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    Interview for the position of Head Chef of the campus canteen of a reputed college

    College 'A' is one of the reputed colleges in the city and due to a large number of students studying there the college canteen is an important place where the students as well as the faculty members regularly took their lunch and also occasional tea and snacks. Moreover, the staff of the canteen arranged various evening and dinner parties in the college campus on select occasions. As the post of Head Chef was falling vacant soon due to the retirement of the existing Chef, the candidates for the position were called for interview. There were about 8 candidates who reached the college venue for this interview. Manik Dube was one of them waiting eagerly for his turn. He was already working as chef in the canteen of a school but as the salary was low, he always had a dream job of this level in his mind and today the opportunity knocked at his doors. Manik was excited and waiting in the lobby along with other contenders. He found that his name was at fourth place and right now the second person was being interviewed. Another half an hour passed and the name of Manik announced by the college staff asking him to enter the interview room.

    "Good Morning Sir." Manik wished the three people sitting across the table. Principal was in the centre chair and one senior professor to his one side and other side the administrative officer was sitting. Manik was feeling nice to see their smiling faces. He felt comfortable. He had attended a very few interviews and was always having hidden fears about them. "Please take your seat." Principal said in a soft voice. Now, Manik was feeling much comfortable.

    Principal: Manik can you tell us how much time you have been in that school and what are your duties there and also why you have applied here?
    Manik: Sir, frankly speaking I want to progress in my life and want to have a good quality of life and my salary there is not commensurate to my work and I want better opportunity. This is a very big and reputed institution and for me there is more opportunity to work as well as salary here is also comfortable.
    (Manik saw all of them smiling on his frankness.)
    Manik continued: Sir, I am the in charge of the canteen or you can say Head Chef there and I have to plan all the menu and dishes for the day and also follow the special orders placed by the faculty and staff there. I have helpers, cooks and service boys to help me and I am managing the affairs of canteen very successfully for last 6 years. I report to the school office superintendent for my requirement of raw material and other consumables and after that everything I am looking after.
    Principal: If you are given the responsibility of Head Chef of this place then are you sure that you would able to handle it as so far you have experience of small gathering in school?
    Manik: Sir, After my 10+2, I did 2 years diploma in food and catering and have a good knowledge of managing and organising these things so I am sure that for me there would not be any problem. I enjoy my work and I do not mind putting a few extra hours towards it. Before joining this school I was with a private catering service where we used to cater to thousands of people in big functions and religious congregations. I have enough experience of that.
    Principal: Ok, Manik now one last question to you that if we give you appointment order how much time you would take for joining?
    Manik: Sir, I have to give a month notice for leaving there but if you insist I would forego my one month salary there and join here immediately.
    Principal: Thanks Manik. Nice to talk to you this morning here.
    Manik: Thanks Sir.
    Manik happily leaves the room.

    This is my entry for the academics quadrathlon contest event -3.
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    Good interview and positive interview for the post of head chef of a reputed college canteen. But what I heard that in many colleges they would have a supervisor who also does the role of canteen work.
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    Generally, these days the canteens are outsourced. No college management wants to take the headache of managing a canteen also. That is why there are many colleges in which we see the canteens run by a separate party. In such a case, there is no necessity to have a head chef from the college side. Anyhow there may be some institutions where the canteen is managed by the management by appointing a head cook and other staff.
    The interview was good and questions asked and answers given were very apt to the contest and well-planned interview. I wish the author best of luck.

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    Very refined and precise question and the answer are presented by the contestant for the academics quadrathlon contest event -3. Many colleges look to have their own staff in the college canteen as it is the gathering place of students. Many prefer to have their snacks and lunch in the canteen and even college staff look to it for ease of work. When we talk about school or college canteen, it is the most pointed place as there may arise fights, demand and at times blames if the food provided is not of good quality. As youths are very much concerned about food and its quality, the work of the Head Chef of the campus canteen is very risky and tiptoed. The answers provided by the candidate is very firm, frank, and shows experience in the statement. Wishing best of luck to the contestant.
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    Most of the colleges have the managing committee to run canteens and it is the responsibility of the committee to run canteens. It is simply because that they are of the the opinion that the management of the canteen affairs may take their considerable time which otherwise will affect the functioning of the college ad ministration.
    It is altogether a different matter that there are some colleges paying adequate attention to the quality of foods being provided in their canteen outlets so that their canteens remain the favourite spots of both the students and the visitors with the same attractions.
    The piece of interview in the process of selection of the Head Chef is certainly very interesting and has exposed the capability of the the aspirant in many ways. The interview reflected that the aspirant has the potential to manage his job as entrusted to him. He can provide the quality dishes if selected for the post.
    The Board was pleased to note his potentials and capabilities apart from his presentation skill.

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    The thread is tailor-fit for the contest. It includes the usual questions asked in such interviews. However I find one main and crucial point missing-that of remuneration. Probably it is to be understood that the same would have been given in the announcement.

    I had seen the functioning of the canteen in an elite school, where only children of celebrities study. They come from families of film personalities, businessmen and top bureaucrats, and such hi-fi people. The children arrive in all varieties of costly and luxury cars. Most of them will be accompanied by their security guards. I was astonished when I visited the canteen. It was many times better than any A grade hotels we got to see. Hygiene, discipline and organization were pucca. The menu had many items unlike ordinary schools. Naturally the cost is high. The canteen staff has to be on their toes as they know the result of even a small complaint going from the students.

    I can imagine and understand how the interview for selecting the Head Chef in such schools will be conducted. It is definitely outsourced but with the control of quality and compliance under the strict monitoring of the school authorities. The school will have a canteen Manager/Supervisor. The interview for that will be also very tough. Any small slip will become a big issue and so the Chef, Head, and Manager have to be on their toes and perfect always.

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