This part is being claimed by Nepal as their part. This is the reason for the present angry of Nepal on India,
    But Nepal knows the mind of China. I don't think that they will do the mistake of making friendship with China at the cost of India. If they do that they will have to face the consequences. India is a better country in many respects than China to be a friend.

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    What I feel that during the COVID19 period the big nations have taken sides with big league nations which are against the China for spreading the virus. While US is leading on one side, the Russia is leading on the other side. While India is with US and China with Russia and the small countries like Nepal have been rattled with this new development. Nepal felt it should be with China for the their development and security, it is shunning India's long standing relations with that country. Anyway much is going to happen once the virus is gone for ever and surely US is going to take action against China.
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    The Nepal government,or PM is Communist party. They have a natural bias towards China.
    There are some issues with Nepal since some time. Nepal is now more inthe influence of China. As India is becoming a favoured nation by many western countries China views it with concern. It is afraid whether it will lose its prominence and control over western nations.
    So it wants to put and keep on pressure on India. as is its habit with neighbouring countries always. Now that India has become better equipped in its defence areas, and China's trick work of prodding Pakistan against India is not giving that much results,China wants to put presure through India's once bets friend Nepal.
    Nepal also uses this opportunity for better bargain to its favour.
    As of now India need not worry and need not succumb to pressure. It has to bhave as a mature nation andignorethe the provocative statements of Nepal PM.
    Any misadventure,the loss will be of Nepal's.

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    If you compare India with China thinking levels of the Indian public can be understood. China is already developed this is said by prominent leaders of this country. China has invested lots of money in the development of Indian cities. You can refer to it to Google. China is also investing a lot of money for the development of Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and other neighboring countries. Investing money for development or rivalry?
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