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    Which floor would you prefer in a five floor apartment?

    Nowadays it is becoming very difficult to own an individual house because of lack of space or cost of land in big cities etc. So everyone is opting for a flat in multistoried apartments. Some people prefer flat on the first floor and some like to have it in the 4th or 5th floor. If you are to choose a flat, which floor would you prefer and what is the reason for your preference? Long back people used to select first and second floors but in the present trend, people are opting for the topmost floor. Members share your opinions by giving your reasons for the selection.
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    Definitely first floor why
    My experiences in staying 5th floor and even the 1st floor in Mumbai PG(MAHADA Colony Goreagon East).
    Advantages: Sun beating will be less if it is a coastal area of the state. (I faced this problem in Mumbai in staying PG when I stayed in 1st floor)
    If Apartment has water scarcity water is easily carriable to the first floor if it is available outside(as I faced this problem in Mumbai while staying in PG ).
    If you forgot something and left the Apartment suddenly you realize that you forgot things and at the same time lift fails you have to reach your floor with steps and time is also one criterion.
    Frequently using Lift is not good due to many reasons(especially in pandemic situations and sometimes lift will not be working while you are in the lift) so if you are staying on the first floor you will ignore all these lifts traveling things.
    Easy to carry goods from outside to inside if you are on the first floor.

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    I prefer the first floor always. I purchased a Flat in 2000 and stayed in that up to 2006. Then I purchased an independent house and sole that flat.
    The advantages of the first floor which made me to like that are
    1. If in a day 4 or 5 times we go down and climb up using stairs, it will be an exercise and there is no necessity of going for separate walking or exercise.
    2. If there is no power, the lift will not work. Those times for old people it is easy to come up. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for them.
    3. We will not feel the heat as there are some more floors above our floor.
    4. Carrying materials through stairs is easy if it is the first floor. Otherwise, it will be difficult.
    5. When we want to sell it off, we will get a better price than on 4th or 5th floor.

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    It is difficult to chose as suggested by the author as I would give the reasons and then the author or even others can decide as to which floor they can opt in a apartment. Normally the ground floor were given for the parking so question does not arise. The first floor apartments are either kept by the land owners or the builders sold for good price. The second floor is preferred by many as in the event of lift going out of order they can adjust. And the third floor is preferred many as the height would ideal to get the natural air. The fourth floor is not preferred because in the even of lift going out of order, walking four floors would be taxing and the fifth floor is not preferred because the entire floor will be hot and cannot be tolerated without the air condition. Even in the night time the rooms are hotter and cannot be tolerated.
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    Generally people like higher floors so that they can have good outside view and good wind and less dust. But I have a liking for the 1st floor due to many reasons. First is I want to avoid lifts as far as possible and would like to use stairs and if you live in first floor then stairs to step on would be minimal. Another thing is I have a fear of heights (vertigo) and do not enjoy it so for me 1st floor is ideal. The last but not the least is that I like to talk to my friends (of the same age group of course) while standing on my balcony while they are going out or coming in the building. Sometimes I take this liberty.
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    I had a preference to the top mst floor. I was staying on the topmost fllor-seventh floor) in an apartment in Mumbai. The apartment itself was on a hill and I used to get a wide panoramic view to my three sides. The balcony was facing west and I was getting a wonderful view of the sea and Sunset. I used to have the feeling of 'I am the Lord of all I see".

    But now as I ave grown in age and from practical wisdom I will prefr a flat in the first floor or maximum second floor. This is justout of precaution that incase lift fails i can slowly walk up or down taking support if needed.
    In my presentresidence in Kerala, I amjust on first floor. But my milkman, postman and gaswallah-none climb up . I found it verystrange.
    However there will be rise in cost of flasts as per flor level i some places.
    So there are pros and cons in verything. We should consider all and take an optimum decision.

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    it is become a fashion to construct multi storied apartments. The vendors as well buyers forget the climbing facilities. It is ignored by vendors as they concentrate in money and once they sold they hand-washed.
    But the buyer should think their situation if the power cut persists and their situation got worse in the long run as they got aged. If there is senior persons in the house it is very difficulty to go up or come down.
    Once we went to Nagpur on some work. On the day of free I and my wife planned to go to our relative house foned for their availability. Our relative lady welcomed but asked us to come after 3 pm. We said ok by thinking that they would have some work in the morning. On reaching the house she told that there was power cut in the morning and to reach their house without lift as their house is in 12th floor. If anybody go to their house without informing they have to face problem.
    So while buying or planning to live in apartments it is better to opt only upto three floors.

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    First, I always prefer to have a land on which the foundation of home of my own choice can be laid down, however, If I'm given the option of floors to choose I'd prefer ground floor, reason is Seismophobia because once I happened to face earthquake. It was a horrible experience. The building I was in was literally shaking. I was on the second floor in gallery which was almost swinging and it was too difficult to move forward.

    Moreover, it's very difficult for elderly people of my family to go upstairs in case lift is out of service.

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    Buying an apartment mainly depends in the financial position and preferences.
    The rates of the first floor will be higher than the fourth or fifth floor. If you can spare more money, you could get the first floor. If you are just interested in buying an apartment and let it for rent you could always choose for the top floors for better bargain and savings.
    If the buyer has preferences he could choose any floor based on the view from his balcony and then would also be ready to pay according to the demand of that particular area.
    I always prefer to buy independent house, if I am going to invest. Right now buying a land as an asset is a dream.

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